JULES GETS A FAN CLUB! (A Fortnite Short Film)

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    Learning that “Mrs. Deadpool” aka Marigold aka Midas’ daughter aka Jules is alive, Deadpool puts into action a scheme that will ensure that she is his wife again! Meanwhile at Coral Castle, Fade continues to teach Jules how to fight properly. During their training, she receives a letter that starts her off on an adventure of love and deceit...
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    Published on 3 months ago


    1. Gracie Park

      9:35 Jules let me tell you a secret that Midas apparently never taught you.. DONT DO TIK TOK DANCES!

    2. JawAndGuppy


    3. Sunny Yeet forever


    4. Angelena Crowder

      Jules is sexual

    5. daniellejungle


    6. BigBoi Topia

      Thx for Deadpool

    7. Jouseph Santiago

      NGL doing the emote dance while making a noice is pretty akward

    8. Ana Camila

      ..........idk what to say but I’ll say Jules cool :3 she’s my fav out of all of them

    9. Ana Camila


    10. Haxor

      Me being confused when jules becomes nice: Can I exit now?

    11. Rippley

      👁 👁 👃 👄

    12. Nintadso 64

      MY LEG

    13. bendy adventures washington

      I'm weirded out by this episode

    14. Tylen Andy

      I think you are awesome👍 ewr

    15. iam myself or millytheninja2 lol

      Me seeing to let chest

    16. lola Aris

      Jules is with Fade not deadpool Fade is cooler and deadpool well is kinda wiered. Plus he married a stacho witch came back to life Fades better with jules fade and jules has a bond that cant break



    18. xxx unknown

      bro bob is my favorite character

    19. Roblox_Random

      👁️👄👁️ Wut this mean

    20. C0PY C4T

      this is canon while breaking the 4th wall

    21. raidwtf

      Nobody: Not even a single soul: Deadpool: *NIGHT BE THE NIGHT BE THE*

    22. Jackson Popplio


    23. Chip and Fish

      @Fade would like to know your location

    24. Elvira Alejandra De Los Santos

      Deadpool: will you marry me Jules: yes Fade : I’ve been broke so many times .

    25. Andrew Iwasyszyn

      When's it going to be finished

    26. Creative Brick Films

      Please tell me how you make the characters become unarmed for ur role play?? Please tell me I’ve been dying to know I’ve searched it up but there’s nothing please, I need to know

    27. Luka Day

      deadpool: I CANT HOLD IT ANYMORE!! will you make me the happiest man alive and date me agian? jules: YES! wait wut do u mean by agian? OH SCREW IT! YES! me: oh sh*t what the f**k

    28. Neddiay The [Redacted]

      Go to 9:27 and close your eyes

    29. Luka Day

      ive just noticed that ive been watching for ten months technechly...

    30. Ştøřyśhįfť Ãbbý

      Deadpool: would u marry me? Jules: YES! Deadpool: now u Mrs deadpool Midas: A sh** here we go again

    31. Misael Morazan


    32. Just inhale people JUST DO IT

      Weirdest video I’ve probably ever seen on this channel not gonna lie

    33. Deathbringer

      Jules: do u have beef with Deadpool Midas: Nah Deadpool: we had a fricking war

    34. Jordan Williams

      Kit best

    35. ItzGalaxyGirl101


    36. Triggered Knight

      You know, let me tell you why I subscribed. I once looked up “fortnite comics” and nothing good came up. And so later I was going to look fortnite skins for a TikTok video and then I came across one of your videos! And just to let you know, I loved it. And so the next day I looked up you channel and subscribed!

    37. Beans Beans

      Deadpool is a simp

    38. Damian alvarado

      And Also Midas survived he’s going to be Iron Man for The next season

    39. Juan Medrano

      Thats me

    40. Juan Medrano


    41. Damian alvarado

      Season chapter 2 season4 it’s coming on aug 27

    42. snakemo 22

      Deadpool and Jules 🤢🤢 now fade and Jules 👍👍

    43. Jodie Lynn


    44. Sharky

      When he said mrs deadpool i remember marigold I mean jules

    45. Blue Agent Gaming

      Who else thought Jules was being sarcastic l l \/

    46. Ashley Ellis

      They drugged jules

    47. gamer bro zee

      put dead pool back in alot of videos

    48. gamer bro zee

      put dead pool back in alot of videos

    49. Leina Lassiter

      What about Fadeee😱😱 I’m sure he used his powers to see if Jules was okay so I’m sure he heard everything. Yeaaa he’s probably gonna fight Deadpool like someone else said.

    50. EliteKyloren Alt

      Fade is a simp

    51. Derrick Patten jr

      The episode where Jules got married to fade she is getting married again..??

    52. 守鈴木


    53. ok boi

      *so the curves part is...sounding weird*

    54. Javier Bautista

      Me: Hey Midas your daughter is getting married white Deadpool Midas:what married Jules:that was Deadpool Midas:mmmmmmmm Deadpool Jules:yes Deadpool:oh Midas:*got mad at Deadpool* Me:ok Jules :this is going to be bad

    55. Thehippoking 27

      When fishstick said my leg I was like they made the joke

    56. Talal 500

      Midas is sad because Jules is loving deadpool

    57. just_a_random Kys

      Fade she broke my heart oh no she didn’t another bit

    58. Jurassic Fox

      Wait isn’t Deadpool a character

    59. Baby Blue Panda Playz

      who is so rude to dislike this glory

    60. LazyYiyan

      Everybody is talking about Fade not being happy about Deadpool, but what about Tek!?

    61. Andres Jimenez

      Hahah cuddle pool and raven pool are bacj

    62. duler army

      Me didnt like this, something was off, Jules doesn't just go from non happy to happy in 1 second Edit: think it was either a spell from cuddle pool or evil jules...

    63. Abraham Razzaq

      Video idea 💡 origin story for the marauders


      Mntp,,,ntip subcrb pny ku bos

    65. Abby Mollett

      Fade: You have a Fan Club do that many people know you Me: yes 1.87 Million people know about you Jules

    66. Ashley Holzworth

      This is how many people notice a legendary chest ⬇️

    67. Ashley Holzworth

      Midas: marigold I have a bad felling about this Jules: I'm a big girl now

    68. The Joker

      I'm pretty sure deadpool has mind control powers in this but how?

    69. The Joker

      Who is sad that cap just became one of deadpool's minions

    70. Yox YT

      Is it me or captain America sounds different

    71. Em Mtz


    72. Em Mtz


    73. Anthony Crosbie

      Are you kidding me deadpool and jules?🤢🤮

    74. xproexe360 nevins5k

      Still begging for subscribers

    75. Iplaygame Barbecue sauce


    76. Mr cool Person

      Jules who met deadpool fine minutes ago Also jules: amma marry him

    77. HamdanFN FF

      Jules when doing out west was like eh ya um ket oooh o

    78. panda

      New scape pro jest a seggestin make a video that deadpool gets kidnaped anda his mined gets taken away

    79. ꨄఌExotic Butter'sఌꨄ

      ohhh god

    80. Awab Meeri

      Me: this is fine My brain: error error what the hell did I just see Noah prepare the boat NOW I SAID NOW me: this is totally fine

    81. Mr L, Green Thunder

      3:06 “Ow, MY LEG!” Shut up Fred, no one cares. Also, something is very wrong about this. Edit: Ouch, poor Fade.

    82. Alejandro Camacho

      Make sure you do domino and Deadpool couple

    83. Erminia Gonzalez

      Making me scream pro31 happy meets his mom after Burger make it at 7 am

    84. Bruh Moment69

      Wh-where is star lord?

    85. R Sanchez

      I am happy for dp he deserves it

    86. Zachs Attacks

      No offense, but I like this Jules waaaaaaay more than the as happy would say, emo version

    87. Eugene Castillo

      It gas

    88. PachyGames

      You can do the Joker and Harley thing again since their is gonna be a Joker Skin

    89. SmallerSundew62

      Alternate title: Deadpool simping for Jules for 10 minutes and 51 seconds

    90. emerick albisua0

      Did deadpool brainwash captain America

    91. ExclipZe _

      😭😭😭😭rip fade

    92. Finley Woffinden

      So happy for my boi Deadpool

    93. Melania Barone

      Jules:I look pretty hot right;) Midas: o hell nahh

    94. GENOME Films

      Fish: that’s not in the jobs description Jules: oh ok Fish: yeets him self of the roof Also fish: oww my legs 2:58 by the way👍🏼

    95. BroXsta 22

      Hay just saying joker and poison ivy are coming out along with The return of Midas

    96. Melo

      Was that a SpongeBob refrence 3:08

    97. Mia Stefan

      "You could never be square. You got all the curves" OMFG IM DYING

    98. Blade agentic

      Fade do be punchin the air rn

    99. Liberty Egxxotik

      i thought fortnite reached peak pornhub efficiency with penny but this is worse