PENNY'S SAD ORIGIN STORY... (A Fortnite Short Film)

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    Penny the Constructor has lived in a world ruled by fiends for years, and she’s gotten good at taking them out. Her and her friend Ramirez set out on a mission to wipe the zombie menace off the face of the map, unfortunately, fate has other plans. Getting sucked into a mysterious rift, Penny finds herself surrounded by the unfamiliar settings of the Battle Royale island…
    Infection Creative Map by Juxi
    Code: 2550-7326-3242
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    Published on 3 months ago


    1. Major Bear

      Suiceder be like : THIS IS MY JOB !

    2. George Gonzalez

      Who feels bad for Gutbomb(Beef Boss) he lost everything in this universe, he was willin to die from where he started and his end, 1 like for Gutbomb alternate life

    3. Giraffe 2356

      PENNYS ORIGIN STORY IS SHE WAS A SURVIVOR IN THE HUSK (or zombie) INVASION IN STW THEN SHE CAME HERE TO ESCAPE THE HUSKS (or zombies). That is the real origin story of Penny And there’s no rifts in stw so I dunno how she got here Your welcome newscapepro 3

    4. Asunblack

      Why don’t you just buy save the world the real fortnight campaign the story of it

    5. Thugaveligamers

      Epic Games should give Penny a shirt & rubber tights skin

    6. Miguel's Martinez

      What happened to Penny friend

    7. nasif rasool

      Next episode Jules gets jealous of penny

    8. Kevin Pacheco

      penny is cute

    9. Splplayer08

      The map in the beginning had so much detail!

    10. XD joshbtw

      I can tell beef boss and meawsicls have the same voice actor

    11. Ashley Khalifa

      Love your fortnight

    12. LT Gaming

      9:08 Intense music kicks in as penny builds “impressive” Fort

    13. Rayyan Fahim Dar

      That ass

    14. Jon Jakup

      I love you role-plays

    15. Bella Vasquez

      4:42 oh yah mommy like 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    16. jorden Francis

      Last Ashley good that's actually good because other people is bullying schools

    17. weebtrashbaka


    18. Eli Dont luv u

      like fresh taught us she isn't fat she's THICK

    19. Paralyzed_ Editz


    20. Kurone Frazier

      them builds thou

    21. JustGamePlay

      ii have a question how do u make your videos

    22. Mohamed Awadh

      Season 4

    23. Mohamed Awadh

      I mess Season 2

    24. Macko Wacko

      1:55 looks like that creature wants to take a breather too

    25. Dfgsworks Bruh

      2:42 did nobody else get this?! Sad.

    26. Pey_ton_1-17-06 7

      I’m not a fan I just want you too and you too I wanna is time I wanna is your time to be my back on the time of

    27. Pey_ton_1-17-06 7

      Hh Cuz I’m gonna I’m not W Yeieu True Rn True R I’m gonna EI’m t EI’m was

    28. zayuri Rodriguez

      I wish to be in those origins I got lots of good skins actually so please Newscapepro!!!!!

    29. Kiki Lovess

      Lol it’s mommy life now

    30. FlorencioIII Estrada

      my 2 fev skin is penny

    31. Jacob 3456

      What’s popin

    32. Oof Oof

      Reference to the save the world trailer

    33. XxFireTrap Studio

      That’s not fat. That’s *muscle.*

    34. •normaXXnassy•

      I thought that cats hated water o,o

    35. Liam Dorr

      Litterly any deafult 9:01

    36. Patrick Pickle

      Yo Penny lagged out

    37. Itohan Uyi

      Penny's not fat shes thic

    38. Dave Miller

      They just jealous cuz penny T H I C K

    39. PolarizedNova


    40. Nemesio

      Dtfdgdt has been a long day for my dad was that the day you got to be in a good place to get your mind and you can always get a better look at what you’re doing to get it done and then you will get it goin I wanna is a time to be able for you omg is your time of day and time I wanna is your day and day day you want it and it will get better you don’t have a lot

    41. Juli Lopez

      Zombie in fornite now yo days

    42. Noble six

      We gonna ignore that they lagging a bit?

    43. Cloaked Shadow


    44. Christina Bee

      why does the burger sound like meowscles

    45. Indoorcanoe Games

      Haha Dislikes Is Funny Weed Number (At This Time)

    46. REBORN!

      Can I please get a shoutout I love your videos

    47. *i legit can’t even think of a name*

      *she be lookin thicc tho*

    48. yourdaily_editor

      Hey we can all agree that whoever watches the vid first then comments is an OG dude

    49. Ameer Shaik-Hoosen



      The burger sounds like meow

    51. Iqex FN

      Her building is slower then A snail

    52. Iqex FN

      She be thicker then a snicker

    53. Thunder4you

      Bruh beef boss reminds me of Mr krabs

    54. The planet earth

      Penny can crank dem 90's doe

    55. The planet earth

      idk if thats save the world or not XD oop nvm

    56. Lboty


    57. Among us play Amira

      Well before she was a default skin

    58. The kid

      You knew keep well I mean like a big games see yes please I need to geez this look in the college if you do you are I would like the video

    59. Solo.


    60. Paul Fooxy Phillips

      Why are the origins always called SAD, like this is 2020 make it say happy origin 😂

    61. 4K Choppa

      Umm so penny toke skyes place

    62. Daniel Nguyen

      2:55 is a reference to the save the world trailer

    63. awefredd


    64. comrade Трэвис

      why do they call them chompers their husks

    65. Rusna Begum

      9:15 when sweats invented building

    66. FindingSoup148

      Newscapepro i know you won’t read this but I’m excited and confused about what you’ll do the new season seen as it themed about marvel

    67. Jannah Beasley

      "Penny's sad origin story"

    68. The Black Jaguar

      Omg they used the lines from the actual save the world trailer

    69. Alarna Richards

      Newspaper pro good videos good voice line

    70. Alarna Richards

      Poor penny men

    71. Shadow Golden Bonnie

      What is the Fortnite creative map code?

    72. Johnathan Nguyen

      This is the same photo as Skye orign

    73. Solomon Cassell

      9:19 cranking 90s for the first time 😂

    74. *KatzNDawgs*

      I like the video... but it wasn’t very sad...

    75. The Undead

      PeNnys SaD OriGIn StoRY Lik If u Cwy eveRy tIm

    76. ツヨルダン

      Isn't all the origin stories sad

    77. Collin Palomo


    78. Faiz5 Shah

      Use code scaryspook in the item shop

    79. aetios prous

      1.26 wow she can teleport

    80. tiko is the best fishy in the world

      And for you fyi

    81. Luis boi 999

      Got some of the lines from the video of save the world

    82. Willem Cameron

      Penny:Let me just squezzzzzze through here rameirez: boi she thicc

    83. Mr. Dimsum

      Why tf is this in my recommended

    84. Everything Emma

      Yuo cna raed wrods lkie tihs evin fi teher miexed pu lkie tihs 🙃 COVID has effected everyone including me...

    85. Dr. Noobington

      wait why does that burgur guy sound like meowsules

    86. Luna_Widow

      I hear Black Widow’s and Catalyst’s voice in Ramirez

    87. Neatpersonehh

      love the save the world storyline reverences.

    88. Kittie Plays Gacha

      i fixed the intro

    89. icecreamplayz_YT 345

      so this is what stw look like to u

    90. DonC0medias

      I thought the burger guy was meowscules

    91. Mr BRUV

      Penny’s from save the world

    92. Mr BRUV

      Bruh their husks

    93. Natalie Richards

      Get save the world penny is originally off save the world she is one of the faces of it

    94. Bill

      No one: Absolutely no one Season 1 ninja: 9:04

    95. EpicFloof

      Like actually, Why is penny so goddamn *T H I C C*

    96. Braindead fish

      9:30 nice 90's

    97. that British person

      Them defaults at first 😁😁😂😂😂😂😂😂 👇👍👍

    98. Alex and Charlie

      9:40 new scape pro uses battle lab

    99. Tshepo Masoeu

      Penny have you seen how quick my build edits are

    100. mr. tails

      130 gravediggers