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    The Silver Surfer’s Origin Story is finally told! Once a being from the planet Zenn La, Norrin Radd sacrificed his life in order to save his world and his people from absolute destruction by Galactus. Pledging himself to the Devourer of Worlds, the hereby dubbed “Silver Surfer” guides the god-like being across the universe, seeking out celestial bodies that will be his next meal. Unfortunately, the world of Fortnite is next on the menu. Now its survival relies on Tony Stark’s ability to let go of a grudge and cooperate with the Silver Surfer...
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    Published on 3 months ago


    1. DerpyFace 2016


    2. William Lettelleir

      Looks like someone has been drinking to much caprisson 😜👌😂

    3. Quantum_ Particle

      Who is better Like newscapepro Comment little lizard

    4. Kool

      LOL this is like the fantastic four rise of the silver surfer

    5. Theresa Galyean

      a fun fact nobody ever turned into silver surfer he is a part of a race and if he don't serv galactiss his race will get eaten

    6. hamed alharbi




    8. volunteer

      10:05 huh

    9. gadwaboy21

      They should bring this skin back so I can purchase it

    10. Bill Williams

      Also it has gametoon fall guys reference

    11. Bill Williams

      There is a weird groom voice

    12. Ashlyn Paige Studios

      I haven’t watched this for a month, and “Sky, legendary adventurer!" Is already nostalgic-

    13. Ninja Warrior

      Kit = Peter T-T

    14. Jason todd

      Mewocules x she hulk

    15. RainbowCraft

      Silver was never human

    16. silver surfer

      The dialogues and storyline picked from the silver surfer fox cartoon .. nice

    17. Hamad Aldahmani


    18. Cauharnish syg

      Tony or Stark Tony Stark

    19. Rishabh Sukhwani


    20. Zion King


    21. Zion King


    22. happy punched

      Nah ima take the stairs I can't believe your the most normal person i meet

    23. Kevin Acabal


    24. ReBecca

      Next video could be captain America vs doctor doom

    25. abdulrahman elsherbiny

      Actually imagine if jules in fall guys lol

    26. Sac 123

      Tony Stark: pepsi Man xddddd

    27. The Gaming Shark

      Can I dislike 13 times?

    28. Jordan Leake


    29. Reflex

      Galactus I've come to bargain Sounds familiar from another marvel movie

    30. Caleb Prendergast


    31. Kalib Ferguson

      Love the comment from tony on meowscles voice because they share the same VA

    32. Dark Director Productions

      A way to beat Galactus, get Deadpool to use the continuity gem, to erase Galactus from existence

    33. Meheretab Meja

      Fortnite con I saw you in the zoom meeting

    34. THE Future President

      I hope the others end up trusting Silver Surfer

    35. Omar Aladly


    36. Isa Thelepan

      Fall guys?

    37. Chancethegoatt 3

      Actually silver surfer could defeat galatis welcome

    38. KLW227

      I AM GROOT

    39. KLW227

      I AM GROIT

    40. lucky main

      Ummm that is not his story he is an alien from a planet galactus ate then he escaped galactus made him his wared

      1. NewScapePro - Fortnite Shorts, Films and Skits

        Did you by any chance close your eyes and block your ears while watching?

    41. gabriel plays games

      They got the goods

    42. Mackenzie Evans

      I love the creativity how they used the hammer crater as the fight end

    43. Tanjirou Kamado

      Skye: i'm 18 thank you very much Me: spits out water Also me: WTF she's 18 jesus christ

    44. Nammy Noims - Gaming

      lel lel lellellel

    45. cOrrUpTed Trench

      MEowsulses:STay Safe The doctors after corona happened:STay Safe

    46. Jonah Munley

      Norrin: Galactus, I’ve come to bargain Dr strange: DORMAMMU, I’ve come to bargain

      1. Jean Nguyen

        So you’ve noticed too?

    47. Richard Chamney

      I love the way moewsicals stand there as jules and sky flyaway

    48. Boopy Gal_.

      am I the only one who Absolutely adores joe?? I mean the other voice actors do amazing but something about his voice specifically is calming. I love his voice lol (not to be weird)..must protect him. 😤😤💙💙

    49. Kylespence112


    50. It’s_juicy _lol

      Tony said is a teenager the best on the island and I was like said the one u picked up peter Parker 🤣

    51. Loot-korkai -fortnite

      Silver sufers Origin: galactus can to silver sufers planet. He said he would eat there planet. Then silver sufer said if you don’t eat my planet I will work for you. You can eat any planet you want. Galatus made him silver and granted his powers. And also she first fought the fantastic four. Then helped destroy galactus

    52. jiggleBear '

      This is actually the first really good vid I watched

    53. Nightmare wolf

      Long time no see skye miss you you too kitty bro

    54. Eden West


    55. Erik Regalado

      It's really disappointing that Fortnite is so desperate for money because their game was dying, that they had to take amazing Marvel characters. That just makes me hate fortnite even more because the game makes ppl annoying stupid and greedy and that the dances that they have are just annoying and just sad.

    56. Solo Syphon

      what do they use in battle labs to show that their is nothing in their hands

    57. Lisa Mercer

      It's obvious that meow circlesand iron Man are the same voiceactors

    58. Joshua Hamilton


    59. Hamza_4826

      Where's drift?

    60. Sebastian Slay

      Stark ur not doomed ur looking at 3 people who killed shadows army

    61. Carole Floyd

      Bbbb boy my name is jake I am a USfilmr

    62. Charizaraid


    63. YK Shadow ninja

      Bruh where’s Captain America he is and Avenger.

    64. Kevinmunoz12

      silver surfer's voice is midas's

    65. JOMAR JM {flyingtacos_}

      Alright... but what happened to Jules when she met Chaos Agent at that club? Just felt kind of curious and concerned at what happened after that.

    66. frosty

      The fall guys in begging BRUH

    67. MoonQuartz

      3:25 Bruh.

    68. Malea Playz

      7:42 Aang is that you?

    69. Nas Nas


    70. DJ panda FTW

      Silver surfer is an alien not whatever this made up crap tells you... Basically he's always been silver with no origin story!!!

    71. Tiernan Mosher

      I love the voice actors and the channels...but can u plz try to get more voice actors?💀

    72. Bethany Newman

      I didn't notice that I never watch this video

      1. Bethany Newman

        I got it range I was going to write it didn't no that this was in thing and I never thought this was thing

    73. Zeb Bowerman

      This is stupid, none of the avengers could even dream of putting up a fight against silver surfer

    74. Abdul Ghaffar Ismael

      Will gulactus be a skin

    75. FrozenDragon

      Silver Surfer could bench press iron man

    76. princess carnes

      But it fine

    77. princess carnes

      Sliver surfer is not human he was never human

    78. Doreen Gonzales

      They should DC for life

    79. Fusion Hawk

      Newscapepro has a way to make everyone sound how they look like perfectly

    80. congestedmagic 5

      2020 = newscapepro 4 2069 = newscapepro 1999

    81. Major Manning


    82. Josiah Johnson

      He sounds just like meow meow

    83. blank

      That's not even his origin he was born silver

      1. Memes ;D


    84. O0FY33T.

      8:08 only REAL Marvel fans know that part

      1. O0FY33T.

        @taiga young oki

      2. taiga young

        Just making sure cause some people are just non marvel fans and are just saying that reference was a marvel reference

      3. taiga young


      4. O0FY33T.


      5. O0FY33T.

        @taiga young i know from doctor strange my fav matvel

    85. yeeter plays


    86. Chxrge Edits

      I think we’re all just waiting for spider man to come in when kit said me stark

    87. Chxrge Edits

      Does anyone else type/read comments while watching this

    88. Geode George

      8:08 Dormammu ive come to bargain

    89. Romilly Abercrombie

      jules: i've had enough golg in my life me: talking about gold where is midas in anyway

    90. pcrturbed

      2:50 bro joe voicing meowscles and tony at the same time like katie is voicing jules and skye at the same time 😳

    91. Golden Donutz

      Why do I get the capri sun reference

    92. Kiatsukin Senju

      How silver surfer can be beaten by a baby without his board

    93. KaidzXGamer

      You Know Silver Surfer Has Always Been Silver And Never Been A Human

    94. Hulk Below All

      Seriously Iron Man beats Silver fuckin Surfer??? Wow what a disgrace!!!

    95. Mipha

      10:03 step away from the robo cat Pepsi Me: pls give me pepsi

    96. Blazjoe 123

      Have you noticed that tony has the same voice as meowcles so he’s speaking to him self

    97. Laura Swan

      Just saying when are we going to see master key again he's the best

    98. Toxic hardud

      Lol this looks like it’s from the show

    99. Toxic hardud

      This is so true I watched episode 1 of sliver surfer in Disney plus go watch it so you know his origin story lol he risked his life to safe his planet from galactis so he said I’ll work for you he warned a lot of people that galactis is coming and he was reborn too

    100. Azul the husky

      Bro that's not the way how silver surfer was made he was naturally an alien but the bored gave him his powers watch fantastic4 the second one to know what I mean.😁