KIT & MIDAS JOIN FORCES! (A Fortnite Short Film)

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    Midas may be dead, but his ghost is still able to give his daughter Jules practical advice. She utilizes that ability in order to help Kit through the pain of leaving Kit’s sister, dad, and girlfriend behind at the Fortilla.
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    Published on 3 months ago


    1. Valentín DR

      Skye my good friend this campaign, we will be with you again, we will heartily encourage, this fans want to see you champion.

    2. Yeet squad Sub


    3. Wade Epperson

      lol i love jules when she growls totally like midas

    4. claudette demanuele

      When you notice juled got better dance moves than you

    5. Alana Johnson

      This is the this is my favorite part of fortnite I like the part where people you know come out and shoot at you it's really fun because I actually is in fortnite I have really fun of it cuz I like the the Mythic items and it is so far I don't know how much money fortnite go to Born it is so cool you don't know what it feels like if you're an apex Barnett's cooler than Apex everybody out there that point ipac get tough fortnite's right now or then you're not going on my to a lot of Johnson and

    6. Catgamer

      My favorite characters in newscapepro are Jules and kit. Coincidentally I also think Bronson and Katie are the best voice actors Edit: Ryan is good too

    7. Aric McMillon

      Oh my God I love this channel OMG

    8. Aaliyah li


    9. Aaliyah li


    10. Aaliyah li


    11. Kash Thomas




    13. jennifer serges


    14. Somia Tanveer


    15. neotron news

      Wait I thought midas got eaten by a shark

    16. Aileen Lee

      who else wants to see kit, midas, jules, meowsoals, and everybody faces me want face reveal

    17. A_Banana

      8:06 Dis for me you want to use it use it

      1. Alejandro Neris

        @A_Banana At your service

      2. A_Banana

        @Alejandro Neris lol why thank you

      3. Alejandro Neris

        Legend say A_Bannana is the god of commenting

    18. Lenny Summers

      6:44 Midas life lessons

      1. XxFunnehfanxX

        Lenny Summers yes:)

      2. Lenny Summers

        You still alive Charles after you got blown up

      3. XxFunnehfanxX

        Woah Midas:()

    19. ctittle8

      do a video that Midas fights Fade

    20. ctittle8


    21. Jake from State Farm

      Idea: midis comes back alive and well but the twist is he is in a different body

      1. Alejandro Neris


    22. أم الحروب


    23. Tizrah Garza


    24. Tizrah Garza


    25. Kayla Strawbridge

      That’s what happened to the car I got work bibi

    26. ItzVip-Fortnite

      The guy and she who was talking in the radio in the car was Skye and I don’t know the guy

      1. Alejandro Neris


    27. ꧁Cyber꧂ ꧁Hoffman꧂

      I feel really bad for kit and meowscers

    28. ꧁Cyber꧂ ꧁Hoffman꧂

      At the start ;=;

    29. ꧁Cyber꧂ ꧁Hoffman꧂

      Poor meowscers ;=;

    30. Vicky Campbell


    31. the unknown

      How does the cam do that

      1. the unknown


    32. the unknown

      How do they make the vid

    33. Mark Mccorkle


    34. Louise Oliveira

      Are we not gonna talk about the fact that Jules and kit just screamed and you hear Midas just say Ah

    35. Jackson A. Junior

      Maybe jules like fade

    36. Zayne Elliott

      Ha ha

    37. epicdefaultman

      rox: *Ok lets go to bed now..?* skye: oh is that really what you want? rox: *i guess we could stay up for a bit longer.. :)* me: i wonder if there is gonna be a episode of- my mind: newscapepro would never do that me: *rewinds and akwardly knows what happened* their not... right? my mind: well that episode of rox and skye's child might come.. *the world may never know* you know what happened if you dont well watch this till the end ---> (9:30)

      1. Alejandro Neris

        @epicdefaultman ok

      2. epicdefaultman

        @Alejandro Neris MaYbe

      3. Alejandro Neris

        She got big storm coming

    38. Reyde Mac FN

      5:26 whoa whoa family friendly here

    39. Lilly Calvetti

      Griggs Oh yeah yeah yeah😎😎

    40. Lilly Calvetti


    41. Kamara James


    42. Alexis Diva

      Midas: BlLow wHat...ThIs is nOnE sINce Jules: HoneSTly- I dUnno Kit: GuEsS We AbOut TO- All: JuwwaAghhh

    43. Owen Easter

      Hi 👋

    44. Owen Easter


    45. Asher Awis


    46. Charolette Jackson


    47. bailey

      okay so I just thought of this Skye might rlly be midas’ daughter cause midas could not appear and talk to kit directly but in the video jules’ revenge midas could appear to skye without using jules so mabye he can only appear to family idk

    48. Gage H

      I was close to setting Jules on fire.

    49. Gacha UwUz

      Edit: Maybe Jules and Midas are related somehow. Also, Brutus had a wife and he messed it up he was keeping a secret from Portia that secret I don't know and sadly Portia stabbed herself to death, it says she did it for trust because Brutus didn't trust her with his secret., Midas had a daughter! Her name is Marigold. Or that’s what I think rumors have said that Midas accidentally killed his daughter, he was unable to eat or drink because everything he touched turned to gold. He hugged his daughter, and she died. I don't think that Midas would want to try again. Legend lets out that he died of starvation. He wasn't at all born with ”The Golden Curse”, ”King Midas” did a good deed for Dionysus The King Of Winery, Midas could wish for something! But what Midas wished for was that everything he touched turned to gold. Yet there is much more to uncover about Midas. Hope this helps about the information on Midas. Have a blessed day.

    50. Phillip Mckenzie


    51. Phillip Mckenzie


    52. Lopoo Qwuyt

      “You’re not a superhero” Hey but his mech suit is... it one shot me 12 games in a row.............

    53. Jessica Bachmeier

      is skia is my fafrit skine

      1. Alejandro Neris


    54. Paisley Bradley


    55. luke kerns

      big buff cat is dead? noooooooooooo! no no nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

    56. Eden Nies

      Jules is my favorite skin in Fortnite

    57. Jay Daniel


    58. Jellyfam Mari


    59. Jellyfam Mari


    60. Jellyfam Mari

      I love this

    61. Charlotte Lafranchi

      its good that sky and jules came through and are now friends

    62. tote nop

      You know what at the end I kind of got some odd things that happened to my mind now I'm not going to say it I'm sure a lot of people know why I'm thinking about when they said we can stay up a little while and all that stuff yeah I don't even know why I said this whatever I mean I'm never going to come back to this video ever again so don't even comment I'm not even see it

    63. Karolis Gapšys

      I love that im watching this in season 4, and rox's house is destroyed by a dead Sentinel

    64. Pepe Tofaeono

      I subscribed

    65. Lilly Rodriguez



      love this channel

    67. Annie Mountainhores

      This is so funny and I love it😹😻

    68. Joanne Kennelly

      It is so funny

    69. James Lindsay

      Wow Gz just wow too far why would you drive the car over to thinking what the heck you always cute kitten all of the Bible then chill out and you always kill riders and you almost killed yourself😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💯

    70. Radfarious

      Newscapepro: SUBSCRIBE Midas: What is this sorcery?

    71. ctittle8

      1:31 how is that still on

    72. Drayden Townsend

      Your legacy is from the end of agency

    73. saad suleman

      kit and Midas Jules and meoscles

    74. Gerald Washburn

      What happened to meowscles

    75. SHM Real

      Meu nick Rodri Real jogo no nintendo switch e por favor quero o batman. Só não sou inscrito porque não posso

    76. noah jarrell

      I no right

      1. noah jarrell

        The game is fun but it is fun to play and it is fun to play and play it all the time and fun to play and play it all the time and ugh jubjjjjklllllk

      2. noah jarrell

        The only thing I would like to do is to get a new one and a half and a little bit more than I do

    77. Alfie Gamer

      Kit: this place is a full on Warzone! Call of Duty players: *Indeed.*

      1. XxFunnehfanxX

        Yea it’s a war zone rn

    78. Jacinta Cronin

      Everyone: skye and rox are so cute me:waiting for the rox and skye adopts a baby episode

      1. Alejandro Neris

        Me:waiting for ym dne

    79. ウソエイトオーオー

      家族仲良くドライブ 父マイダス 娘ジュールズ マイダスの好きな二ャッスルの息子 キット

      1. Alejandro Neris


    80. LiamsiGaming

      3:41 NOICE

    81. Paula Pellegrin

      Yay Sykes back

    82. Mahmood Bahrain

      رد سلمان

    83. Niko

      Skye and rod did some no no at the end there

    84. ctittle8

      1:25 uhh Midas so your dating your own daughter

    85. ctittle8

      0:50 jules: she sounds familer for mess reason Midas: yes the fellow does as well Me: cause your the same person

    86. shama aldhaheri

      Ooooooo Nice car

    87. Dan Kaufman

      you should do a truth or dare were the coments get to tell the dares and truths

    88. The Orange's Content Stop Motions

      Honestly Skye and Rox would make a great couple

    89. Zofia Knapik


    90. Timm Stephenson

      why is jules dreming of fade and her dancing

    91. ctittle8

      who else ships fade with jules 5:08


      Mntap,,ntip subcrb pny ku bos

      1. Alejandro Neris


    93. Olivia Power

      Really cool

      1. Olivia Power

        The really good

    94. محمد الحارثي


    95. Mehrbod 666

      Kit can’t even see Midas 👁👅👁

    96. Eric & Jennifer Stuhan

      i liked the vedeo a millyeen times

    97. Vianely Reyes

      Chugging I just got off the bus stop and