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    The X-Force Bundle is finally here! Cable, Domino and Psylocke join X-Force Deadpool on the battlefield. Meanwhile, the age old question is finally answered: Can Deadpool REALLY die? And if so, how the heck do you defeat him? Midas, Skye and Meowscles look into ways of dealing with the red spandex wearing menace - but in the end, Deadpool has a surprise for them.
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    Published on 7 months ago


    1. Teddy and Lizzy R

      First of all Deadpool is a good movie it seems like you guys are disrespecting Ryan Reynolds

    2. LazerDrooper Gamez

      Deadpool created the X-Force Why does he need to join

    3. billydarcy


    4. Daniel Reyes

      lol you guys hiring

    5. shachar movies


    6. What’s up guys Yes

      Skye and cuddlepool sound the same

    7. Tash Lane

      Yo can I join I love your videos

    8. Lena T

      Newscapepro I watch all your videos and I subscribe and you should go to you should go hit the Thousand never miss a cool video and can I have the Midas skin in the Midas pickaxe please I promise I will use your creative code

    9. Lena T

      New Skate Pro ice cream ice cream so only channels escape ice cream

    10. Jacob Batchelor

      I love newscapepro

    11. yoshi and friendz

      I get I get the reference DK crew from Donkey Kong 64

    12. Mega Kruk

      12.24 omg the END🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    13. Jaylens29

      "So I heard these noises coming from the vent, let's get in there." Following scene contains meowcles moaning

    14. Tayshon Johnson

      So Deadpool shoots down the henchmen and then at the end ask if they are hiring,wow real original

    15. Pumeza Sume

      Why you guys hate deadpool

    16. Boxing Fox

      DK Donkey Kong DK Donkey Kong is here

    17. Crashes World

      Lol the Pokémon reference

    18. Ayden Bassi


    19. The Epic Handbook

      11:46 & 11:53 if you listen closely, you can actually hear the boss Midas in-game.

    20. MTG

      I got the team rocket reference 1:10

    21. Rookie Spy


    22. Jack-O-Bricks

      Pokemon referans

    23. Michelle Cash-Winrow


    24. boyblader forever

      Deadpool will say x force assamble

    25. Maria Toscano


    26. Lucy Payne

      You stab deadpool in the head 2 times and it gets rid of his memory so he cant fight so he dies. Also deadpool doesn't eat chimichangas he loves pancake's

    27. ZottersGaming Channel

      1:54 nice dark knight reference

    28. Е. Л.

      8:14 his password is I am password

    29. James Black

      Greatest video clip EVER. Yet you just didn't speak about the V-bucks Creator page **** Noobs better hurry it still works. I cannot wait for your next awesome video. Thanks a lot.

    30. Oliver Williams

      ..?QAAj. , LmAqa2q

    31. Spooky 1S Formzzyツ

      Yo Psylocke imma slide into your DM´s lol

    32. I have nothing to say

      1:08 how did no-one get the pokemon reference

    33. enforcer

      map code plz

    34. Euan copley Gaming

      Y’all know deadpool created X-force right?

    35. Vulyixx

      "Deadpools blasting off again!" I also couldn't stop laughing at the dark knight reference

    36. シLeafy


    37. Karina Gonzalez


    38. pauline kennedy

      X. For case

    39. lisa brush

      Bring back x force bundle

    40. AstroGalaxy

      You do the x-force so well! ❤️

    41. TheGamingKids-_-

      How did you get raven and cuddle team leader to have a deadpool skin on them?

    42. The rift Squad


    43. mohammed ifham

      You guys hiring stayed season on

    44. Ethan cow

      What is the next episode

    45. Masepay gaming

      Where’s tntina

    46. Dbzfan_ 232

      Wait if Deadpool was spying on Skye did he see her change

    47. JackieSz0729

      0:59 GERONIMO Lol

    48. JsASlayer 367


    49. hazzle nuts

      Nyc vid

    50. angel overton

      POKEMON then donkey Kong reference thank you so much

    51. shieketta Trippett

      Me I need cable to charge my phone

    52. shieketta Trippett

      Brutus vs cable nobody wins

    53. shieketta Trippett


    54. lazylarry324

      Just to put this out there deadpool doesn't join the X-Force he created it Also deadpool's favorite food isn't chimichangas he just likes to say the word and domino was also in deadpool 2 not just cable

    55. belal16promax khalaf

      Deadpool plz do not die plzz catman sky banana nooo

    56. Little Harly

      Deadpool is awesome


      I didn’t know Deadpool was part of team rocket 1:10

    58. Seif Sherif

      Guys what happend to pilley's sound

    59. Dylan Clark

      I’m 10 and looking to help the fortnite camunity

    60. Wykai Alijahkai

      if deadpool no win ur channel will be destroyed.

    61. MAX PAYNE


    62. Dreamz _667

      Deadpool is the leader of x force

    63. Zaid Goraya

      So there actually is a practical way they could kill Deadpool. If Midas were to freeze him into gold, his healing powers would slow to a halt. Then all they have to do is chuck him into some lava. by the time his healing capabilities start up again, it would be too late.

    64. Wilson Godoy


    65. Yusuf Efe Güner

      Deadpool=X force Others=Xmen

    66. Bryant Faasili

      Deadpool goes through all that just to say are you guys hiring 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    67. Bryant Faasili

      But there not in the shop yet lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    68. Sapp00 YT

      What happened to origin of cable and the other Skye and meowscles vids

    69. Roberto De Dios

      I love how when sky says she doesn’t want them to think she’s going crazy her Hat sounds like it’s offended

    70. Juicy Tomato

      I dint saw HIM. The titel and the video dont match if u know. What inmean

    71. Migueladon

      deadpool made x force doe

    72. DeathDispenser 1

      Dead pool actually mad X force

    73. Justin Soni

      One thing I don’t understand. WHERE IS TNTINA????????????? Like it if u also ask this question to yourself;)😊👍 👍👍

    74. Haaris shah

      This yt copyed Pokemon team rocket 1:08

    75. Draconic Infinity

      Or deadpool’s throne room thing?

    76. Draconic Infinity

      What map did you use for the deadpool room, agency or skye’s room?

    77. Draconic Infinity

      Agent Peely: robot voice Me: the hell!?

    78. Jill Reserto

      Is it me or does banana sound like the intro voice

    79. Loki _Yt

      If you wanna know how to film a short film watch my latest video

    80. Thunderbuttes Or thunder

      Y this real :( and I hope the people who do this get payed.

    81. Cat leg3nd

      Why does Brutus sound Russian

    82. Trevor Houston

      I got all of them skins

    83. FireFox Gemini

      deadpool created the x-force how could he join if he made it

    84. Kai Wozadlo


    85. DiAnna Ligon

      Midas he can not die

    86. Statiicztaco

      Dead pool didn’t join x force he created it

    87. Bonnie Stockdale

      i like overwatch better

    88. Striker Gaming


    89. Misbah Khalil

      Agent peely sounds like PZ LEADER

    90. Withered Golden Freddy

      iPhone...iPad... *I PAID*

    91. andy schaakxs

      Deadpool created x force

    92. Last online 1B years ago

      I like agent peely cause he is a voice chat

    93. Kaira Gordon

      Deadpool: You guys hiring? Midas: *you just killed half of my guards*

    94. Chikzy

      “Who ever is reading this I hope you achieve big things in life. I pray 🙏✌🏻for all your love ones and hope you succeed🌠 in life. Hopefully I can come a successful💕 USfilmr one day and keep making good videos”🏘️☺️

    95. Balakrishan Shanmugam

      You're an idiot cuz despoil is the leader of X force !!dummy

    96. frwren

      “You guys hiring?” *akward silence*

    97. Zacharia Trinkella

      It’s extremely stupid that I have to say this but Deadpool made the X-Force

    98. H-town_209 Hernandez

      Dk n64

    99. Thishy cookies


    100. E H

      If your wondering where Maya is they probably don't have anyone to voice act for her yet