STORM ORIGIN STORY! (A Fortnite Short Film)

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    Iron Man / Midas sends Rox and Storm to Misty Meadows to check out the Black Panther monument and hopefully find the Black Panther himself, T’Challa. During their time there, Storm tells Rox her backstory, including the time she met T’Challa and her recruitment by Professor X, after which she joined Wolverine and the rest of the X-Men. Storm’s backstory is finally revealed.
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    Published on Month ago


    1. Katherine Parrott

      Can you make something like some people don't know about a girl point

    2. donovan goldsborough

      The moment you realize storm Black panther will never happen in real life RIP Chadwick

    3. Geraldeen Georges

      I love your videos can I pls have a skin

    4. Morgan Khaliah

      Whic vid is it where storm says it’s not a wig

    5. Jayden Pierre

      This thing is cool

    6. Shantel Powell

      Well done 👌🏾

    7. Blessed Me

      Bruh, T'Challa's accent 😂😂😂😂😂😂 sounds Jamaican but again, loved the video 🙌🏾🙌🏾. RIP Chadwick, WAKANDA FOREVER!!!!

    8. Storm RePlays

      POV: you thought this would be an animation


      It’s kinda crazy that the professor told her she wasn’t a goddess only to tell her years and years later after her powers grew and she got the gift of “godhead” he admitted that he was wrong and she was a goddess all along. Now if u read the comics because of Storm being a descendant of African witches and ancient sorcery her African ancestors has past down the gift of god hold attached to her powers. Now if u pray to her (like u do Jesus) her powers grow even more powerful. Her new goddess name is “Hadari Yao” it means walker of clouds. It makes Africans and Storm fans like myself that Storm is now acknowledge as a deity and goddess and not jus by mutant ability. Prayers to her legit make increases her power. Google it. Google “Hadari Yao”

    10. Drequan Rickard


    11. Marshall Breeding

      Yo newscopepro make a storm and the black panther meet again please!!!!!

    12. Un Lucky ツ

      I thought storm was from India not Wakanda. And also when storm was getting chased and got saved from black panther she was actually saved by the villain known as "apocalypse"

    13. Gary tarkatan

      The one who is playing Storm she sounds just like her I love it

    14. AMR AMR

      iLov fortnite❤️❤️

    15. Shel.

      Still waiting for Rogue the Hybrid to come back.

    16. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Storm

    17. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Rox

    18. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Tony



    20. 8-Ball

      The voices😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    21. 8-Ball

      Um this is probably the cringes thing I’ve ever seen and has the most mistakes black panther has bullet-proof armour so that won’t hurt him and storm could so easily just summon a storm ⛈

    22. Uchiha_ducky yt

      Wokanda for ever

    23. YM.DR. KiN TV

      Bro who makes des I’m invest in you

    24. Red Papi

      Charles was wrong though. I wonder if he only told her she was not a Goddess just to get her to join him. Ororo is a Mutant Goddess..because of her bloodline being favored by a God, she is gifted with the ability to ascend into a Goddess by people's faith in her. Technically the powers she commands even before ascending into a God is God like powers. Very fascinating and I hope the MCU give Storm a full solo movie(s) to explain her heritage and past in depth. She is literally the very first X-men ever due to Charles encountering her as a child. He waited until she grew to try and recruit her.

    25. 登志郎山﨑

    26. For the win Fightover

      Black hearth that alsome to see him again

    27. Yonette Moore


    28. Jazmin Qulain


    29. Kerry Ann Wilson

      Rip Black Panther

    30. Lemisha Wilson

      He will be missed RIP

    31. Christopher Rubeis

      R.I.P Chadwick Boseman he was a great guy and a great actor.

    32. Live2raid

      Spoiler alert they made storm panther babies lmao

    33. HuntersMommy87

      Rip black panther

    34. Esmeralda Montano

      I. Luv. You

    35. Sukris Steiner

      black panther helps tony make his sutes cuse it is nanoe tech

    36. Kimpton playz

      R.I.P Chadwick bowsmen


      yes is verry nais

    38. skylar cell

      I love your videos

    39. fun time Diaz

      RIP Chadwick Boseman, wakanda forever😢

    40. Atticus Harden

      Rest in Power Chadwick, keep up the amazing work NSP

    41. Nareg Mahserejian

      R.I.P Chadwick I’m going to miss you 😢

    42. Jordan Ford

      tony stark has the best vice

    43. Monster blood

      This isn't the actual story you idiot

    44. YouTube froyo


    45. Nathan R.

      Rip Chadwick bosman

    46. Terri Williams


    47. Vy qwaint 2


    48. Furry boy 23

      RIP cad wick bossman

    49. Poon Demps

      Rip black panther

    50. Titan N

      strom did'nt say the black panther died for her

    51. Addias Mero

      Yesssss Storm and her voice where her cape

    52. S L


    53. Youlikejazz?27

      Nice to see Black Beard return

    54. Dilshad Ghabrani

      I disliked the video bc TOny voice is like meowcicules

    55. Dilshad Ghabrani


    56. Dilshad Ghabrani

      And i am not support or subscribe bc my mommy said so i can't.!♡♡

    57. Dilshad Ghabrani

      I put a disliked bc in the begening tony was speaking like molecules

    58. MokyPlayz

      Rest in peace chad wick boseman

    59. Tracy Lewis

      Rip Chadwick Boseman you will be missed

    60. GoldenTrooperKing

      Let’s go black Panther

    61. Spookys ___YT

      (:). (:) ______ Idk why fudge I post this alot

    62. Soadinamillion

      It’s Tony

    63. Little Dre

      Boseman Chadwick rest in Peace aka black panther fun fact did you know he was the worlds first black hero

    64. TristMart Games


    65. XVR Galaxy

      New scape pro can you sub to Georgegamerz9950 he is a big fan he would love that😎😎 and he has liked and subscribe and I have as well

    66. Armani Arrietta

      This is how many times they emote

    67. POGGERS


    68. V4M fortnite

      Rip chadwick boesmen you will be missed legends never die

    69. Student Avery McintoshPoche`

      Black Panther made me tear up a little

    70. Dark Stars

      Hey newscape i was wondering if you can do ragnarok vs thor

    71. Enderby family

      Them dancing in with fire in the rain Me wtf she's probably the God of fire

    72. Miya Addy Mercado

      Black panther will always be in our hearts

    73. aryan kang

      Wakanda forever

    74. Andrew Dominguez

      rip black panther irl

    75. منال المطرفي


    76. Jose Diaz Jr.

      0:49, Storm just mentioned herself in/as the third person

    77. Mr Fresh Jr Joe

      Ya it is very sad.😭

    78. Gamer Parke Parke

      Reston peace black panther

    79. Skaboodel

      Hehe you said buggar

    80. Madisson Bolden

      That wrong storm married bp

    81. Courtney Sims

      Storm sound like Siri a little but in a wisper 😂🤣

    82. Trixelix

      Just saying storm and black panther are married so yeah

    83. 27 Ther Samala


    84. Makena Flores

      Did you know that storm is a villain its in the comics I have a storm comic

    85. Lauren Zalesny

      😔😔😔😞😞😞 RIP CHAD WICK BOSEMEN😭😭😭😢

      1. Lauren Zalesny

        I will never forget you chad wick


      Rest In Peace and Power Chadwick Boseman

    87. Paul Broussard

      RIP Chadwick BosemanRIP the Black Panther

    88. boi Williams

      Storm seems perfect for an asmr

    89. ChaosUwU


    90. Nancy Garcia

      Be can't die with his suit so he should had wear is suit when hw got shot

    91. Fatoyinbo Oluwanimofe Oluwanimofe

      storm is married to black panther which makes her the queen of wakanda

    92. Vuyiswa Tsela

      r u guys trying to make fun of the African cause that's kind of offensive

    93. nøt r3x ləl

      I love Storm's voice actress she has such a melancholic personality. 10/10 IGN would recommend. 🔥

    94. Connor VanOostendorp

      uuuuuu ................. brb ha././.

    95. Jason Stewart

      Omg big fan

    96. Karriem Sultan Jr

      RIP Chadwick we still miss you

    97. A random Kid

      Is it just me or does anyone else get annoyed that Thor can still wield miojlneir even though he is possessed by an unworthy being

    98. Ayana Deshmukh

      Why isn’t storms caricature In minnegame

    99. jagua king

      I know who I use as the professor It was ghost chaos agent