BABY GROOT IS CAPTURED!?! (A Fortnite Short Film)

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    Groot and Rocket Raccoon have used Groot’s seeds to make a new Baby Groot! Rox and Skye join the trio of galactic guardians in an adventure to Holly Hedges, under orders from Iron Man and the rest of the Avengers. Once they get there, they find themselves entangled in the vines of mystery as they try to identify some no-good thieves. While their backs are turned, the youngest member of their team is taken… but by whom…
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    Published on 23 days ago


    1. Morrigan Colunga


    2. Suscribete porfa

      How do you do this videos tho 🔥🔥🔥🔥 ?

    3. GamingWithCharlton

      This is a crime

    4. Makai Coolstar

      They better not make midas rex a supervillain

    5. Youlikejazz?27

      Cool to see Rox com out to her dad

    6. Emmanuel ortiz

      play fornite evone

      1. Youlikejazz?27

        Preety sure your about five since you can spell everyone and you grammar is terrible, plus Fortnite isn’t even good. They suck at balancing weapons and the community is toxic as hell

      2. Youlikejazz?27


    7. margaret diamanti

      Skye and rox are cute together i like when skye called rox hon

    8. Drago Dragon

      Well Rox’s mom was really excepting about about her being... y’know (I don’t think I’m aloud to say it in the NSP comments section)

    9. Aralynn Felix


    10. Ernesthdjsvbs ue perice

      If someone says yes to this questions I'm unsubscribing so

    11. FlamingLettuce

      I'm baffled people didn't notice Skye and Rox are dating, they've kissed and call each other hun and babe and other things like that, smh

    12. It’s The Alleys

      I didn’t even realize that rox and skye were dating. It’s kinda like they hid some politics in the video.

    13. KickingNinja49 0

      I meant lasebeing

    14. adam amgad

      can you make a rox mini game

    15. Abby Arriaga

      Epicgames weenie weenie weenie Spider-Man in the game now

    16. Kid Synthesize

      0:46 I thought she said moaning 🤣😂😂🤣😂


      I'm not against it its just weird how animations can be you know its cool

    18. Mendoza Family

      Sky is my favorite

    19. Kyle Olivares


    20. Logan Strader


    21. Toxic Grapes

      Also no one says “ come here girlfriend unless their like really close friends

    22. Toxic Grapes

      I didn’t know they were a couple I thought just really close friends for a while now and it didn’t help that the titles in chapter 2 season 2 were “skye and meowcles fall in love?

    23. NINJA ANT

      so weird when sky says on 6:21 to rox

    24. 6b5vvl

      I’m mad stop ending things bad😾

    25. Amstrong Paula Perez

      guys this is funny rox has a girlfrend

    26. Wisp Puur88

      am i the only one who did not know skye is a lesbain

    27. Yan chan231 # Aiden

      Oh snap

    28. Flo_Scope

      Whenever groot said “I am Groot” I felt that

    29. pzhelo4

      am i geting it wrong but sky told she is her girl frend :|

    30. Isaac Espinoza


    31. Demitri Webb

      Hold up baby groot does not sound like that

    32. Kenyatta thompson

      If skye was a boy this would be different for her

    33. mikester playz

      Poison ivy sounds a lot like sky

    34. Nicholas Goldsmith

      let me guess flytrap captured broot or is it just A title

    35. Elon Kelsey

      make a video with kit soon, he has been absent too long.



    37. Salmon the Moncho

      Rox mom is the same actor as she hulk

    38. The Cloaked GawdFN

      No we're just mixing Marvel and DC?

    39. Kry Muyheng


    40. Ava Geer

      Wait Skye and rocks are dating!?

    41. Hamiz Playz


    42. Block Gamer

      Who is confused how skye is rox's girlfriend

    43. Mr L, Green Thunder

      I don’t know, that lady in the ending didn’t sound all that evil. She sounds kind, and she does love her plants.

    44. It’s the Uni’s

      Best parents of 2020

    45. Dee1121 Gaming

      9:25 Poison Ivy??👀

    46. Boogieplayz -DDC

      Does rox say girlfriend of skye like there dating or there bffs

    47. Adrian Faudoa

      Really rox really a girlfriend

      1. Adrian Faudoa

        Is ok


      why does rox's girlfriend is also girl i dont know what episode that one is

    49. Garrett Hoskins

      oh i had no idea that rox and skye were dating I thought they meant gf as just friends lol

    50. skull hunter57

      In real life are they acuwaly ... you know.....😓😐😑just asking

    51. wolfy gamer/ dream gamer

      Nice to meet me is what I say not becuase I'm nervous bc I'm lonely

    52. Revenge Takeover

      Skye and rox in a relationship?????

    53. Tater Tot

      Do ghost rider origin story

    54. Derpalicious 17

      is flytrap just known as plant people now

    55. Francisco Morales

      This was such a epic video!!!!🔥🤯👍🏾❤️

    56. darek klich

      Poison Ivy and Joker are coming and Midas is returning as Midas Rex.

    57. CoolRight?


    58. Kendyl Plays

      Wait Ollie broke up with groot?

    59. cobyone kinobi

      U should of called him root

    60. Bartosz Baran

      I thought sky liked meowcles. Apparently not :|

    61. Behemothfan 555

      omfg JUST KILL ROX ALREADY i’m sick of this

    62. TTVlemonlife

      Do a video on the street serpent skin origin story that would be good

    63. C Bee

      Bring back happy 😢

    64. Sahl Sadar

      How is sky having a crush on rocks oki I'm quitting

    65. Cameron McGaughy

      Please stop with the marvel references

    66. Askey family.

      8:04 It’s 2 AM and I can’t tell if I’m crazy or She just called god

    67. Destroyer 995X

      I betcha there is going to be a episode of like Skye gets married or Rox gets married or something like that

    68. Bullet Boy

      This is nice Rox and skye are together🏳️‍🌈👩‍❤️‍👩

    69. Dshoots

      7:31 lol I get the reference

    70. Eli Breen

      Rox and skye are cute together, but I’m cringing watching skye talk to roxes parents😂🤮🤮🤮🤮🤢👁👅👁 👁👄👁

      1. Izaiah Williams

        lol same

    71. Julia Griffin

      Oh no 🤦🏻‍♀️:(

    72. TakuNotFound

      Can somebody answer my question is sky and Rox lesbians???

    73. Little Dre

      Wait Rox and Skye are like boy friend and girlfriend just there both girl thats meast up

    74. Christopher Babineau


    75. Starxy

      I never knew by girlfriend rox meant actually girlfriend not just friends and as for rox’s mom I can’t believe she has the same voice actor as she hulk

    76. Sega Sonic

      It’s poison ivy isn’t it

    77. Isaac Oh

      We need a skye and rox get married episode, THEY ARE THE BEST COUPLE!

      1. Kazen Wright

        Stop lying to you self ok

      2. Kimberly Strickland

        They are

      3. Jay dancer

        Um I only just realised lol

    78. Mahadhir Jaalam

      i wana see wolverine date psylocke or domino or both of them fight for him my request no one judge meh

    79. cucinj1

      I fell like rox mom is jenefeir Walters

    80. Kloppz

      I think it’s funny that the moms ok with sky and rox are lesbien

    81. Bearclimber 1

      I love how accepting Rox’s parents are of Rox having a girlfriend. We love accepting parents.

    82. christopher plushtube

      Use sfm

    83. Modzillan

      ew lesbeans

    84. shnitzel pitzel

      the introduction of ivy was done so well

    85. Midas ghost

      Are skye and rox together

    86. Isai Perez

      Bro when rox said she's my girlfriend i thought like a rox and skye had a thing! In in 3:34

    87. Andrew Fouse

      Ok we all know that baby groot is imaged on the table but eh idc

    88. Rave Art

      I’ve been watching Newscapepro for about 2 years now and they have gotten amazing thumbnails and they always had the best voice actors and also just their story of all the characters they make it just like the Fortnite storyline! They just have amazing content that I think they need to have their own fortnite series on Netflix or Disney plus or any of those things and then the characters will talk with the mouths moving even though we don’t notice it much it would be really cool but it’s the same voice actors tho. Newscapepro keep up the great work! 👍

    89. Jared Juarez

      Wait is rox and Skye Dating

    90. Fallafflewaffle

      Wait skye and fox are dating?!?!

      1. Fallafflewaffle

        I mean rox

    91. CoolKid

      Make a ghost rider video

    92. Icy_ Jesus


    93. Alvin Tso

      Poison ivy coming back only need one here for that job

    94. Saurya Patel

      8:04 Johnny Storm!?

    95. JonStryke 26

      So skye and rox are lesvien

    96. Elijah Williams

      Rox and skye is still a little werid to be honest

    97. Miguel Campos Gadanho

      I sware to god i thought that when rox said that sky was her “girlfriend” she was kidding but I didn’t under stand they where actually, you now... Lesbic

      1. Y33T_ 21oof

        OMFG (oh my frickin god) yo I thought the exact same thing

      2. egma p lucas