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    Logan’s past is long and complicated. As he struggles to regain his memories, he recalls the many wars he fought in and the challenges that made him into… the Wolverine.
    “The Vietnam War” Creative Map by Splodium
    Map Code: 8860-5298-5466
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    Published on Month ago


    1. Kit

      Oh goodie a origin story!

    2. Harrison Hill

      I’m learning about the atomic bomb in history as well lol

    3. Lisa Prumper


    4. Tasha Buford

      Can you do super man orgin story

    5. Panda Gamer

      Remake it

    6. Dillon Moore

      I was always trying to make the maps u use but the code is in the description wow ❗

    7. Sharpblade 6276

      It’s cool how you do it like right now

    8. Famous Diva

      Can you do more wolverine with his daughter

    9. April Parker




    11. Conlin Perry

      Was captain America using a tactical shotgun in season 4? 😳

    12. Frankie A

      It was saver Tooth

    13. Frankie A

      Deadpool Wasn’t that guy

    14. Frankie A

      It wasn’t dead thought it was someone else

    15. Lucas Samples

      right how many accounts had buy the toy trooper skin how many tell me

    16. Jayden 2671

      When I saw Deadpool‘s head fly I laughed so hard

    17. Rania Kotzamp

      Where is sabertooth

    18. YUP Fatima

      i am subscribed

    19. Pedro Galindo

      where is sabertooth

    20. Ashton Summers

      Make some more awesome vids this is how much vids they’ve done 👇🏼

    21. Chicken_Nugget

      7:52 ooOOOoof at 0.25

    22. Asif Mahmud

      WhY dOeS hE hAvE hIs SuIt On If iTs HiS oRiGiN sToRy?

    23. Diwan Sutherland

      Deo noeqadadwa?

    24. G9260

      I like storms voice

    25. Lisa Mercer

      Striker finally figured a way to shut you up

    26. xxx unknown

      i like how in the Vietnam part they used AK's. reallly good

    27. xxx unknown

      hey..hey...x-men origins never happened , ok newscapepro?

    28. Jasmin Alvarado

      How do you find the glass container is it in the Prefabs or the galleries

    29. Ted Matthews

      i love jules

    30. Jamil Cherry

      deadpool mad he lost the fight

    31. Jamil Cherry

      why do you not wait an till the skin

    32. Jamil Cherry

      how do you now when a skin is out

    33. TheGaming Pilot

      That was the best origin ever

    34. Logan

      Wade is Annoying !!!!!!

    35. Miya Addy Mercado

      ok that time when deadpools head came of was weird and scary

    36. Stuart Johnson

      I have subscribe you are the best wulverrean

    37. Jonathan Cabrera-Sanchez

      x man wolverine

    38. LethalLanden

      I love how you actually went off what happens on the movies

    39. Nirvaan Singh

      I miss season two Midas he was the best

    40. Carter Fabbri

      Can you redo this with the Logan style

    41. Roua bou ajram

      They took all wolverines real movies

    42. Jonathan

      Is it just me or does he sound like optimus prime?

    43. Julius Chessa

      Fffffffffffffs in the chat

    44. Jacob Lai

      Where is sabertooth

    45. Alzmiste _

      I'm legit watching this video while watching The Wolverine

    46. RevrseFN

      Right on! Good content! Take a look my channel and sûb if you like my content 🔥🔥

    47. Jacquellen Bunch

      Deadpool is actually annyoying

    48. ProTheSavage


    49. blue _ winter12

      No Deadpool I'm your biggest fan

    50. nice cat

      i recomend making a remake when the logan style comes out first for veiws or subs and secondly for everyone who does not get it and just because

    51. Some Cool Name

      I'm dead they made his mouth shut like in the older movies

    52. Ashley blackson

      logan skin complete 60 ch

    53. karol btw


    54. NK

      Do a new origin story when the logen skin is out next week

    55. Asha Chikkanna

      Its amazing

    56. Eli Eltiste

      Doesn't Wolverine have a brother

    57. Ahmed Ibrahim Saleh Hashla Al Messabi

      One time I just shot with acsedntly but then he dispeared me and f word😡

    58. Alfonso Quilana

      Spoiler alert: Deadpool’s head was still alive at the end of X-men origins: Wolverine and he said “shhhh”

      1. Cameron J

        Thank you Alfonso Quilana

      2. Kohatu Nelson-Taka

        your face is spoil alert

    59. Wharf Williams

      I really like how in the flashback everybody uses the lines like from the movie

    60. Kit in fortnite

      I subscribed so give me the claws

    61. Charchiechoo Plays

      Why is it so hard to find Wolverine



    63. Misin

      Ik what they were referring in the beginning. In season 8 or 9 there was this beach assust mode to play.



    65. BushBoy Gaming

      Sabertooth wasn’t in this whole goddamn video

    66. BushBoy Gaming

      This ruined everything

    67. Coolkidcam

      Deadpool be having me crying in the floor when it showed Wolverine in his X-men outfit during the war😂😂💯

    68. daniel norelia

      yeah uhh the skin is in the game files you just have to do something specific for it

    69. Phillip Turner

      can you gift me battle pass my name is kushbythefoot

    70. Prince

      Tbh to me the beginning felt like an x-men cartoon at first 😂

    71. Arturo Porras Vargas

      whoaaaa that is a very great recreation of some scenes of wolverine I love it!!!

    72. Rex Rex


    73. fortnite master


    74. fortnite master

      Im subscribing

    75. fortnite master


    76. Michelle Mccutcheon

      It’s logan from X-men 2000 2003 2006 2013 2014 2016

    77. blank

      Why does newscapepro steal ideas for there skits from other copywrited movies

    78. Cirdan _Playzz

      just watch the movies thats your orgin story people

    79. Kiran Lynes


    80. Javman99

      New scape pro 2030: instead of acting using characters its fully animated, that would be 😎

    81. GamerJmanx

      I was about to watch the She-Hulk origin story but then I saw this and I'm like goodbye She-Hulk origin story

    82. Drift role-plays

      Is this Based off the movies

    83. Elo Hrustic

      What are the codes for these maps

    84. Weston Jones

      Rank Rank

    85. Seema Yasmin

      x men I want it

    86. Rockee Batemon

      I always loved this channel I've been gone to and watched another youtuber but I've subbed to all channels and see yah later bub

    87. Xman !

      I just watched the Wolverine mpvie and when the hiroshima part came I said all the words

    88. Mythic Midas

      Newscape stop lying and shut up

    89. Keith Gamboa

      Can Deadpool will be in the minigames without mask. Look at this -> 7:54

    90. Marc 83

      2:31 yeah, but classic wolverine exists

    91. Colton Howes

      If you make a Gene make her crimson Jennifer Walters

    92. Roemello Poe

      i will subscribe if you stop making the characters ask us too

    93. ZGaming

      Deadpool is the best

    94. Jamyson Durosier

      What is dis

    95. Muna Sharif Omar


    96. Muna Sharif Omar

      I’m adigfan

    97. Muna Sharif Omar


    98. Jean Smith