JULES SAVES KIT?! (A Fortnite Short Film)

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    Kit is still captive at the Authority thanks to Chaos Agent and his band of villains. Thankfully, Kit’s friend Jules has put together a prison escape plan! With Meowscles missing, it’s all up to her!
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    Published on 5 months ago


    1. TheEverything Factory

      Chaos Agent is one of my favorite villains

    2. Klej Ygg


    3. Sorry out of Ducks

      Ocean: turn that frown upside down Kit: wasn’t frowning

    4. JG - 09MM 713264 Castlebrooke SS

      I would actually want some Oro-oh’s!


      i love your guy's vids

    6. OwenGamer/ JaneGamer 3lionsbecks

      Good good good no no no no no no no no no no no no yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

    7. Sarfaraz Shaikh

      4:51 . There’s agent chaos

    8. Owen Garrett

      Can I be in a video skate pro can I if I can will you guys can I be a party trooper I don't have a mic but can you guys gift me a zombie emo like it gets to see a zombie for it's in his first eyes

    9. Celia Maria

      Me laike

    10. The owls


    11. Jordan Medina

      Nice new Scape pro 3 you just hit 2 million subscribers

    12. Kolten Berkebile

      Is kit ok

    13. ابتسام القحطاني


    14. Skillex Gamer

      8:15 I was laughing so hard you could fart.

    15. Skillex Gamer


    16. Skillex Gamer

      6:56 that word is strange and silly yo.

    17. Skillex Gamer

      6:09 Gosh darn it Tek you ruin everything bruh.

    18. Skillex Gamer

      1:50 LOL

    19. Padcount Plays

      Tek: hey Jules do you maybe want go on a da- Jules: hey Tek do you mind finishing up here? I should really check up on Kit Tek: oh yeah sure Me: that was just sad I feel bad for Tek

    20. Jakub Marczak


    21. Jameela Skillschool

      كم واحد عربي جاف الفيديو و لا مافي عربين

    22. Bearclimber 1

      Poor Tek. He just wants to tell Jules how he feels but Jules interrupts him every time.

      1. nasif rasool

        How poor she's already fell in love

      2. Padcount Plays

        Its so sad

    23. Reginald Copperbottom

      Oro ohs yum

    24. Leon Pahl


    25. Alexander Ramos

      boring better is the world drift

    26. yousif saleh


    27. yousif saleh


    28. yousif saleh


    29. Chicken Nugget

      Now I ship jules and tech 😔

    30. Aiden Ramirez


    31. Aiden Ramirez


    32. Aiden Ramirez


    33. أحمد السعد

      هيهقهق 🤖

    34. I changed My name

      See I don’t get why call of duty players and more can’t respect fortnite I play cod but respect what people like

    35. Nawal Aloadane1405


    36. blythe cariaso


    37. Waitedjugglr

      Chaos agent is like darth vader like his breathing is loud and stuff

    38. Jacqueline Vanderheijden


    39. Unknown Cookiezz

      Him:😪wanna maybe go on a dat- Jules:👁👄👁 ImMa Go ChEcK on kIt

    40. Keldrick Beals

      Subscribe to all the newscapepro channels

    41. Leslie Lucio

      I like skye and jules

    42. Ray Silva

      Quem é brasileiro da Like

    43. samir mhagna


    44. Loredana Nolasco


    45. Ry Wallace

      Kit is my favourite or I call him kit kat

    46. The Comic character

      Oro-ohs..... OH GOD NOT THE PUNS this is how many boxes of Oro-ohs Ohm gets to eat I I v

    47. M64P // Mario 64 Personalised

      So we all gonna ignore the new Oro-ohs?

    48. Bala Zrar

      Jules Do you think it in the house of everybody else show me

    49. Herny Stickman

      I feel bad for That monster dude..

    50. Foxtrot 3-2

      Jules:we have to move to another location Me who had to deal with drug wars:First time?

    51. Diegon 7254


    52. Karla Hernandez


    53. Marisol Cita


    54. MrVoidy boi

      when Kit and Jules goes to the fortilla why is the boat so silent?

    55. d s

      It said oro-ohs like oreos?(I love Oreos!)

    56. Pls sub To me

      I thought Jules Was boss

    57. Jayden Jimenez


    58. Nub

      8:53 did anyone notice the rare chest?

    59. Who is Trapp


    60. Aahfjcv Aa


    61. Janine Cant

      Devil is a monster he kidnap kit dont trust him please xx

      1. Janine Cant


    62. JoDaSa MoRo

      Geht das auch in Germering

    63. FNaF Stuff / AlexIsNotOkay

      Before he even asked I paused the video and said “DONT SAY WHAT I THINK YOU ARE GONNA SAY” and I flipped when he said it

    64. Renata Mondin

      Alguém do brasil

    65. Julia Lis

      Are the skins real?

    66. GGAMING56

      Why am I getting the vibes that Casos Agent is hitting on Tek, but Tek likes jules and Jules likes...Oro-Ohs ThE PoWeR Of tHe LiGhT In EvErY BiGHt

    67. GGAMING56

      OrO-OhS tHe PoWeR Of ThE lIgHt In EvErY bItE. Me: dying at 2 am of laughter 🤣🤣🤣 Also Me: I wAnT sOmE OrO-OhS Me relishing that it is not a real thing 😢

    68. Heriberto Sanchez

      You guys should make a vid when Tek and Jules on a date ;)

    69. avakin قمر life

      💐💐💐 yo

    70. Graciela Altina Santibáñez

      Me gustó tu video pero no entiendo nada de lo que disen

      1. Graciela Altina Santibáñez

        yo te entiendo

    71. Odline Charles

      Omg Kit

    72. Leo Martinez


    73. Hubert Gruber

      6:23 love it

    74. Tamara Garcia Rodríguez

      Te copiaste de mundo deriva

    75. PreciseEvents

      tek is a simp

    76. Rafaela de Andrade Piovezam

      eu adoro fortnite

    77. Stiv Sandoval Navarrete

      Povre gatito

    78. Eileen Lawler


    79. anibal orieta

      pobre kit

    80. nga rimaati

      Omg how are you not knowing that tech has a crush on you jules

    81. Phill_ YT

      Mission failed we will get em next time: tek

    82. Phill_ YT

      Is it just me or is Devon cute lol

    83. CrackedController

      Tek: Mind if we go on a da- Jules: Pls no Tek: MISSON FAILED WE WILL GET EM NEXT TIME

    84. Jae'den Jackson

      Hi I love your vids!

    85. Mathew Dewsbury

      1 like = 1 pray for Kit.

    86. funnyJazz


    87. رشيد الحربي

      Hyj3hue Ygehd Mjsjas

    88. Colin Police


    89. A Person

      Tek:do you want to go on a date Jules:remembers the time tek horribly babysit kit Jules:ignores tek Tek: D: Midas’ ghost:I will find you and I will kill you Tek again: It WaS haRd oN tHE BaRN!!!

    90. Sa Sa123


    91. Sari Ghazaleh

      Marigold: high fives kit Me why is kit not gold

      1. jules the master engineerッ

        because i have gloves and i also touched the mech not kit

      2. Padcount Plays

        They were made by her cousin

      3. Padcount Plays

        Because of her gloves

    92. GL Clan

      You’re Chanel is utterly awful 🤮

    93. Craig Robinson

      3:17, why does everyone dream about dental hygiene 😂😂😂

    94. Zayed Nawaaf

      Like.l3C was the way to eq I love you so so much t DM and a good re I have been a fan for a while and orI’m r to be a good thing to do with your life and your life to be a part your life is so much better than the past few days of your time in life that way you have to do a lot better than you


      so fun

    96. AwesomeMlgVincent_4021 Carreon

      I love your videos👍👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🤝👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😻🤘🏻

    97. beasty yolo

      It would be cool for olie and omi to meet lol

    98. DrPenguin 101

      I would throw out the subscription and just eat the Oro' ohs

    99. Mr cool Person

      Oh my gosh Jules falls in love or Jules goes on a date episode confirmed?????????? NewScapePro plz make an episode about that