MIDAS'S NEW PET... (A Fortnite Short Film)

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    After their defection from Chaos Agentโ€™s Authority, Jules and Rue are being held prisoner within the Fortilla by Meowscles and the rest of Ghost. Meanwhile, a comatose Skye (Eternal Knight) struggles to recover from the wounds she sustained from Jules and Midasโ€ฆ
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    Published on 4 months ago


    1. M Gao

      Iโ€™m team Jules

    2. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Sky

    3. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Jules

    4. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Midas

    5. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Rox

    6. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Meowsicles

    7. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Midas

    8. leanne sim


    9. โ€ขShemicalโ€ข ;-;

      Sooo jules is kits big sister

    10. Bradley Dobner

      Jules is my team

    11. Scarlett Bray


    12. Op gamer

      The cat later killed midas by a Shark

    13. SandK Leeds


    14. Rain Heredia


    15. Ronald tucker

      Uuuh I'm confused witch part was where midas got a new pet?

    16. Geraldine Trajano

      What!!!!!!!!!!!! Um...................

    17. Dre Lloyd

      Why is Skye Midas daughter :reply if u know

      1. LegendCakes

        Dre Lloyd It was all a dream because she saw Midas as a father figure

    18. Noah Rockwell


    19. Brooklyn 121!

      I love this channel!

    20. JP Putter


    21. Consuelo Macias

      Good video

    22. Sharon McVeigh


    23. LiamsiGaming

      So close to 2mil!!

    24. dannie swete

      I really want to know where she hulks office is

    25. Chancie Quib

      1.99M subscribers!!!!!

    26. Oluferanmi Olusola

      It was so sad when Midas quit on Skye and he took Jules then Jules turned Skye into gold like Skye is my favorite charater

    27. Akshayan kulenthiran

      ok kit

    28. Alyssa Carrouthers


    29. Orange Ninja

      Wait if Midas is skyโ€™s dad than who is jules

    30. A_Banana

      4:29 8:45 Donโ€™t mind this ... itโ€™s just for me... You can use it if you want

      1. A_Banana

        The Playlists - Home of random YT videos! Bahaha ๐Ÿ˜‚ Is their another video you want me to highlight

    31. Kristina DeLuca

      Films and Skits

    32. Kristina DeLuca

      Hello Newscapepro Fortnite shorts

    33. Nitikon silisopounpun

      How do you get tons of voices

    34. shitsnifferz inc.

      i like how midas is a midass

    35. Becky Gaither

      Skye fans stay in there Jules fan please dead meowscwel fans I donโ€™t give a crap

    36. Riley Harris

      Omg 200000000000000000000 subs

    37. Sofia Zabala

      Tu urgente eh pocos dld

    38. Tyquon Lester

      The only thing ty

    39. Debbie Watterson


    40. Gabriel Merle

      jules love newscapepro

    41. Aderemi Adeyera


    42. Malcolm Heddles


    43. Jalen


    44. nasif rasool

      Team jules

    45. Cerlia Tany

      Cat is a bad guy

    46. Cerlia Tany

      what is ? Ummmm jules is a girl

    47. Cerlia Tany

      Noob omg jules is a noob

    48. Cerlia Tany


    49. Silas Morales

      8:43 Count me in!

    50. Josiah Calderon


    51. aayan ahmed

      Team Jules

    52. DaniCizotoRamos


    53. Staci McGrew

      Because I play Fortnite my username is Bray6535

    54. Staci McGrew

      I wish I had midis

    55. Jacqueline Ceja

      Team skye

    56. hayley yearry

      I never miss a video of this

    57. Tayah James

      I had your

    58. Layne Nimmo

      I feel like they're trying to tell me something๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”

    59. Brandon Singh


    60. Ethan Fierce

      I just scrided this Chanel I a cooooool

    61. Emma Yates


    62. Papa Suffee


    63. Luke Lemonovich

      Rox: I better go get remedy! Remedy: charges in with a gun the size of the agency~

    64. Fire Less

      Why this stpry make me sad :(

    65. Goku


    66. AJ B

      Team fishy

    67. AJ B


    68. Angzeze

      kit is so cute :(

    69. Jazya4 Te

      ุงู„ู‡ูŠุชุจู‰ุฑ ุซ

    70. Dakota_Hannah YT

      I luv every video they do I once got into game with them butttt I didnโ€™t have a mike

    71. Andre Chapple

      i am level 1000

    72. Noah Wallace


    73. Henry stickmin

      Hey midas's girlfriend is skye and jules mom is skye how did newscape did not know midas and skye made jules

    74. Carolyn Pulley


    75. Jacy Arora

      Kit is so cute

      1. nutboi

        i know right

    76. jogurt

      i co zrobiles ze sky twazo

    77. jogurt

      cosz wy zrobiliscie to okrope zamnie niles julke w midasa jak ty nagrywas

    78. jogurt

      julki rence zamnie nilysie w midasa rence

    79. jogurt

      ale okropny kanal

    80. Jeremiah Feliciano


    81. jogurt

      cy julki to nie boli wlos jej do oki fpad i jak zapal zujes to godzynama ma renke w gure

    82. jogurt

      julka powi dzala surfing dead ona powiedzala dead wienc go gtse zabic nie ladnie

    83. jogurt

      julka to midas fuj bo ma zlote rence jak cosztam robila mjala zlote rence wienc to midas julka to midas ful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    84. jogurt

      moze jestescie zakogani jak nie to napiscie i dam ci lajka w dul nie wam tylko temu filmiku

    85. jogurt

      jak oni gadajol skoro majol zamknen buzie i skont julka mjala zlote rence to midas ma zlote rence a nie julka i pozatym congle zabijam julke kiedy ide do wladzy i kitka na ee jakols wyspe obok sniegu wienc jak oninadal zyjol respiol sie cy co nic stego nie rozumie co to znacy replaysment nie jestem angelski jestem polski zrup to popolsku my zabilis my julke i midasa i nie rupcie midasa bo widzalam bardzo dziwne zecy co midas robi i julka tak troge i wy sie zakogaliscie w midasa sky julke kitka i mjalsniaka jesteszcie kuk kuk cy co i wogule oni nie gadajow wienc ktos to muwil i wy tylko vilmik stego zrobiliscie stego i zrupcie to popolsku moze so fijne postacie moze nie napewno alle moze i wy staje sky jak place tylek okropnie cowy jestescie gozy cy co ot pocontu bylo dobze a potem okropnie !!!!!!!! tylko sezon 2 to dobze robi

    86. jogurt

      boo juls is not good sky jes good

    87. caroline ndlovu

      why would mides do such a thing

    88. Gordon Manning


    89. Gordon Manning


    90. Gordon Manning


    91. Gordon Manning

      Fgteev got 1000000000000000001

    92. Roby Hamed

      Me to kit

    93. Wolfie Games

      Can u do Mary golds origin story

    94. Bad4noreason KWA

      Jules has betrayed ghost and shadow casue she sound simelur

    95. *KatzNDawgs*

      i luv how kit calls him Mr. M its so cute!

    96. Destroyer Of worlds

      I have been watching your videos since season 5

    97. Tammy Noble

      D and D rules

    98. The brain channel !

      Can you do more videos with Jack Gordon in it

    99. dixie damilo

      I love how they make cool ways to say sub

    100. Abul Leis