JULES FALLS IN LOVE... (A Fortnite Short Film)

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    During Jules’ escape from the Authority, she is intercepted by Deadeye, the villainous bounty hunter. Thankfully, Fade arrives to intervene. Could love be in the air for this pair of father-tormented souls?
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    Published on 4 months ago


    1. Jennifer Jones

      That’s great for 8ball

    2. Gacha _Lover YouTube

      Rox control your anger issues before they say hi and whenever they say hi they don’t die down for a bit and yeah let your anger die down for a bit before doing stuff. Remember that

    3. Deepti Raut

      Fade is better then drift also subscribe to newscapepro3 !

    4. Overcomemanx20

      I just think that fade and jules are the best couple

    5. Leslievette Echevarria

      Fade fighting is the best anime fight

    6. Jackie Pasato

      the first thing you see when you fall in love 8:58

    7. FaDe

      This is my best episod

    8. frisk theunstoppable

      How many channels do you have????

    9. Patricia Harris

      I got Julis skin and fade hope good witingn like catilist and Drift

    10. Eyeless Jack

      Okay the voices are awesome but this ship...hell no...jules doesent need anyone u assholes

    11. Kaiya Itani-Shaw

      when is Journey and Eight balls wedding?!?!

    12. ImJustT

      Jules.. Fade.. ahh!

    13. FFc Gaming

      Seasons 2 is copying you guys just wanted you guys to know

    14. The Marauder

      And a baby

    15. The Marauder

      Make Jules and Fade get Maury

    16. Kevin Campbell

      Fade be making Jules moan in the bed

    17. Ninja Warrior

      hehehehe I wonder what they did (Lenny face)

    18. ar fox

      wait jules had a fight with skye :o and i never seen fade glow

    19. Tammy Belgard

      My name is jake I'm rich and I own 2 mansions and I'm not jake Paul I love Jules and I hate faid

      1. FaDe

        Why you hate me?!

      2. riad the gamer

        I love. Fade

    20. Melissa Jepson

      I know right

    21. Leonie Gill

      What happened to Jules when chaos agent went in her Body 🥺🤔??

    22. Paul Huston

      I never watch this one but so funny at the starting

    23. UN1TY FN

      If only you could literally punch people in Fortnite

    24. Awesomenieem 2009

      7:23 the reason she was making those noises was because she had a dream of her and fade going all out on each other

    25. Jessica Dinnington

      What the heck this is not good enough

    26. Julia Lanzone


    27. Rubah ahmad

      Midas and Jules are the coolest character in fortnite

    28. Isabella Dejesus

      Raise ur hand and like the comment Think Jules and fade CUTEST couple EVER AHHH

    29. Donovan cuen21

      Cani join you films Plz

    30. Edgar Cruz


    31. Arianatorfamy

      I’m Jules for Holloween Who’s my fade

    32. Eris Jay Dayao

      Deadye I basicly midas but more a cowboy accent

    33. wolfe rocks

      Me; Why was there a bed fade OH HEELLL NAWWWW

    34. fnLeodabest11


    35. Jilliana Garcias

      Kiss kiss smooch smooch let me whisper sweet things in your ear

    36. Mase_swain Sup


    37. Levi Roberts

      I wonder what fade and Jules did in the cell 😏😏

    38. top craft 1000


    39. Coelha_1626 pink


    40. Becky Gaither

      Where waiting for the wedding journey and 8 ball

    41. Christan Allein SANTOS

      Wonder what Jules and fade did inside the cell ;)

    42. Jules ._. chan

      Sogo pensando en este ship midas x jules

    43. Nintendo Games

      Every time I watch a vid it shows a previously

    44. DAS DaBeatJunkie

      Jules and fade just kiss ❤️❤️❤️ I love kit

    45. DAS DaBeatJunkie

      Jules An kit why are you just friends best friends Jules an kit you're my favourite favourite characters

    46. Carolyn Foster

      I'm sad Skye is gone

    47. Tabi Keith

      Love day hahaha


      Smith move

    49. Mariam Asaker


    50. Chica The Chicken

      should have been jules and ocean, change my mind.

    51. Slaught Irish

      Okay… I’ll admit I miss mr stark

    52. Flower Twins


    53. Amare Perera

      fade walks behind jules to se that booty

    54. Wüstenflamme

      And 8-Ball and Journey danced happily ever after

    55. Annabella Muzlera-Mooney

      please make a video continuing this like if they get married or start dating

    56. Lou Taylor

      How would midas react...

    57. roy garza


    58. Jacob

      Hey Jules I.... was in love with u too and I did not tell u cuse I thought it was for the best but now I.... don’t know what to say☺️

    59. Jules

      I fall in love?

    60. Callum Robinson

      Fade has a crush on jules

    61. Stanley kinder

      jules and fade have a kiss mides I will end you fade jules steps in front of fade kit runs away deadeye hahaha fade run deadeye kills fade fade come back to life jules no fade the the city burnes to the ground only fade died jules stars crying mides look in shock and incomepnys jules fade I love you jules and then he came back to life 2 years later fade and jules had a baby jules what shood we call him fade mayby tim yeah mides wow kit love him tim goo goo ga ga

      1. Stanley kinder

        who with goo goo ga ga

    62. The brain channel !

      0:59 but I do have fre- jOe bIDeN sAyS

    63. Brian Imes

      I thought Jules fell in love of Ghostmeowcles

      1. Well Jewelry

        No that happens with fortnite seasons

    64. think noodles

      Don't read this comment ok Still reading ok Close to the end Good job you made it to the end

      1. Well Jewelry

        think noodles yes don’t read the rest I did it and you did it to

    65. Isabella Dejesus

      When you said oh wow I bet she blushed you should do more videos like that I LOVED it

    66. Ahsan Abbas Zaidi


    67. Sheri Stanger

      Bing him Back

    68. Sheri Stanger


    69. Aida2 Aldmairi

      Not gonna lie fade looks and is cool

    70. Ghost gnxyt

      oohhhhh mommy jules has a boyfriend

    71. Space wolf Girl

      Who else was waiting for the episode Part 2 (ps I love fades voice)

    72. Ethan Skinner


    73. Wear A Mask

      This is the only fortnite couple I like other than Skye x Midas

    74. Andy Moult

      Deadeye has the same voice as midas

    75. Mackenzie White

      I love the plug at start

    76. Rare panda

      what happens next

    77. Talia Hansen

      Do Jules gets married

    78. Jeremih Fleming

      fade joins the battle

    79. Cesar Forbin

      Who else thought fade should have met catalyst Just me.. Ok then Edit: like so newscapepro can see

      1. Gilbert Mensah

        I'm with you

    80. Pdodkdkdsjdbdbdhdjjdjsnsndmdmsmsndmdmdmdmdmdmsmsms

      I tHoGhT jUlEs LiKe OcEaN

    81. Knight Dease

      Epic games should work with them

    82. sub to lazarbeam sksks

      8:43 anyone else see the llama

    83. familie andel

      6:29 Mumbo jumbo?

    84. Astro_Jinx

      I like the title...

    85. Kelly Laircey


    86. Mrfickrr

      When rox said she came to "apologize" she was like "I I I I I want to apologise" she was like that stutter boy

      1. Mrfickrr

        @arek odette ikr

      2. arek odette

        @Mrfickrr yes I don't like the way they are focusing on meowsels family

      3. Mrfickrr

        @arek odette Tek vs fade

      4. arek odette

        I want them to release another episode of fade and jules

    87. Lincoln gaming


    88. Lincoln gaming

      The card are out now

    89. Kadima Wolf

      Hey Journey and 8ball is awesome!

    90. Carly G

      Jules: Fade Fade: Jules Midas: *point gun at Fade* so you have chosen... DEATH

      1. Carly G

        Especially considering what midas did in newscapepro 4's video today

      2. Carly G

        @Fade its the truth. You better watch out

      3. Fade

        P R E S S X T O D O U B T

    91. Sofichan B #

      Cool Episode 😉


      Who is watching this when cars come out on August 5th

    93. Yara Al

      اوكي و المطلوب

      1. Yara Al


    94. Bonita Coons

      Slatt Edit-uhhhhh

    95. Abdulmumin Mumuni

      The freak 8 ball and journey are getting married

    96. Lara Westenberger

      The scream ruind everthing 😭

    97. Nw thots killa

      to be honest I don’t like fade he tries to tough like he can destroy any one in his path and that really annoys me

    98. Nicky 30

      Finally 8 ball and Journey got married!!!!!!

    99. Riley Wood

      Cars are out around August 4th