KIT COMES BACK TO LIFE?! (A Fortnite Short Film)

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    Kit has been faking his death for a long time and he’s finally had enough! With encouragement from Aquaman and his mother, Kit decides it’s time to go back to the surface. Meanwhile, Jules has settled back into her role at the Authority, and her decisions with Rue and Chaos Agent get her a scolding from her ghost father, Midas.
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    Published on 4 months ago


    1. Martha Leon

      I like your video

    2. You bloody Barsted

      Juels should be kits mom

    3. Ainalem Garcia Pena

      Ok soooooooooo

    4. Alejandra Hale

      Yes we have been

    5. Yasmin Dozier

      I like your Tony Stark videos like some of the videos Tony Stark baby seat on okay and then I love your videos by

    6. Noah Ephrem


    7. Jason Jones

      fun fact: the blue glowy guy is the acter of midis (no hate on this plz thank you :D)

    8. Jaxson D

      kit da cutest thing

    9. Jaxson D

      da kit never died...

    10. Sarah Avilleira


    11. Josephine Bernardi

      b efgbnghjh hope in the mother fing jet like jet

    12. mecha rexy

      Like how

    13. mecha rexy

      Kit is hahahahaha what how

    14. Catgamer

      I want to pet kit soooo bad dude

    15. Joe Lin


    16. Bibiana Morales


    17. Shadow Meowscles

      My son is back yes finally 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈💪💪💪💪💪Be strong son

      1. Salim Abdelaziz


    18. Alexander j4nn

      Wait wft you are on that game?

    19. Jeremy Zhang


    20. Raven Ranson

      H)*6t 5*. G+.

    21. em mc

      Kyo: seriously is no one else confused with this name Meosclse: (ignoring kyo) it's so good to see you

    22. Josephine Avila


    23. DHD RELLD

      hers mi channel ➡DHD RELLD

    24. DHD RELLD


    25. DHD RELLD


    26. Monica Campuzano


      1. Temeka Macdonald


    27. Amarah Yumul

      Kit is cotue 🟥🟥🟥🟥🟥🟥🟥🟥 🟥🟫🟫🟫🟫🟫🟫🟥 🟥🟫🟫🟫🟫🟫🟫🟥

    28. Minecraft gaming


    29. Minecraft gaming


    30. 2021 S1G4 33 WONG YIK HIN BRANDON

      Wait how do you make it so that they don’t hold the harvesting tool?

    31. Fortnite Princess

      Happy 😊 me I love u kit I hope u are good

    32. Sabrina Perez


    33. Ricardo Mitchell

      Don't like it

    34. Ricardo Mitchell

      Guys newscapepro kid doing song like Kid Rock Mountain song like I'll come on

    35. ItsDoomgirl666

      Im watching this in a playlist on another channel and I think they skipped an episode cause I don't remember kit dying

    36. Toba Owonubi


    37. Asher Awis

      why are you lying

    38. Carkly Carkly

      How is kid talking when he’s dead doesn’t make any sense😲

      1. Carkly Carkly

        Don’t want to do the death emoji😵

    39. Chace Vines

      My name is on fornite is sjeezy08

    40. Fabio Gawlitta

      I just like how by kits picture is kit just dabing

    41. Maria ***

      why are you thanking your Voices

    42. Megablock TNT

      Im the worlds deadliest fish... say sike rn

    43. Adam Charara

      I don't know

    44. Segundo, Ivan O.


    45. Samad Sayed


    46. Nathaniel Wilson

      Newscapepro I'm not trying to be rude but if your going to give your video a title please can you make sure the title is definitely what happens in the video, just because it's very confusing like with kit being dead he isn't dead everyone thinks he's dead but he actually isn't.

    47. Padcount Plays

      It’s so sad how Rue just wants to be friends with Jules and Jules is just annoyed by it 🤣

    48. StarWolf Gamer


    49. Soulshatterz

      God. Chaos Agent is the funniest villan. He's so nice but evil at the same time.

    50. W1thout__Fe4r

      So what brings ya to my dentist office? Moi Tooth hurts

    51. Rose Cisnero


    52. Just AINS*

      Can u pls do a part 2

    53. ItsTheMidasLeader

      I love 💕 your videos I subd and hit the like buttin

    54. Derek MacKenzie


    55. fen star


    56. Lokhei Lam

      i love kit

    57. Elsa Henderson

      Kit hey

    58. Carsonplays YT


    59. Katie McHardy

      I love your videos, escape for the tank, I really like your mom won't sell the bathroom while ago, but my favourite due to bad kiss, kiss kiss with the best, taking out juice, I really want have Wah Wah.visit to a full videos please

    60. Max Osborn

      I like Midas

    61. Lisa Sheehan

      Kit seen high

    62. Paul Gerrick

      you take kit put him next to cat u get kitkat DoNt LeAvE mE

    63. Steven Rardin

      Your videos make me happy and turn all notifications on please make more videos

    64. EliteKyloren Alt

      4:41 saving my spoy

    65. K Hotdog

      Klt he’s alive

    66. K Hotdog

      He will

    67. K Hotdog

      Hey klt

    68. Yobani Aguilar


    69. Neil Macnevin

      I subscribed to all of newscape pro channels

    70. lol bit

      Jules: U R NOT MY DAD MIDAS

    71. Komander Games

      im diego

    72. Magdalena Klawczynska

      Jag är Baby baby born är en av ⚔️

    73. ScxnnedFN

      isn't Jack a Detective?

    74. Jacie Borrebach

      1:50 what has our generation come to..our funeral pictures is a dab

    75. ru ru


    76. Mohammad Shawagfeh

      ، Is Midas in team shadow

    77. Joanne Harrington

      Kit is the best

    78. KyleFury3

      3:17 turn captions on aqua man's getting a snack~

    79. Danielle Brett

      I'm in XD clan

    80. Nasir Graham

      Midas must play dead eye

    81. Clorox Bleach

      Lol jack ate cake out of kits mouth

    82. Diego Madrid

      I got the batel pas an i got cit

    83. invisible doge

      3:33 Robot kitty be like: outsmart mode is now on when she said “did you though..?”

    84. سجاد علي


    85. Jared Seal


    86. Igor Grzędzicki

      Kto polska

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    88. Ishanth Talanki

      I Thought lynx was kits mom

    89. Alexander Nolasco


    90. Santiara Ajeng

      Who like midas style GHOST Or SHADOW

    91. Janet Williams


    92. Janet Williams


    93. Deborah Watts


    94. SPARTAN 2502

      Jules: Buys pizza and pays 7 dollars Midas' ghost: Appears Also Midas: Money is power, and you just gave yours away

    95. LukeT2011 Fortnite

      One question if they didn’t find a body then how do you know kit is dead

    96. Evan Huff

      Your new scape pro if you see this comment I support your videos and watch your videos all day long yeah

    97. sabah kashif


    98. Bruce Brandes

      they tried to make rue so Italian bro xD I CANT STOP MAKING FUN OF HER ACCENT XDDD

    99. Keith Gamboa

      0:21 Engengengengengeng