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    After Eternal Knight, or Skye’s, attack on Jules, the young engineer finds herself seeking shelter within the Authority. Meanwhile, Meowscles and his son Kit are finally reunited. However, Kit doesn’t understand why he has to be kept from Jules and so seeks her out for an explanation. During their meeting, Jules reveals her terrible secret to Kit… and unwittingly leaves behind an enticing breadcrumb for a new foe to follow...
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    Published on 4 months ago


    1. Quantum_ Particle

      Drift vs Fade episode

    2. Zander Ruelas

      This has got to be illegal You can’t just have 1...3...8........13 channels

    3. Adam Djouder

      Kit is so cute

    4. Muichiro Tokitou

      Brutus is such a boomer I love him

    5. ar fox

      i miss season 3 :C gg good vid bo

    6. kittyover lord

      Oh wait this is in the past

    7. Patrick Orallo


    8. Sapta Reny Purnama Sari


    9. BLOB_200

      jules is a bastard poor tech

    10. Roblox_Random

      I thought that kits mom is jules 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    11. Kevin Hui

      Who is kit

    12. zany music nl

      The slurp café is the catina café becuz no droids allowed

    13. Amelio Lopez

      I wish that Jules was kits mom😔and I am subscribe♥️❤️♥️

    14. Posies World

      T t t t t t t t t v

      1. Posies World

        Escape pro is the best seasons in the best who likes fortnite my friend doesn't like fortnite but it's actually really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really good

      2. Posies World

        Go new skate pro I love kitties so cute and Jules that's Midas is actually not Jules Dad this is his dad her dad

    15. Jeremiah Reyes


    16. Jeremiah Reyes


    17. ctittle8

      jules is so ignored

    18. Alexis Lesinski

      I like the "cake by the ocean" song to Ocean

    19. Danielle Larsen

      Kit is SOOOOOOOOO!!!! CUTE!

    20. sarandeep bains

      Jui8tkgmvndgkmgg8&mkcbmf are for some John are you just like you are a man and a woman

    21. Rory Burt

      i wish i was the voice actor for kit

    22. Rithu Begum

      Kit is cute

    23. Bearclimber 1

      Is it just me or does Brutis sound exactly like my dad trying to be cool

    24. GameZZ_Viper

      Why does Brutus sound like heavy 🤣

    25. Hagan Van den berg

      She had some big pointy ears

    26. The Comic character

      When you're watching a newscape po vid then you wonder if this is a tv show or not.

    27. Foxtrot 3-2

      Cameo:let's what files he has for Task Force 1-4-1 Me:TF YOU DOIN HERE Cameo:AH SHITE

    28. monkey

      He made meh 😢

    29. Jonathon Ballenger

      Dino myte r/boneappletea

    30. Nintendo Nate

      LET TECH HAVE HIS MOMENT! Sorry for all caps

    31. Israa Manar

      Why is Jules gurmpy

    32. the mumper thumper


    33. Laxmikant Borkar

      I love your videos

    34. Rylan De Congelio

      Tek he be crushing on Jules

    35. Brock GamerTV

      😭😭😭😭 skye i cant stand it stop the killing please

    36. clutch 3d

      i saw midas

    37. ابو ريان المرواني


    38. duckieslife

      2 hours of epic videos

    39. Shannon paterson

      Let’s try get this comment to 680 likes

    40. Bacon Dominater

      Idk what it is but I love watching these over and over Again

    41. GGAMING56

      At the end I thought it was midas in a disguise lol

    42. super destroyer kid

      I feel bad for tek to like if you do

    43. super destroyer kid


    44. Aaron Batelic


    45. TarikTube

      3:15 ha ha ha

    46. ZarkoVDestroy


    47. Zaynealert10 El Masri

      Yes I am subed

    48. The Fake unknown V2


    49. Mr Jack

      Why does Jules and Kit have people after them

    50. Lana Melabu-Rose Samaeli


    51. Makai McMillan

      i want jonsey to be offically part of the story like he was as bunker jonsey

    52. SigridRose Williams

      Gravy catman is a pat please and this is Lawrence

    53. Angela Tittle

      2:10 biss

    54. Angela Tittle

      drift is am fav skin

    55. Angela Tittle

      0:02 ok ocean you can stop singing now

    56. Patty Prague


    57. The Champions of Arthas

      Why does scuba jonesy sound so weird

    58. Lisa Gautreau

      My name is Jules nickname

    59. ༺꧁COCO UwUz꧂༻

      Jules is actually midas sister '-'

    60. Louis XAVIER

      Poor tek he always trying to ask Jules on a date.

    61. Louis XAVIER

      Ya yeet

    62. Scuba army

      How to join a rolplay

    63. Focus Pick

      Make how kit got catty corner

    64. Charles Ogden

      Kit is good

    65. CodeNameJolt

      8 Ball: The Snake Eyes who Talks

    66. Shadow- Arda

      I love sunstrider too

    67. Charley P

      Na the voices aren’t as good as LL BONUS AKA Lil lizard

    68. Superhex Leon

      4:18 there are the 3 chapter 2 tier 60 skins

    69. Jackson Allen


    70. Kennedy Dornak



      is kit that catty corner


      7:45 indeed jules


      5:00 GROSS

    74. Ops-notdead

      She looked at the bed and noted her head

    75. Matthew Hankinson

      “She prefers companion or familiar.“ Does NSP know familiar means servant

    76. Kaubanga Kanimako

      I want a skin

    77. Freddy Krueger

      *a guh guh guh gIrLfRiEnD*

    78. Chris Naoum

      Did ripply quite ego/ghost

    79. Ignazio Taibbi

      Im not allowed to spend money for fortnite 🥺😭 could anyone gift me the battle pass?I would really appreciate it! 🥺❤

    80. Agnieszka Gasowska


    81. mr.cheese

      this is soo sad

    82. Duskraiderci2.0

      I feel tech x jules vibes

    83. Joshua Alcott

      Kit your mom is Skye

    84. DaveTheKid1K

      I wanna know was the bar thing was on accident or was it a reference to when blacks couldn't go to certain resturaunts

    85. Clone trooper Damien

      Was that a Star Wars reference when ripely said we don’t severe your kind

    86. Shady_Phantom YT

      What was that music at the end of the video?

    87. BrunoBuccerarti

      Let Tek SPEAK

    88. Amber Wright

      SHUT UP TEK Id think she likes u GO

    89. Comarade Yeeet

      “Pa pa you came back” if only my dad did that

    90. Purple Girl-Lunar

      2:53 Brutus:We Brutus arnt ones for big pictur- Jules:Sorry Dads calling- Brutus:Midas?- Jules:Ummmmmm- No?- Brutus:Oh ok

    91. Lexie Miller

      I subscribe to all of you channel’s I love all of them

    92. Diego Gallegos

      Did he say the d word

    93. Nicholas Gonzalez


    94. Dhruv Kakkar

      Kit is a little cat how can he talk

    95. Jake Is me

      I’m subscribed to every channel and everyone else should be to subscribe to newscapepro

    96. Me Gongaga.


    97. Monki Flip

      tech tryna slide into her room 😳


      Plot twist skye is Jules mom!