MIDAS TURNS EVIL?! (A Fortnite Short FIlm)

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    In the aftermath of Meowscles's death, Midas and Skye drift closer to their dark side as they deal with losing their dear friend. Skye must convince Rox to join her and Chaos Agent in their quest of revenge against Fusion. The mysterious figure Rue appears. Does she have the secrets our heroes need in order to defeat Fusion?
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    Published on 7 months ago


    1. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Midas

    2. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Tek

    3. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Maya

    4. TylerHawkeye

      Seeing that one small little mishap in the title is making me go insane

    5. It's Chandler Bruh

      Midas was an imposter

    6. It's Chandler Bruh

      Skye: hey Midas you want to play Among us...

    7. Isaac Espinoza


    8. Mipha

      Midas is the imposter

    9. cris


    10. Mohsen and Qusai Wonderland

      Midas you are very dum

    11. The sock


      1. John Doe

        Could be an alternate version of Rook, where she became an agent instead of a time cop.

    12. Camden Thompson

      * me seeing the ORO skin for the first time * * me * Papyrus!!!

    13. The Sith lord

      Ijjnjnjjjnjnjjj J\j J J J K

    14. The Sith lord


    15. Crazy Whalez

      A work of art takes time patience 9:06

    16. Fortnite Pro gamer

      I don’t get how Midas turned evil

    17. Eising AHCHING

      Why is the title called Midas turns evil when he is already evil?

    18. GGAMING56

      Does anyone see the picture in the backround? It is jules I believe

    19. Kaylee B

      Every other character when something bad happens: OMG NOOO **cri** Midas: *MmMMMMMmmm*

    20. Ana Lopez

      Oro still has his golden touch

    21. Kingston gamer Desouza

      Well skye meowscasles tinata Midas Brutus Deadpool are not here anymore because the doomsday event the June 17 was the new season

    22. izuku midoriya_

      I was about to win meowscles and i was so excited and i almost cried but then season 3 came and i woke up and my brother told me and i got very sad 😭

    23. Pascuala Camacho


    24. Tam Nguyen

      That’s why the set in pro is Midas revenge

    25. Mrs.Sheewolf !!!

      My life depends on sky and Meowcles

      1. Mrs.Sheewolf !!!

        I love This show

    26. tyler Fuentes

      Rip ajan

    27. Nicole Wright

      I cant get enough of that end part

    28. Carson Peterson

      How are you guys still role playing

    29. Lorenzo Manzano

      Rook has a better voice

    30. James Saints Plays A Bunch of Crap And Some Games

      Me: (seeing ghost Meowscles) YESS HE NEVER DIES HE IS IMORTAL BABY!! Also me: (realizes he is actually dead) I can't believe you've done this

    31. Surprised Toy

      1:46 listen to this with your eyes closed

    32. Lateryx


    33. Craycraypatato Payday

      Btw just asking where did you get those voices

    34. Craycraypatato Payday

      Me: plays fortnite just to see meowcles. But then i realized he's already dead.

    35. Llama Boy76

      Ghost Meowscle's eyes are so weird

    36. MyNachSpark

      Why didn’t Midas’s pic axe didn’t turn golden?

    37. The Hayden and Jordyn Show


    38. Tank Milosevic

      Me:*reads title* Also me:Midas is already evil bruh

    39. long horse

      Wait did Sam die

    40. El king duck

      The phone call said “he” and Brutus said she🤔

    41. Santiago Dominguez

      Midas is a badass

    42. FK97

      Meowscles: *dies* Reboot Van: Am I a joke to you?

    43. Tylib Richardson

      #Who wants to bet five bucks that it’s going to be Deadpool who set off the doomsday device

    44. Kyren Higgins

      I think mitis is like number one boss of all the bosses he is the boss of Brutus sky and like everybody else

    45. 123arenales

      Skye: I miss kitty bro.. Midas:i miss him a little bit only or:i'm hypnotising you.

    46. 123arenales

      meowcles is not ready in lobby Skye is still in the match

    47. Goat Kiddie

      Midas: *Rich leader of a large spy agency* Also Midas: *Runs and swims across half the map instead of taking a boat or helicopter*

    48. Joel Chao

      Who’s evil Midas or Oro?

    49. Evelyn Balistreri

      You should make a Travis Scott one

    50. بنين ثائر


    51. بنين ثائر


    52. yelena gaming

      9:34 doomsday🥺

    53. POTATO


    54. Chloe Dream

      Maya:why we hv to pickack Midas:JUST DO IT maya:jeez ok Midas:aye don’t you argue with me maya:yes boss Midas:good maya: “calls”skye” Midas:no calling!!!! maya:help skye Midas has made me pickacks this help Midas:NO CALLING skye:ok coming to help Midas:maya go to your sell maya:no skye help me skye:”open”door” Midas:get out now skye guards skye:shoots Midas Midas:ow stop maya:thanks skye skye:your welcome the end

    55. Harry Kindon

      Seriously, this is actually entertaining, I haven't had anything to do all week, thanks for keeping me entertained newscapepro

    56. GTA5 & More!


    57. Spifey_Simp

      I kinda ship rox and skye I don’t know why

    58. Kerstyn Edwards

      I miss meowscles 😂😂 Rest In Peace 🙏🏻🙏🏻😇😇

    59. CrazyDestroyer5000

      yeah PROBLEM chaos agent CREATED fusion and does ooze have emotion hes just ooze with a suit y e a h

    60. Challenger

      It should be like 1 year ago caos agent daughter died

    61. Antics with Ethan!

      9:07 that monologue was intense

    62. Brayden Mora

      I feel like I wached this.

    63. BurstAFlame

      Wait how did Midas turn evil???

    64. Dragos Fgv

      skye and meowcles are the best skins

    65. Levi Horchler

      He died its so sad :(

    66. Levi Horchler


    67. Ŵithèrŷt\fūńtįmé wœłf

      Umm where’s the evil Midas bit

    68. Little Conch808

      Please bring kitty bro back please

    69. Ast2912

      Skyes friend:“We have to stick together!“. Corona:“It‘s geting funny...!“😂

    70. hassan daraja

      Arrow is evil

    71. Metrix

      Someone needs to make a top ten Newscapepro villains video

    72. KactusKat

      Beginning of video: Maya and Tek discussing about meowscles and midas Midas: *stand still and not hear them*

    73. caged gamer

      Midas killed my beef boss

    74. The Third brain


    75. Venessa Thompson

      Mowslls is my favorite skin

    76. DekuScrub2574 uwu

      Wtf am i watching

    77. EpicGamerNinja-

      Meow I'm actually dead

    78. Destruction of Arman

      Wait nooooooo he isn't please bring him back new scape pro

    79. Destruction of Arman

      Such a relief meowscles is back

    80. Quinn and Pikachu

      Hi FBR S3 is coming soon =)

    81. Cyclone YT

      Chaos agent: Hello Rox. Me : Roxanne

    82. XIVxdzsgaming _YT


    83. XIVxdzsgaming _YT

      R I P measoles

    84. Spider Feline Studios

      2:00 YES MEOWSCLES MY FAVROUTE CHARACTER HAS RETURNED! A few inches later... *Meowscles turns back to oro* Me: 😑 NOOOOOO Me: Wait he made a good point so maybe at the end of the season meowscles will return Good points: Cats have 9 lives Another: He is very buff

    85. Arshavirxx

      I love your frostbite films

    86. kourtney Watson

      2:00 omg I was so happy Then when he turned into Oro I was devastated

    87. Ibrahim Hakami

      OH finally you used maya

    88. Sawyer

      Man Skye be grinding Sword and Shield on that switch

    89. Angelo Zone

      What happened to rippley

    90. C'est Dana !

      Goths des informations concernant la semaine et de votre disposition de mon CV et de votre disposition et

    91. shadow Warrior 101

      I wish I could do one of these

    92. X just

      Have a nice day and 🤣

    93. Albert the Cockatiel

      We need drift the oringnal drift to deafet fusion

    94. Albert the Cockatiel

      Aleast this is not apart of the real seris

    95. BunGalaxy

      I really want Meowscles to come back to sky she’s so upset. And seeing her upset makes me upset

    96. Shayan Aneel

      I love how midas sounds kind of like Johnny depp

    97. Gaming with Jacko

      So you can not get the one that I love it so much and I love you too

    98. Ya Boi Dede

      Meowscles was my favorite character

    99. Khoa TV

      Midas: My palace may be burning but soon the world will burn with it *KSI comes in* Midas: who are you KSI: your worst nightmare *does a diss track on him*