HENCHMAN HAS A BABY?! (A Fortnite Short Film)

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    The man known as Harry the Henchman has fallen in love! But now, he and his lovely wife, I.I., have another surprise in store. They’re having a baby! In order to support his new family, Harry decides to get a job with EGO / Agency, leading him to meet up with Brutus, and eventually, Midas himself…
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    Published on 8 months ago


    1. Jaidon Tretton


    2. Daedric Slade

      Where's mushu why are people pregnant now

    3. TheEverything Factory

      Chapter One Visitor: Building Rockets and Destroying Meteors Chapter Two Visitor: “Hey try my coffee.”

    4. Kritika Maharaj


    5. Paxton Medlin

      kids: watches the video The visitor: The recipe makes for some dam fine coffee parents: I THOUGHT THIS WAS FAMILY FRIENDLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    6. Noah Rodriguez

      Ur shows r AMAZING

    7. Tavonne taliaferro

      damn fine coffee

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    11. Pinglen

      Imagine your wife announcing she is pregnant in a coffee shop

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    15. naiz97 fortnite

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    18. Yasin Elkhouly

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    21. Becky Avison

      So funi

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    23. Lindy Crook

      more more more!!!!!!!!

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    25. AssassinAddy 09

      I love your short films and I know how long it takes keep up the good work!!!

    26. Ari Cam


    27. Da funny Guy

      1 MIL

    28. Fleegle Doggo

      Isnt that one of the only times that they cursed DAMN fine but DAMN that was cool

    29. Abid

      Hi Hi you are so ya I am going on a date and a new job and

    30. Elijah Walker

      is brute Russian i knew it

    31. Elijah Walker

      well you see here the visitor is one of the seven visitors who made ego so he is a high ranking guy!

    32. Brenda Hilt

      I have a girlfriend

    33. Jovani Martin

      How she get pregnant so fast

    34. Keith Gilsenan


    35. Jay S

      I'm always happy to see Jack Gordon

    36. SÏcKØz X

      Damn this coffee is smacking

    37. Nightslayer 86


    38. Megan Shappell

      Plot twist Harry is not the dad

    39. Mohammad Dhorajiwala

      Raptor for lfe

    40. hang tran

      What’s the baby name

    41. Eternal Nebula

      When did they start saying damn

    42. L1ght .


    43. Shakaka Perry

      rip harry from yesterday i'll won't forget you

    44. Ross Lapping

      Love this!!

    45. DaMlgMasta2995

      Visitor: I am just visiting Me: Ah yes, the floor is flooring

    46. Dayken Marston


    47. Avery Pomeroy

      4:18 profanity 😂

    48. Burp Buster

      John wick dates Willow?!

    49. Devil dripex

      I subscribe to your channilel

    50. Samfo Edits

      Nice acting😂

    51. Boi Super Dupa Boi

      Video idea Meowcles vs Deadpool

    52. Noor Waqad

      Fortnait is really cool

    53. Fortnite kids are Virgins

      What happened to mushu

    54. Fjordje


    55. N1nja123l

      can you do, do what deadpool says

    56. Nuka Cola

      3:15 no no he ment cocaine

    57. wunwwins 3742

      7:56 Harry: opens door knob Me: it's corona time

    58. wunwwins 3742

      7:56 Harry: opens door knob Me: ItS_cOrOnA_tImE

    59. wunwwins 3742

      4:53: Jessica: Im_PrEgNeT Me: what about mushu

    60. wunwwins 3742

      4:53 Jessica: IM PREGNET me: what about mushu

    61. Alfa_Woof

      I was just getting my ingredients in order (it wasnt crack or anything)

    62. One Ton Adrian

      So no ones gonna talk about Blue Striker coming back after like 6 seasons away

    63. plush bonbøn

      Midas has a cool voice for him

    64. 21st Century Humor

      I'm gonna have a dad! Best day ever! That's not what my dad said

    65. CreepBust3r

      Fortnite character that needs a house: I know just the guy to see goes to Jack Gourdon Me: Jack Gourdon is the only guy to see for that

    66. Mrwitgoogles0

      I love this

      1. Mrwitgoogles0


    67. Maria Avendano

      I love seeing Jack Gourdon before he got Dragonavirus

    68. Barryxallxn

      I Looove The pregnant part and the way the scientist says oh is hilarious :-) 😂

    69. Asher Fapohunda

      l love this channel

    70. George Taylor Ashby

      Harry: I’m gonna be a dad. Best day ever. One day later. Harry: ii get that thing to stop crying, children are awful.

    71. Raul Martinez

      NewScapePro I am literally the only one that puts your creator code in the item shop and buy stuff literally almost every day so you can’t really be complaining

      1. Reduce ꪜ

        No your not idiot

    72. Reduce ꪜ

      Make a video where meowscles gets kicked out of his yacht by dead pool and gets revenge

      1. Reduce ꪜ

        Pls do it

    73. Lucas Rodriguez

      U should make a video about Midas helping Meowscles get back his yacht

    74. CrushySlushy

      Wait Willow is Wick’s girlfriend now? I knew they were living with each other but when did this happen??

    75. Chris Wade

      Everyone : vendetta is my favourite character cuz when people thought he was dead everyone was begging for him to come back Me : my favorite character is the summer striker who's texting his wife

    76. Amber B

      4:13 did this man just say damn fine coffee XD

    77. John Duncan

      I was wondering what happened to visitor

    78. Messed Up TikToks

      How long do these videos take ?

    79. IlikeOnions ._.

      Tntina falls in love do that one next

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    81. hms hood

      Subbed and clicked on the bell and used ur code

    82. YurXire

      Great video NCP! _keep up the good work!_ *USE CODE:* newscapepro

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      What you do a Deadpool video

    84. PGReddd d

      Why does everyone have to have a baby?

    85. Anita Cade

      Guys, I’m not begging for likes, I’m just taking a census. Like this comment if you think that Newscapepro made too many (enter character here) had a baby episodes.

    86. Shakaka Perry

      when can we see meowscles saving skye

    87. MrMatrixmark

      Visitor is back

    88. chronicxFN

      You didn't even show THA baby

    89. Matthew Hendricks

      Make part 2 please

    90. Fort white gameing

      Do deadpool

    91. Jay Clark

      Wheres the part 2

    92. Laura Hodge

      Hey new skap Pro can you continue this and then it would be more colder I like all your videos and I subscribed because I like fortnight well I never played the game but I just like the episodes bye🖐🤚🏻✋🏼✋🏼🖐🖐🤚🏻✋🏼👋🏾✋🏼🤚🏻🖐

    93. M N switch

      The title is technically a lie since he was about to have a child when the video ends. So he has not got a child yet

    94. Gumball Watterson

      You schould call White meowsels maosels

    95. General Grievous

      Yeetus deletus

    96. toca boca

      I subscribed

    97. Illegal Cacti

      Wasn’t Harry already a ego henchman

    98. TDBrady0 7

      If ii got pregnant does that mean oh oh god

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    100. Super Charger Forever

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