A DAY IN THE LIFE OF SKYE! (A Fortnite Short Film)

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    Midas has killed TNTina, and the rest of the Agents of the Agency are none the wiser. During her "retirement" party, Midas sends Skye away on a mission to investigate the incoming storm clouds. While there, she discovers a Doomsday plot that might spell the end of the the entire Island!
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    Published on 6 months ago


    1. Ashlei Pearson

      Midas is weak and a killed Agent Tint Tina he flood the island just for his daughter Merigold

    2. Aaronthegamer KL

      Dam I just found out how tntani died sad

    3. عاشقة جمل بريتا Shabaan


    4. SergeantRyans

      I was so tired watchingbtgis my eyes were almost shut when i fell asleep it was still going and it got to the end of the playlist im watching this in rise of the authority.

    5. Rebecca Beam

      I love watching your videos I wish I could get in the shout outs I love your videos so much 🤯🤯🤯🙏👼🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳❤️❤️❤️❤️💖💖💖♥️♥️♥️❤️❤️💖💖💖♥️♥️♥️

    6. Viktor Reznov


    7. Julie Smith

      I saw a gold play button in the background Time 5:05

    8. Joshua van der Poel

      I Love You Normal Skye My Girlfriend Brye Is My Sister Ghost Skye Best Friend

    9. Gideon Max

      Bro Bro Bro

    10. Horace Davis

      it's me kit

    11. 細田伸弥


    12. MrMuffin 7194


    13. قناه fgf


    14. Sarah Man


    15. Joshua_Pro109


    16. Joshua_Pro109


    17. Linsay Salcedo-Angel

      I’m Skye that’s me cause I go in adventures

    18. ابن محمد

      I hete ollie

    19. Wolf Vlogs

      If that was a real player the player would’ve boxed up shoe and spike trapped her And started L dancing

    20. BFrye309

      This is like flip with script

    21. Lynne Herzig


    22. Dude guy Dude dude man

      Cleanness is a crime. -Skye

    23. Seth Geronimo

      I m in season 3

    24. Stephanie Birn


    25. Stephanie Birn

      Hi dumb dumb

    26. Erdjan Hyusmenov

      I subscribe to yuo and I put fums up to yuo

    27. Fire Games

      Great film😎😎😎

    28. Big Chooch525

      Rip tntina

    29. Diaz Duran


    30. sukhbir harraj14


    31. Louisa Mcgowan

      Pote on gegeggeteheheheh

    32. Isaac Apache

      I love

    33. Lucas Playz!

      A day in the life of skye today: **dead**

    34. Jessica Rivera

      Sky is my favorite skin

    35. Hunter Franklin

      I new it Skye loves Midas

    36. Dildevkhu Bork

      Wow this is good 😊

    37. Roo Boo

      I love your videos

    38. phantom clan leder

      I despised to do this in this vid next vid kit and kio have a kid!!!

    39. DGTV Stop Motion

      im not gonna lie but skye sounds like happy frog from pizzeria sim but less squiky

    40. Obese Penguin

      I love these

    41. Noor Sadeddin

      I love this vid keep up the good work

    42. Mariana Ristea


    43. Mariana Ristea


    44. Mariana Ristea


    45. JackieSz0729

      2:24 L

    46. Xavier Pacheco


    47. That Girl

      POV:your here after watching the Jules revenge video and your having a mental breakdown . Oh just me okay

      1. the first order official

        you red my mind

    48. King vs Chase

      RIP. SKYEeeeeeer

      1. the first order official

        She's alive in a bed

    49. Victoria Gresham

      And I subscribed

    50. Victoria Gresham

      Make sure to subscribe to new scape pro

    51. Emmanuel Guereca

      How do tntnas family don't know it was Midas lol

    52. Rnex

      Skye wears a tank top Look at the poster board... she doesn’t wear a T-shirt the poster board in the shark gallery

    53. cris

      8:27 Whatever that skin is called just got roasted

      1. the first order official

        No it didn't

    54. Sam Ward

      Yeah she would like the doomsday event

    55. ZoroarkgamingX

      10:09 execute order 66

    56. Stephanie Koehn


    57. Zack passdown

      I am not sure skye or links are which like the cat?!?

    58. Rhyell_plays64


    59. joana bu

      (Screems) omygod

    60. Janett Harris

      Gifs me Brudis

    61. Janett Harris

      Gifs me Deadpool

    62. Janett Harris

      Gifs me midis

    63. Squid Ward

      Skye: keep your chin up. Me: Ripley doesn’t have a chin!!!

    64. No name Bagel

      Is anyone else wondering my on Midas's outfit he has Meowceloes picaxe??

    65. Kristyna Pelcova


    66. Sharon Hudson

      This day was my birthday

    67. Kenneth Bedwell

      What Dj

    68. Andrej Bacic

      I miss TnTina😭 Midas is a jerk😔

      1. the first order official

        She'd love the domsday event

      2. No name Bagel


    69. XD Memer

      And I just realized that I didn't have the bell on. oof

    70. XD Memer

      I'm watching this a month later and now I'm 11 and now I'm actually confused why I didn't see this video earlier.

    71. Em Ess

      Who’s watching in season 3. V

    72. Penny Denson

      Love the vids

    73. Susan McCrae

      Who remembers when the channel was actually good

    74. Venom Martinez

      I like skey

    75. redPandaGod1 hixson

      yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

    76. Fxtal Kujo


    77. Lil Yo


    78. CristianGaming

      At the thumbnail I said [The Life And Day Of Simping]

    79. Nightmare

      A day in the life of Yeet Areno: Story:playing fortnite all day and getting bullied by sweats

    80. Eshal Faruqui

      Why Midas I love TNTtina

    81. Gilma Ortiz


    82. No

      S I M P

    83. Toxic cvoils 👽

      Meowscles: midas Rippley: geidhdh Tntina: boss Midas Skye: bOsS mAn

      1. the first order official


    84. Toxic cvoils 👽

      Midas: agent meowscles Tntina: meowscles Oro: mEoWsClEs Rippley: skibsjdbdje Skye: KiTtY BrO

    85. Gameplay

      Tntnas retirement party more like Tntinas funnerle

    86. Wala Abdullah


    87. Mike Schaub


    88. Tyler Minton

      I miss brutes

    89. Izzy


    90. yarikcy

      I hate skye

    91. Boonyapha Todkaew


    92. X107 Plays

      Sad that Brutus died

    93. Maria Casal


    94. Donny_ Andres

      The people in the thumbnail? *S I M P S*

    95. Gary The fish

      Yay Ripley is back my guy :D

    96. Rina的生活廚房實驗室

      Can u make a long film pls

    97. Jessica Hyndman


    98. Raff Em

      Wait I saw a golden play button in the back round who els


      Totes Xbox is my grandma

      1. the first order official

        So your a Xbox 🤔

    100. Jacob & Slothy

      I hate Skye