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    Captain America has found himself on Fortnite Island, where he is confronted by Deadpool. The merc with a mouth offers Captain America a place to crash on his yacht. Captain America accepts. While there however, he reconnects with an old friend, Black Widow, and Deadpool tries to make sparks fly between the two. However, Captain America’s heart belongs to only one girl…
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    Published on 5 months ago


    1. Lucy Millar


    2. Akira Dadzie


    3. Muhammadyou KidsMohamed


    4. Breehanz

      Peggy 😢

    5. LGK Assistant

      *Captain America’s shield reflects missile* My next lobby: *everywhere i see players trying to reflect bullets*

    6. Uroš Kačavenda

      Gud job man ur cul

    7. Jude Lock

      Please tell me that Captain America and Black Widow going to be dating in further short film

    8. ghost rider

      Did you know season 3 is the past not the og like the season

    9. The brain channel !

      2:38 nAnI

    10. Ninja CalebGaming

      I think i broke my screen cause i smashed the like button using hulk

    11. HIJWS637

      They might have spider man in season 4 or other marvel characters or dc characters too

    12. Foxtrot 3-2

      Captain America:Captain actually Me:And not Captain Price or Soap Mactavish?

    13. HIJWS637

      If they added spider man and iron man and Hawkeye the whole avengers

    14. Jacinta Cronin

      Holy crap i just realised the storm shield from save the world is on joneys jacket

    15. ghsh_ kilo

      Spiderman right

    16. SIL DEATH

      I loved the intro halarious

    17. Twingamer8

      Nuni LoL

    18. Hayden plays

      It's funny whenever they drive on land with a Boat it doesn't make sense

    19. Solo EDITS7606


    20. Rm K


    21. jason foster


    22. PZ Fly


    23. Dominik Aird

      My screen is already broken

    24. Antypyxl

      One thing awesome in fortnite: no covid

    25. MAZ09

      9:54 i almost cried

    26. Liberty Egxxotik


    27. Gamerkieran109

      0:23 he is clue less SPIDER MAN !!!

    28. Copying Done

      Did she just say Nani

    29. Jessica Harvey


    30. Joyce Carpenter

      You obviously haven't seen avengers endgame your vids are like crapy fanfics

    31. Fortnitethe Masters

      Why does it say a short film even though it’s not sure it’s about 10 minutes 10 minutes long

    32. Yogirl_ Vale757

      I scribe a new scape pro

    33. humzaklai

      Give me shout out please

    34. Scott Hatton

      2:39,there's a llama in the background next to the lake

    35. ATP 311

      0:22 SiDerMAn

    36. KingBryce

      I was trying to get dc comic then you came and said Beeehooooo Bryceking

    37. Gamerxgirl

      Aquaman nd then like 😒🧐

    38. Jayden Craig

      I love ur videos

    39. Mystic_Boogeyman

      Nah Peggy is dead. plus Cap and Widow have chemistry. They should so get together. PLEASE!!!!!!!

    40. Crystal Morano

      Best superhero Deadpool he's my favorite

    41. Brodie Ford

      Who else wants a Harley Quinn and dead pool love story or at least a video where they just mess with everyone.

    42. Sayantan Pahari

      brooo what about hulk lol!!

    43. PaWnZ Dark Lord

      0:22 Deadpool didn't even care the Carbide called him Spider-Man

    44. Sean Abel

      I smashed my screen

    45. Dimitrina Lazova

      You Should Do Marvel VS DC And Make Marvel Win Because Of Deadpool

    46. Jerelyn Reyes


    47. Christian Dabish


    48. Maria Alhaddad

      Am just going to put a big fat oof

    49. skull hunter57

      Spider mans rite That's ripples wife in the pink

    50. jennasteinle

      Hello 👋


      newscapepro im your big fan username naemo960

    52. Ibra Mrvl

      Pls do an episode with deadpool,captain America, Batman ,Aquaman and Harley quin pls

      1. Jian556

        They did in games

      2. Theo Yarwood


    53. Niko Ross

      Jack Gordon is funny 😂

    54. 明子高橋


    55. Ronster Monster

      You have he same amount of comments as subscribers

    56. Yezy

      Nani?!?! He's fast!

    57. B D

      2:36 Cap : You’ll have to do better then that! Girl: nAnI?!

    58. Jack

      OK so I know you do you dumb bushes or something in your hand to get rid of it but are you in creative or in battle lab because how do you get the empty hand look in battle lab respond if you can tell me how to because I want to do some videos like that too OK

    59. EpicVlogs 9

      Black widow and catastrophe are the same voice actor and also their names rhyme cat? Nat?

    60. Zig Zagoon


    61. Zig Zagoon

      Wow already

    62. JW Clips08


    63. fishy is the best fishy :D

      It's inbarising

    64. fishy is the best fishy :D

      I might have a crush on captain America🤗😁

    65. GACHA Kage 1


    66. ñxghtmårê -_-

      Lol deadpool arm could grow back when domino said you lose a hand and plus he can't die 😂


      Eye yeyye yeee pope

    68. Adam Yousef

      Only People who have the Deadpool skin can like this (I do have this skin)

    69. Jeffy B

      Deadpool is not a superhero

    70. Yuri

      I broke my phone because I pressed the sub button to hard

    71. Kayleigh Dance

      , ,?, W

    72. Kayleigh Dance

      , ,

    73. Acount Lewis

      I love Captain America is default

    74. Ghost Face

      I got to say one thing good tomatoes don't talk

    75. Alexandra Castillo

      I love you guys

    76. Exclusive Kj

      Hulk goes with black widow not captain America

    77. 高橋いずみ

    78. Rayan Sosa

      What about Batman

    79. Luna_Widow

      My Romanogers shipping senses are going crazy

    80. Maxx Bremer


    81. Golem_ Gamer


    82. City Seokane

      Deadpool:nice nice moves grandpa. :me wow

    83. GobStoppy

      What the h*** is this

    84. The Meme God

      2:38 Nani?!?!

    85. jordan jackson

      lol i like these fortnite film alot

    86. ملك kk


    87. Kyisha Washington

      Is feel like fortnite seasons is better with voices CHARACTERS and content. No offense😔

    88. Laetitia Bernadou


    89. Laetitia Bernadou


    90. noasfd

      2:38 NANI!!!

    91. Get d Huh us


    92. Almutairi Al-Mutairi

      ‏لو سمحت اسمي ليتر

    93. XXXGamer420xx69XX X

      Let’s never get rid of Deadpool Can we hit 1000 Likes

    94. Void

      I'm not sure, but I think "Nat" is the same voice actor as Katastrophe...

    95. Jay squad Tvgtv5

      I love it 🤣🤣😂

    96. AdventureCraftYT

      I love how dead pool knows everything and everyone else is clueless (make another Deadpool falls in love vid again but they know about the vid too)

      1. fluffykittyice unicorn


    97. Teresa Chavolla


    98. Very Chocolatey Chocolate

      I'm just waiting for the "cap gets a fanclub"

    99. Very Chocolatey Chocolate

      2:38 ok but why

    100. Joshua Pluckebaum