MIDAS RETURNS... (A Fortnite Short Film)

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    A mysterious broadcast spreads throughout Fortnite Island, and it seems to be from none other than Midas himself. When his daughter Jules hears this message, she has her doubts. Meowscles and her go to investigate. Meanwhile, the message reaches the Authority’s boss, Chaos Double Agent, who does not take the news of Midas’s return well. He sends Double Agents Wildcard and Hush to wipe out the signal, before Ghost and the Fortilla get any more recruits...
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    Published on 4 months ago


    1. mikeymikey 345

      Love the vid

    2. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Turk

    3. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Midas

    4. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Meowsicles

    5. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Jules

    6. Adfan Gamer

      Omg who is watching this and saying Midas is alive and he is shadow and he is at the new authority The Ruin

      1. FaDe


    7. Jonathan Reyes

      Still they predicted it all along

    8. Kataleya fast forward this on your in Taheri


    9. Lev The mystery

      im geting so trigered

    10. Rachel Firth

      Meowscles subscribe ? Jules dad you going down sucker Jules and meowscles yeets midas across world lands at dooms somain

    11. Ikonnik Yt


    12. Adam Yeung

      Join ghost

    13. SweatyKelly9


    14. Gustavo Diaz


      1. Gustavo Diaz


    15. Vishalni Naidu

      I love the intros about the subscription

    16. Imad Daouk

      Is Jules dad is Midas then Brutus is Midas is brother

    17. Aderemi Adeyera

      What’s up newcappro

    18. Krystal Williams


    19. Kyle Plays

      They have everything but good content gotem

    20. Ikonnik Yt

      i get those. Gosebop Eavretime.

    21. Ryan Pester

      Do you have meowsoul plushy‘s!

    22. bestgames

      Midas is dead in the storyline he got eaten by a shark

    23. chelsea sinclair

      I didn't mean that

    24. chelsea sinclair

      how can you draw mode to subscribe to newscapepro

    25. KingIshu01

      5:54 llama Edit : who saw it ?

    26. Dhayron Phillip

      I want do what meowscles says or die

    27. Joshua BEECHEY


    28. Fabio Gawlitta

      Wai- how did chaos agent turn gold?!

    29. What’s up guys Yes

      Tek and wild card sounds similar

    30. What’s up guys Yes

      I subbed to all the newsapepros

    31. Peterbcfc64

      I love Midas so much and the springy dance I wish I had both 😢😢😢😢

    32. Jessica Crea


    33. ianowski


    34. Xanax

      You’d think being a engineer, you’d be precise, but Jules is like, nah, I disagree, even though shooting a gun is easier than engineering

    35. Emiliano Neria Jaimes

      You’re a trust in a script

    36. Judegamerpro


    37. Judegamerpro

      Love newscapepro ❤️

    38. King slime

      Uh Newscape pro um in November 14 a new pack is coming called the last laugh and there's a midas skin in it called midas rex,he has a medivial suit and its golden,its kinda epic gamer moment

    39. Dahoodbaby Boy

      False Midas is shadow

    40. Isaiah Pouliotte

      How long is it

    41. Garrett Knapp

      You're so funny 😂🏆😆😆😆😆😆😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    42. Eowynity Plays

      Default lad is like his voice is thhhhhhhhhhhhh Me:he is married tho lol

    43. Mellissa P

      Why is "Kits dad" Voice so deep ;-;

    44. shockwave PMA

      Make Call of duty ok

    45. Thunderfox-gaming

      Meowcles: hah handy Me: *spits out my coffee*

    46. Rayx

      Pls make a Ghost Wild card VS Shadow Wild Card For wild card army

    47. Thuy Nguyen


    48. Charlie Skinner

      7:11 HAHAHA😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    49. Monica Miranda

      I love them to

    50. FertileThree11


    51. Luke Banda


    52. xboxer gunner

      fade I mean FREEDUM!!!

    53. José Luis Vergara


    54. penny marmar


    55. Juan Aguirre

      They said anything u name it so make a porn one 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 nah jk

    56. Just a random furry

      He just went to the store to get milk

    57. mohd. ali

      midas never dies shark swallows midas came back now there is golden shark

    58. Sh1fted

      All my homies hate Midas

    59. Dana Bowers

      the voice actors are so good at acting

    60. Luke R

      I love your video😃

    61. Dylan K Rivera

      Bring back rachel5 from the ocean he has been stuck long enough

    62. Vansh Acharya

      What about fade and jules

    63. Alfany Design


    64. Joe Gonzalez

      Is maidas alive or dead am feel like an losing my mind

    65. Space Games

      1:37 2:26

    66. Chi Tran

      IS oro alive?

    67. Leah Hummert

      Wait.... *When Jules turned the boat gold- did anyone notice Midas' ARM??*

    68. Nicole Gill

      anyone else realize that they passed the boat

    69. Jakethesnake 155

      Can you do a storie of why antlatis is called " "

    70. overwatch sing out

      Midas is my favorite Skin

    71. Gamerpixel YT

      3:55 defaults :D

    72. Davinder k

      We all know that you copied someone from the USfilm channel

    73. Lukas Whaites

      Wait I thought in a episode meawsclosles knew why new scape pro

    74. Foxy Playz


    75. Rosey Preethi

      Jules :fade. Me:?fade

    76. ThatKid.R

      Next episode jules Vs Sparkplug they are both Mechanics

    77. Mrtakotaki Wow

      Can you make sonia orgin story

    78. William Sutton

      What episode does Midas cry?

    79. TheSoapbox

      Me: why are the guys driving the boats Me: mInD bLoWn It’s because the guys are terrible shots :)

    80. TheSoapbox

      Bobby Defaulton Me: ^=^

    81. Bryan Boyd

      That defult was skyes voice

    82. Sobhy 323


    83. LAD TOWER

      Why did I find this by searching up “this seems short”

    84. Brandon Henderson

      Newscapero are such a good youtuber

    85. Simplicia Rodriguez

      I want to see five minutes of Kit the video chat with his mom and dad

    86. Ben Bjork

      I can’t wait for fade to meet drift

    87. Jake Richard


    88. zayd sheikh-muhammed

      yes midas is back

    89. Pokémon fan A pro at Pokémon

      You literly say that every day noooobs

    90. Yandel Ramírez

      Forget the real fortnite storyline this is better

    91. country music

      Idea fishstick hide and seek but the are all fishsticks are in the minigame

    92. space beetle

      Midas is funny.

    93. Elizabeth Harris


    94. Yana SV

      STop doing that getting peoples hopes up then just pull some bs. ._.

    95. Giovanni Lopez

      Gift OO D

    96. Weird Denki

      Hmm, so if you name, it they have it.. FREE PIZZA?!

      1. _C O O K I E _

        Omg I wish hold on I'm going to go check

    97. clash gamer tdc

      Allow me to show you tha door😂😂😂

    98. SL!PE Productions

      Ahh man why is wild card a villain 😭😭😭😭