MIDAS: THE EARLY YEARS... (A Fortnite Short Film)

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    Midas wasn’t always the cool, calculating boss of the Agency. Long ago he was just a boy, with a mother who loved him, and a brother that coveted that love. When Midas is given a great gift, his brother becomes steeped in jealousy, brewed over a lifetime, believing himself to be more worthy. Midas’ brother goes to extreme lengths to replicate the golden power…
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    Published on 6 months ago


    1. candise mckinney

      God bless midas mom God bless her 🙏

    2. Norm Katz


    3. Blakester_10 YT

      You pissy pants

    4. Demi Vaughan

      Did he say demi or Debbie ?

    5. Andrea Carrillo

      Bro midis is rex but that not trure

    6. Cuddle team leader Playz

      I feel bad for Midas 😔

    7. Ivet Gonzalez

      That was sad :(

    8. Will Norris

      I hate Midas’ brother Midas is a great character

    9. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Midas

    10. Jacob Simon Perez


    11. Michelle Kitching


    12. katharin thomas

      Poor Midas

    13. obdulia perez

      Black hair. Grey hair.

    14. obdulia perez

      Ghost agent Shadow agent

    15. obdulia perez

      Midas ) )Shadow Midas Gold toch. No Gold toch Slick hair. Slick hair. 2019. 2020. August. November. Jules. Jules.

    16. obdulia perez

      Midas ) )Shadow Midas Gold toch. No Gold toch Slick hair. Slick hair. 2019. 2020. August. November. Jule. Jule.

    17. Amanda Barnes

      Its 01:02 where i am and im not even tired

    18. plazma_d1no gaming

      midas gust wanted to help

    19. NSG Ollie Wash

      Poor Midas :(

    20. Athleisure Assassin

      This is so sad. It made me want to cry so much. I feel so bad for Midas. Midas is a good person.

    21. Ryland Fribley

      his letters might have been stolen by his brother and his moms were also stolen by his brother

    22. SJ Tabizon

      No you are not

    23. Family pro 1


      1. Family pro 1

        @kxmizuki what the helll it was by accidnet

      2. kxmizuki


      3. Family pro 1


    24. craig

      What the hell

    25. Athleisure Assassin

      This made me cry so much😭😭😭😭😭😔😔😔😿😿 I love midas he is one of my favorite characters😭😭😭

    26. Brandy Ramos

      His wife😭😭😭😭😭😭

    27. Brandy Ramos

      Midas mom😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭why

    28. Brandy Ramos


    29. Son Goku

      I kinda feel bad for midas. He had a rough childhood

    30. Sophie Douglas

      Who ever is reading this have a good day! 😃

    31. Liam Waldron

      I just want to give Midas a hug

    32. FISHY BRO

      It made me cry

    33. IDK_its_just_Breeze

      Ok wish Midas mother met Jules

    34. Henry Broadhurst

      oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo midas has a girlfriend!!!! =D

    35. Pacer Chappell

      Midas I know you been in a lot of pain but I know you will be okay

    36. Pacer Chappell

      Midas noooooo I really love you

    37. Zidan Siyad

      isnt it jules not mariegold or whatever

    38. GachalifeFunneh Kat

      Welp rip midas will be missed in fornite so rip midas in his future

    39. Lori Kavadas

      It made me so sad

    40. Ryker Amunson


    41. Charolette Jackson


      1. MonokumaFan 101

        Charolette Jackson well

    42. Danika Flores


    43. Nichole Myers

      I love Midas ❤️💚💙🧡💛💜💗💝

    44. Dremx

      Midas and Redux Mar Mars

    45. Theo Henderson

      I think Midas is a good man his past got him to be this way all the doomsday stuff

    46. Cadijah Jackson

      Why this is the best person mommy

    47. Kenken Playz

      Oh so that what happened to Jules kom

    48. Cris jr Solares

      I like Mike midas

    49. Cris jr Solares

      Midas is rich you see his skin lol

    50. Homie_Zack

      *imo midas is one of the best fortnite characters and is one of if not the most misunderstood person*

    51. lyndsey bailey

      Midas I'd the best carecter I have ghost midas

    52. Josh like no Other gaming

      ok i just read the intro of king midas and the story of midas is almost the same in its own fortnite way

    53. Oks Maggzz

      I love your videos

    54. Mike Gonzalez

      No I can't watch this to sad

    55. Fxless

      7:10 family friendly or not

    56. Wolfie

      Midas isn’t bad but people think he is He ended up loosing the love of his life Then he gets the golden touch but ends up turning his daughter into gold by accident Then his mother died His brother told his daughter excuses about him Then his own agents turn on him because they think he’s evil and he’s kidnapping people but he just wants to bring his daughter back Give this man a *B R E A K*

    57. Majed Almilhimm

      والله اجي

    58. Rasheed Akinwande

      I feel bad that suck

    59. Rasheed Akinwande

      Dang that sad his brother tread him like crap

    60. Alpaca Duck


    61. Meh Person

      Midas is probably the only skin that turns weapons or items a certain color

    62. Polar Dogs to

      I'm crying rn he died ¡~¡

    63. Amy Arellano

      i love this

    64. Danimal

      Midas has amazing hair, but I’m copyrighting him for ninjas sake. Like if you agree!!

    65. Eowynity Plays

      Bruh Maidis’s brother is a idiot if only he new what accually happened

    66. Mason

      He still wrote to her even after the marigold thing- he’s such a good boy :c

      1. Andrea Najarian

        yey c:

      2. Liana- Chan

        Yes he is (╯﹏╰)

    67. Kacie

      Reading these comments made my think Midas is good so people that thinks he is bad just BACK OFF!!

    68. Mast3rKK

      Realise that through the talk at the start, midas’s mom and brother r both calling him “M” so its like they r giving him a nickname to something like emma

    69. Pearlina snake

      It makes me so sad

    70. Lamia Amri

      did you make fortnite??

    71. Maddie's Channel

      I actually cried in this video😂

    72. Samir Gaming Land

      IDEA Kit Meets His Granddad

    73. Oliver Hopper

      Midases bro sycks he can't be mine for 00000.1 seconds

    74. Declan Bacon

      Same midas is my favorite character

    75. تصميم عشوائي

      البلاشر ينبوولناًراواوولزقققق 🤬🤬🤬🤮🤮🤮😴😴🥱🥱🤢🤢

    76. Temia Wightman

      Midas: I am mr golden touch Me: I’m

    77. Amanda Sands

      Midas is so cute I am thankful they made him

    78. Jayce The tree

      This is emotional even though it’s a game

    79. Candelario Robles


    80. The Roblox StudioHD

      poor buttman midas

    81. Adam Sadaqa


    82. Nolan de Hoog

      She died

    83. Nolan de Hoog


    84. Nolan de Hoog


    85. Nolan de Hoog

      He’s 90

    86. Nolan de Hoog

      And Jules was not made yEt

    87. Nolan de Hoog

      When midas was a teen

    88. Nolan de Hoog

      That was the early days

    89. Nolan de Hoog

      I liKe thE mAp

    90. Sian Cullen

      This is like fade origin

    91. Allison’s Channel

      Ok this is the saddest thing I have seen

    92. gracie XD


    93. caroline de oleo

      why did midas get his golded powers

    94. *•Charlie Emily•*

      how am i crying water?

    95. gumboula1

      some of this make me cry

    96. Xavier Phabmixay


    97. Wyatt McCurry

      7:10 it’s ok let all of your anger out on the wall

    98. Brayden Regidor

      How did midas go from blue hair to black hair and slender

    99. 3Owls1 Melendez

      I only un liked it because it’s to sad