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  1. superbas gamingYT

    I see a deadpool vs menace episode coming

  2. BigpigN13 Yeet

    Will the avengers or ego/ghost ever come back to the story?

  3. abdulrahman alali

    Hey Menace

  4. Your ordinary Boy

    Lexa is a human with a mech suit

  5. MysticDemon34

    Satisfaction is the seed of hunger Beginning of the circle is its end There's no centre-emptiness in between And perfection is not always in the midst Living for a moment? Being a spark And there's no light but flame Middle state leading to boundlessness War is the order of this world Harmony of the earth is always and never Everlasting order is illusion and deceit War is mother, fight is harmony We're burned to burn Word is nothing without silence What is your god without infinity of zero: Father destroy to create Father burn to be forever Father fade to burn again Father don't be but change -Decapitated

  6. Super Smash Sonic Ultimate

    If they were LL shorts they would try to photoshop a Jonesy face on the John Wick head😂

  7. Merari Cerezo

    That's mmm make me SO MAD WHEN PEOPLE GET FRAMED

  8. LingoX_O

    I bet the story of kondor is gonna be ghostrunner lol

  9. Braylan Gregory

    Kill him is thumbs up btw

    1. Braylan Gregory

      At 3:10

  10. Joe Powless

    Being a millionaire, kit: ;-; Subscribing, kit: : D

  11. Fun

    Fun Fact: The guy who plays the greedy knight, also plays Deadpool, Midas, Kit and more! (The actors name is Ryan btw)

  12. Joel Bont

    Should of used the red style of ultima knight for the king blue squire is a bad choice

  13. ClaretLads bot

    I'm not gonna sub to new scapepro because I already have

  14. Cristian Dominguez

    Wait a minute the Mandalorian has fire powers

  15. Gavin_Playz YEET

    Who else saw the persons head in battle hound

  16. Jancarlos Cuello

    0:48 lol I thought he was gonna say This Is Sparta but he said This is newscape.

  17. lightningbolt

    Why is lexe sky

  18. Christian Tohme

    Plz bring Midas and jules and the marvel back

  19. Emily osur

    Did no notic agent jonsy at the end

  20. CLOD

    Madness? This is, NewScapePro!


    When Jonsey said "ya woo hoo that was awesome!!" I was like what?!

  22. ahoora player


  23. Golden Gang

    We need to hear more about the heroes and the agents 🙏

  24. Awesome Gptester1

    This is based of a movie I saw I think it's called gladiator but I'm not sure

  25. TheeHidden Kores

    Mave and Menace seem like a cool battle duo especially with the way he jumped off her head Seems to me a force to be scared of

  26. Marcus Bullock

    Can’t wait for mave and Kondor origin story as well as Lexa.

  27. Kamer Gamer

    Can you please do a Kratos origin story i love god of war...like if you think so too 👇🏻

  28. TTV_Taylors_Prime

    Lol people in fortnite can't talk

  29. Jancarlo Rivera

    Wow he killed his own father because he was jealous

  30. Craig Robinson

    Next Video Mave Origin Story

  31. Amiizha Farah

    can you bring back peely

  32. Christian Herrera

    Plz do a reaction video plz

  33. Joel Castro

    When are they gonna bring back the characters from last season or did they die when they fought galactus

  34. Niklas Schönhofer

    1:48 Me: Deadpool?

  35. deathgamer 666

    What happened to the Avengers, doom, Midas and all that after the nexus war.

  36. Alvin Lee

    As soon I saw the few seconds of the vid I new they were quoting 300 Spartans

  37. Zayden brown

    I want some more of the scarlet snake what get name

  38. Badger Dog

    Lol anybody notice the why won’t you die already Easter egg from ac

  39. Daniel Alvarado

    Bro cool video ¿you will make a movie of kratos in fornite ?

  40. Doofenshmirtz evil inc.

    So many skins that had previous voice actors noooo Magnus and blue squire

  41. The Chasanater

    It would’ve been funnier if menace at the beginning said this is Apollo which is the name of the island

  42. gaming with kalin

    Good joke

  43. Badger Dog

    Is this Roman or greek

  44. fortnite God

    I love y'all so much be careful out there

  45. Von Frogner

    Bruh this is exactly from gladiators

  46. Collin Serrett

    I like how Jones is just there.

  47. Bruh Momento

    Im excited for chief’s story in this and how good they do his voice

  48. youdrawn

    Nobody, Absolutely nobody, Me, when i see Mave: "Death by Snu Snu" XD

    1. JaceTheFace

      No one Who asked


    This channel always have to plug their channel to subscribe

  50. Sgt.Looter

    I expected the long quote from gladiator or “are you not entertained” for some reason

  51. fortnite God

    I know y'all videos is very cool

  52. James Price

    So who voice Mave

  53. ninajo87

    Yo pls do man cake

  54. Dent mag

    The beginning is this is sparta

  55. Mojo Jojo

    Kratos origin story?

  56. Glenn Appiah

    And got from gladiator

  57. Zcar Strike

    No one: Literally not even nsp: Everyone in the comments: Is ThAt a jOJo RefrENcE!?!?!

  58. Hubert Gruber

    I’ll miss the Agency.

    1. Capo_LazR


    2. Jonathan Moctezuma

      Me too

  59. Glenn Appiah

    They got from 300

  60. Levitation Studio

    This story is kinda like Thor origin

  61. Joe Powless

    Thanos saved midas at the end

  62. Dont Read My channel Banner

    An anime gets in the game Anime main characters:Am i a joke to you

    1. Kamara James


    2. 〤

      i read your name lol

  63. Grace Sleman

    Lol this is Sparta

  64. Cory Play’s

    Can y’all bring Thor back i miss him

  65. Salty Tomato

    I like the 300 reference

  66. Samagra Arora


  67. Dylan Meeks-Crider

    Lucious’ voice actor also plays Kit. I can sort of hear Kit when he’s speaking.

  68. Nova Wave

    Menace looks similiar to Hercules and Ultima Knight Fused

  69. Crispy Gamer

    This vid totally brings me back to Ancient Rome and the gladiators

  70. Danielle Gathercole

    Yeet GG can l get a shout out

  71. pickle skywalker

    Epic fun fact: gladiators weren't aloud to kill eachother not even if a king said so

    1. pickle skywalker

      Hey man not true

    2. YEET MAN

      Not true actually they would do a Battle Royale till the death lots of blood has been spilled in every ancient colosseum

  72. Jaden Souza

    Touching story for me

  73. UltimateTc_ Taco

    Mando meets Kara again

  74. Isaac Vasquez

    That's my name Isaac

  75. DinoChomp

    Is this episode canon?

  76. Paris Brown

    Mr egg was the king

  77. Iron Groot

    The guy who voice acts kit is the voice actor for lusios

  78. Dosun Kim

    This is definitely a parody of Gladiator (2001) There is even a sand dusting for his hands as an emote

  79. dweamxd

    Ngl. Menace could be Moro from the past

  80. Andrew Zeng

    I like how the citizens don’t care who dies as long as somebody dies even their king

    1. swiftii

      Take a history lesson