FADE ORIGIN STORY! (A Fortnite Short Film)

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    The mysterious Fade has rescued Jules and Kit from Eternal Knight’s clutches. But who is he, really? And does he have their best interests in mind? The enigmatic traveler’s story is finally told!
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    Published on 4 months ago


    1. Neetu Misra

      I wont subscribe

    2. riad the gamer

      We're missssss fade


      Enternalknight: who the hell was that Fade:teir 100 skin

    4. Lightspeed

      "He always comes back" **LE GASP** IT'S THE MAN BEHIND THE SLAUGHTER!!!!

    5. Goodboyneva Bad

      Fades dad: put on the mask and follow my footsteps Fade: No I don’t want to leave my family like you Fades dad: come on son do it for me Fade: well ok there just family!

    6. Neal Okidi

      Fade is Jason derulo full stop

    7. battlefront gameplay

      This episode felt more real than any other

    8. RKT_ Lukezilla74

      Fades my favourite

    9. Buhle Liyema Nkukwana

      I wish I had fade

    10. MC Fallenknight

      8:35 Fade: oh crap Drift: wait that’s my brother fade Fade: omg drift it’s u how’s it going with u and key

    11. TonyDobre21

      Pellly sounds protect Diego

    12. Ollie Barnham Wilkin

      why does when fades mom talks about his dad she sounds like william afton

    13. wolfe rocks

      Fades ri tho xd and I thought this was family friendly but I guess not

    14. Beth Turner

      I want a video of ultimate night and asking versus chaos I do

      1. Beth Turner

        I want a video of ice king Ultima Knight Versus chaos agent

      2. Beth Turner

        I want a video of ultimate knight and ice kingVersus chaos I do

    15. Rig

      Fade:I’m not like anyone Me:Bruh there is someone named drift

    16. Natasha Campbell

      I love The Faded skin

    17. Mr.Racoon

      This is The Best Video...

    18. Meme Studios

      When he said “I have hope, hope that you’ll get ure heads out of the clouds” 😳

    19. DAS DaBeatJunkie

      Hi newscapepro I love your videos and subscribe to newscapepro OK and my favourite skins in Fortnite is Jules and kit

    20. ФЯЕОシ2641

      RIP tilted towers 😂😂😂

    21. 21

      All American vibes alert 5:40 who could relate

    22. parry plus

      i legit call fade Jamarcus XD

    23. Odd Bovit

      Can I have the roll of point patroller please my epic is:mrtsannachan85

    24. Tris Money

      Fade:I’m not like anyone drift:you sure about that swift:come again

    25. Sophie Martin

      Do a video of fade and drift

    26. Flick Flake

      Fade:you came here too dad Fade's dad:umm yeah wut makes u think im not interested in fortnite

    27. Listenerz

      When I first saw the Battle pass I was like oh when newscapepro does vids on season 3 fade is going to be the villain of the entire season but no he isn't hes actually a very nice guy


      ؟ Sara dada



    30. Londonthegreat !!!!!!!

      Is his father Midas

    31. Sneaky Monster5

      Witch newscrspepro is your favorite

    32. AvatarKuzon_Aang Playz

      I love fortnite so much

    33. Nicola Maclean

      I'm a big fan

    34. Larry Leos


    35. maame ahenkorah

      I love you guys

    36. Space wolf Girl

      Who else is in love with his voice

    37. Killer Pro gaming

      i have the upgeded fad skin

    38. Edits by Madi

      I was dead when Fade said OH CRAP

    39. crystals vibezz

      I didn’t think skye would say that at the beginning I am dieing lol

    40. Yell0w pandaa

      Nice Nice

    41. Yell0w pandaa


    42. monkey

      Skye said who the hell was rhat

    43. Flo_Scope

      Jules has joined the chat Tek has joined the chat Fade has joined the chat Tek has left the chat 😂

    44. Daily Flight Videos!!!

      Me: Watches a Fortnite video NewScapePro: Yeah let’s put a little mix of SCP cuz yeah why not 4:17 Im not too sure but I think that’s scp-035... Not sure tho...

    45. Jamie Patton

      Too the people who don’t know who know who fade is YUH STUPID

    46. PacificBoyBlue’

      5:49 your daddy ain’t coming back. His last words were: ill go get the milk from HEB 🤣

    47. Alex Ez

      Peally's voice is just hilarious that really got me😂

    48. Mel Dolen

      Drift : give me my mask and suit I was suppose to wear it fade :no i was ragrock : no sons drift: dad ? Fade : who is my real dad ragrock: I am

    49. Brody’s playtime Poynter

      MidAss. VOiSE fOR. FaDe Eee

    50. Mel Dolen

      Fade: I’m like no one drift: your like me Jules :and me to

    51. Mel Dolen

      Drift and Fade are brothers

    52. Yogol Wanito

      Aborer with the fade skin

    53. Mathias Figueroa

      What happen to jonsey he used to be in all them

    54. Jacinta Cronin

      Oh god now theres 4 drift looking skins

    55. Aniix Avo

      Skye: Says naughty word Me: Well that goes to a inapropiate channel real quick

    56. Aries With Fortnite Santiago

      Does Newscapepro only do fortnite short vids

    57. Prathyusha Reddy

      I like fade

    58. Melody Bacamante

      Wait a minute is that girl from the tv is scp 035

    59. Jay TheMan

      Bro I didn't know skye sweared

    60. Janise Rambert

      Dad isnt gone... *HE WHENT TO GET MILK*

    61. Phantoms Gaming

      They always end when it gets good

    62. kamran ali

      I love newsacpro please keep next that Midas make kit gold kill Jules

    63. Vj Jersey

      You are not to post to Curse 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

    64. Hunt3r

      Uhm.. kit is a girl..

      1. *-REDACTED-* _exe

        His description says: "Proudly following in HIS pawprints"

      2. *-REDACTED-* _exe

        No a boy

    65. emmett mata


    66. Phoenix 8145

      When fade shows up:oh helll naaaa

    67. Fortnite gamer pro

      Love this vid man keep up the great work and congrats on the 2 million subs

    68. Sophia Crossland

      boi did she realy just say who the hell was that

    69. jordan anims

      I love ur videos

    70. Love marino


    71. Pluck Plucker

      Hi newecapepro

    72. Issthbos 21

      Why did sky cuss at the beginning

    73. Brendy and the king Machine

      When skye said who the you know,I think its a bad word

    74. Neo Gio

      Yo fade is a chill gangsta not gonna lie😂

    75. HokageVibesYT

      This is nice

    76. Broken Wither

      I like how they added some bad words to the story it makes it better

    77. JG PLAYZ

      Why does agent peely sound like siri

    78. George Christinis

      the voice of fades father is the same person as midas

    79. RJ Ellison

      Do you think scp is suitable for kids

    80. Quiet kid yt

      I have black parents and that not how the treat me for talking to them like that

    81. Erin Young

      2:25 OK WHAT!??!

    82. ZinityTV Zillua

      What if Fade and Jukes were step bro and step sis

    83. Elizabeth Young

      “Breaking news report” This just in a character from the acclaimed newscapepro channel just said a naughty word

      1. Prince Zuko

        Mathias Figueroa they said it plenty of times

      2. SuperRikosFlapps

        Time stamp?

      3. Mathias Figueroa

        First time in their whole siries

    84. Manuel & María C Davila

      Why does they always to subscribe I already did it it’s annoying ALSO why does newscape pro knows all the origin story’s

    85. Sonic Movie Plush


    86. Fortnite Frenzy

      Nice video

    87. Unifion

      That beginning looked like the start to some kind of porno

    88. SOHRAB Shobeiri

      Where is the last episode I didn't watch that that is not in this channel

    89. bruticus prime

      Who knew that a person with a dark suit and mask similar to a villain could be a hero fade is the best dude

    90. Dabin on IPad

      Fade’s origin is like SCP 035. I just get the feeling that it is. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    91. Anna Frances Audition videos

      No fades from da real world like drift

    92. Panther2027

      Peelys voice though

    93. PTNeety

      Green goblin reference? 7:11

    94. Naruto fan gaming

      He sounds like Kylo ren voice changer

    95. Kristin Branham

      Why do they always have to get more players in every match and they have every single emote in fortnite it's like they have every single one every newscapepro video I watch every single skin do and style

    96. Sandra Nowak

      Why the pelly sound like a robot

    97. Thebest Gamer

      The bannana boy sounds like project zorgo leader o:

    98. Shintaro Yokoyama

      that steamed emote was awesome 4:45

    99. Prince Gaming

      Who the hell was that 8 year olds, no no language

    100. Zee Buthole

      4:23 that’s the mask form the scp foundation and that scp is the mask but forgot what number it had