RISE OF THE AUTHORITY... (A Fortnite Short Film)

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    One year after Midas unleashed the flood, everyone on the Island is struggling to rebuild, both Shadow and Ghost. In the wake of the Agency’s destruction, a new power has risen to take its place: the Authority, led by the Chaos Agent and his new number two, Brutus. Our heroes, on the other hand, operate out of the Fortilla. This includes Meowscles who has struck up a new friendship with a scrappy girl named Ocean. In the midst of all of this, a mysterious figure known as Eternal Knight exacts her unique form of justice on the marauders of the Island… Though they are not her true target. The one she’s really looking for… is the Engineer, Jules.
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    Published on 5 months ago


    1. Katka Poulik


    2. Omgitzyttb Ye

      "Meowscles" Says You will meet ocean later after season three series ocean getting barely used lol wonder why that was the first character Brong up

    3. yurni lamas

      Ghost or shadow? Like=Ghost Comment=Shadow

    4. Deepti Raut

      Skye is a secret and evil knight

    5. RKT_ Lukezilla74

      This might be my favourite episode

    6. Torius Woods

      That’s not the sound of the birst 2:55

    7. Lucas Deakins

      Midas. Will be. Victoria s

    8. Sean Brown

      0:51 is that Skye???????

    9. Maroofa Islam

      Make more videos with kit and jules

    10. Rachel Ussery

      this was on my bd

    11. Pablo Hernandez

      Even in chap 5 in the game

    12. Pablo Hernandez

      Look at the henchman

    13. Pablo Hernandez

      Brutus is alive

    14. Jacob Perez


    15. It’s fishy GG

      My wife Brutus me triggered

    16. Jimbob Swann

      l love newscapepor

    17. Durreaze Subhaan

      Chapter 2 season 3(season 13)Splashdown begins

    18. Faye Harper

      New skape Pro if you can actually know what I'm saying could you play among us

    19. Faye Harper

      I love the videos I don't want fortnite to go away xxxx

    20. Depressed mr crabs

      This season sucked

    21. RudyOn30fps

      New space pro made that annoying season look good😊😊

      1. Darthspidey


    22. Bian Montok

      What happened to roleplaying?

    23. Michael Lopez

      I am on Team Ghost because I feel bad

      1. Darthspidey


    24. Vianney Lopez

      Me skipping everything until I find kit 👀

    25. Miguel Muscat

      Brutus: "He Brutus, I Brutus, my wife Brutus". Me: "Communism"

      1. Darthspidey

        I mean... Yeah. He's Russian and they share a name soo....

    26. Creative Zone


      1. Darthspidey


    27. Lucy Plummer

      Hi its shernii is lexia here we love this channel

    28. Taala Jasper

      Jules didnt get the Golden touch passed down. Im done. Why couldn't I be like a dog or something

    29. Belinda Joshy Mata

      I like how Brutus died in season 2 no he really came back and season 3

    30. Nancy Kamal

      I am never calling it the authority its the agency forever

    31. Rachel Graham

      Love these films

    32. EdubzFN

      10:06 it glitch

    33. NateEveryThing827


    34. NateEveryThing827

      How long netie


      idk what to say-

    36. Melissa Roberts

      New skate pro hi new skate pro

    37. Loregann Wakeman


    38. Ender

      We saw NewScapePro5

    39. Maria Morrison

      Scribescape pro 123 four guys

    40. chris mcgovern

      who misses the agency if your shadow then I'm going to yell shadow is evil people say ghost is evil but its not

      1. Darthspidey

        I'm ghost lol I miss the agency

    41. SABU EDWIN

      Who's watching this in season 4 chapter 2 PS who missis the authority

    42. Maria Soares

      I'm a kitty kitty kitty... I am a cat *MEOW*

    43. shachar movies


    44. Xavier Caracter

      Do a one hour movie

    45. RSG TV

      Gh ccj vh

    46. Carmen Pizarro


    47. Sabrina Black

      hi there I’m

    48. ANZ

      10:14 cabbage grows! picks it up anyway.

    49. TofouNugget

      He brutus my wife brutus

    50. Funnybob926 _YT

      Who watching this is watching in season 4 chapter 2

    51. il villain

      The authority is so cool!!!

    52. Aaron Garcia

      my son brute i brute my wife brute -brute

    53. Alan Ahmed 3D

      now we can have some more time together we will get to know him in about two minutes or two more hours if you have 5

    54. Jenny Francisco


    55. NovaBearBear

      9:32 *Eternal Knight intensifies*

    56. ItsDoomgirl666

      I actually want to know what happened to Maya

    57. Allipsii Business


    58. Allipsii Business


    59. BIRDE BOI

      Who else is watching this before the end of the season

    60. Aghyad Mohsen

      Hello boys,

    61. Toby Rudd

      Me Brutus my son Brutus and my wife Brutus

    62. Reymundo Hernandez


    63. cheese tiddies

      i have theory but i know people will say it wont make sense. i have felt like Jules is Brutus daughter, if you look around at the photos in the authority they're all Brutus only even though Jules is the owner of the authority, and Jules has the same outfit as shadow Brutus. but when the agency was a thing, if you took a look is Midas' room you could see a picture of Jules in the back behind the doomsday device? idk what Jules is between them. i have guessed that Jules and Brutus might be related in some sort of way. or Jules actually might be Midas daughter but i don't understand why there are only Brutus photos in the authority [ if you look at 4:37 you can see Brutus photo in the bg ] [odd theories ik] or it might be decoration instead?

    64. i xavier

      Watam i sayimg

    65. i xavier


    66. i xavier


    67. Kyle Evans

      can i have harley can you give me it i'm kingkyle4462

    68. Brody Schiller

      Skye is atuly emturnal knite

    69. Penny the Chicken

      The Maraurders never got to eat their burgers ( I don't know if someone has done this already)

    70. Thisgamer dude

      I realy appreciate the love between chaos agent and devon

    71. James Nguyen


    72. Nelson Nieves

      We found one adfhjk

    73. Electro 21

      Xva’s is the time for me next to you tomorrow morning at noon 🕛 I need your name for your new

    74. Ray_ McColgan

      I loved the intro

    75. Kash Davis

      Bruh I guess this video is going to be on 🔥

    76. Soviet Union

      One of the mauraders voices is tek

    77. ryan fgteev toys harith

      wowowiwiwi mmm 🇲🇾

    78. Mellissa P

      I Love Midas he has the best Voice actor

      1. Darthspidey


    79. amir zada


    80. Spinosaurus84

      When Brutus has a family reunion. “Hi Brutus it’s me Brutus” hello cousin Brutus”

      1. Darthspidey

        Ah yes brutus

      2. Kingcarlos Pro

        U don’t make sense

    81. Joanne Williams


    82. Garrett Knapp

      Your videos are so funny

    83. Mason Garza

      Hi kit

    84. Sascha

      mi kit is ist cute

    85. Sascha

      Im em Kir fann

    86. Saad Darsot

      I got a 20 bomb

    87. Xdudefortnite


    88. Carol Ray

      What the?!!? You darn cat!

    89. Mario HGO

      i subed

    90. Galaxy Persononyt

      Subtitles at 8:58 😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣

    91. Pedro Romero


    92. Kawayami


    93. sissy Gregory


    94. sissy Gregory


    95. Islande Rosser

      “I Brutus my wife Brutus we all Brutus”😭😂😂

    96. Galaxy Puppies

      Kit: hey paw

    97. Kitchen Buddies

      Well Skye kinda saved the island 🌴 for everyone by killings the marauders so well done

      1. Darthspidey

        Finally someone gets it!

    98. Benjamin Scherf

      When devin said mama and papa that sounds sad cuz he doesn’t actually have parents

    99. nicola dunton

      Like. The video lol

    100. Thelonglostwins

      brutus got himself killed