BLADE ORIGIN STORY! (A Fortnite Short Film)

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    The legendary vampire hunter Blade arrives on the Island! After he takes on a horde of the undead, Blade reveals the nature of his dark origin story...
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    Published on 2 months ago


    1. Mahamadou sahiray Hydara

      Some mothet trukets

    2. Shel.

      Day 3 of asking for Rogue the Hybrid to come back.

    3. Jonathan Pagan


    4. Kelly Abraham

      I mean that shirt doesn't work on me

    5. Kelly Abraham

      NEWSCAPEPRO SAID that shot doesn't work on me

    6. Blue Bird

      I literally don’t understand what’s going on nor do I understand how or why or who pls help me.

    7. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Clamat

    8. abdulrahman alali

      Hey John

    9. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Blade

    10. Big Lobo

      But every vampire knows the daywalker

    11. Big Lobo

      Blade hell yea

    12. Daniella Aguirre

      Haha haha

    13. Raquel Ramirez

      Yeah, yeah tobavia pero se que es un error porque ya tu no me quise y sin ti sin ti me va mejor

    14. Jamil Cherry


    15. Jamil Cherry

      no cuse words Blade from 2020

    16. Jonah Munley

      How would blade react to dire, being a werewolf and all

    17. Mr. Simo

      مين عربي

    18. Gamer X Change

      Mother truckers

    19. Marlis Rieger

      Part 2

    20. Frifri Psychic

      Ok where is blade did he like get a stroke and die or something cause it’s been 2 weeks and not a single thing has involved him (besides the mini games)

    21. Stefania Daidone

      Blade said sh*t 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭 2:54

    22. Dodat242

      2:54 savage mode ✊🏾👊🏾

    23. calvin marte

      Blade kinda sounds like fade

    24. Mikail Jibran

      blade say that $hit not work for me im unsubcribing


        I agreee

    25. Tony Moore

      Let's go they let him say #### #### yeah.

    26. artilagare

      I thought this channel was PG...



    27. Scenarios StudiosYT

      “That sh!t that doesn’t work on me” 😂

      1. Chris Gettler

        @ULTRA GREEN FIRE! What’s your problem


        I dont!

      3. Chris Gettler

        Love it

    28. Fausta

      I want blade and calamity to get together ❤

    29. Jojo Robles

      F T Y T A A S T F

    30. Ayan Rahman

      that's Iceman is pretending

    31. anthony andrada


    32. Elena Toledo

      That was so funny how he was like “some mother trucker always trying to climb up a ice hill”

    33. Yahir Montano

      Bro i thought fade was coming back he promised jules he would come back but hes not back its like he knew something bad was going to happen. A enemy galactus also blade sounds like fade

    34. Kellan Quinn

      Calamity hasn't been in a vid for a year now and thats when I used to watch videos starring her all the time

    35. Liam God

      Guys he sounds like fade

    36. Isaiah Gallegos

      i love newscapepro1 2 3 4 5

    37. nøt r3x ləl

      Bruh is my fav cow gal Calamity coming back into the scenes yooooo yee haw ! 🤠🖤

    38. EliNinja 21

      Is it me, or has Sanctum died about a million times?

    39. Hak Kosh

      Mothe u ❤️ h base with a nn hahahahahahajajaha

    40. Tomas juegl

      1:12 I am the guy who asked you to nob be afraid. Stupid girl.

    41. Cliffjumper Production

      This is the best cause its starting to become rated r and I like it

    42. Cuberjay

      Did you know that Dracula isn't the real vampire master it's actually na la na la na la na la na BATMAN his name is literally BATMAN

    43. IL-11

      Mothertruckers LMFAO

      1. IL-11

        He said that sh it doesn’t work on me omfg lmfao

    44. Epic Gamer

      Am I the only one that heard her listening to *The Monster Mash*

    45. Poofticus Gaming

      What happened to the people at Coral Castle?

    46. Skull trooper Pro

      Watch my channel to

    47. Gabriel Buimestru

      es cul

    48. RikyDaKilla

      please more spider knight

    49. juana Garcia

      congratulations on hitting 2.m

    50. MSMCheeseGamer

      Finally more mature episodes. And blood? A little more realistic! Nice!!

    51. Aj vimal

      Blade has a cool emote i gotta be honest

    52. ANU SHARMA

      wait they what

    53. Avery Browne

      Mother 🚚

    54. trinell Merricks


    55. Ashanty Allende

      Broooo am y the only one that loves blade now👉🏾👈🏾

    56. Carrie Gee16

      Pls do more this style

    57. Wildwildwes1231

      Dang he is bad ass

    58. Michael Lamb

      Slushy solider is my favorite skin

    59. Beefer Boy- fortnite short films and more

      Star wars references just keep coming Joe and Ryan I know you're behind it

    60. NievesM TRRamon

      lol blade kick buttt

    61. Jordan Mills

      That's my line

    62. Guillermo Villalpando

      What happened to lynx and drift

    63. The Real BlueNoob 1

      Damn I guess The Henchmen Brothers dad, and young Bruce turned into vampires. (Obviously they had to reuse for more vampires some how, I’m joking)

    64. mvzombieask360

      No one Absolutely No one Not even NewScapePro Me: where’s dire and fade Also Me: Blade rhymes with Fade?!?! Jk probably not ;)

    65. Super Sy Guy

      B r u h

    66. Super Sy Guy


    67. It’s Jaden

      Some mother truckers are always trying to ice skate up hill 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂

    68. Charthemaster

      Finally! There back!!!!

    69. Grayson Landron

      he's in da hood

    70. future gaming

      I think deadpool has a challenge. Who can break the 4th wall the most deadpool or blade

    71. Noobmaster 69

      Goid edits and i love blade i can't wait for a new movie it's probably a new version for the mcu but still im hyped!

    72. Hillary Hathaway

      i know this is not tg plays but go use code Typical Gamer in item shop

    73. Salt rock 12

      Can you make Blade voice chrolling

    74. Gabriel Tobias

      Who else heard the monster mash

    75. Sway brother fam

      So lets just say they have a love relation

    76. Deathstrike4322 `

      You put up a fight. I like that, was actually jokers reference in dark knight where he said "you got a little fight in you! I like that" and then batman sneaked behind him and said "then you're gonna love me" so that is another reference

    77. BigBoi Topia

      Batman Reference wow

    78. Ahmed Ege

      I no

    79. ARNAV 29

      anyone realized that calamity dosent have the final glowing variant or they just dint use it for some odd reason

    80. Hunter

      Dusk is really back, season 6 vibes intensifies

    81. Breezy Bike

      Did I just hear what I think I heard

    82. White Wolf

      This guy is the voive actor of fade they sound sort of the same

    83. Zer0 Gravity

      Leyts hunt us up some blud suckers mister blade ... it’s just blaaaaaade

    84. aiden perricone


    85. Carl Stevenson

      Here before 2 mil

    86. Denise Vandewal


    87. Jake Streams

      Calamity better not get with blade

    88. Christopher Malluck

      make a new channel called "NewScape Plus" for behind the scenes for all the mini game channel.

    89. Stephanie Dalton

      Yay I’ve missed calamity and dire

    90. Theo Tongson

      Now this iteration of blade... Is lit

    91. Cursed HD

      Yay Clamity is back in the story!!

    92. Rrbdhr Hashes

      And make confident plz

    93. Rrbdhr Hashes

      And make confident plz

    94. Life of brother 5000

      At the beginning someone needs to call captain America to say language to this man.

    95. Rrbdhr Hashes

      Make plunger man have different suit every episode plz

    96. SolGriffinRoss

      blade skins to sick sincerely raymond holt

    97. Xd oblivion btw

      So we can all agree blades episode are kinda pg-13

    98. Keira Gamboa

      How long does it take to make these videos?

    99. Elizabeth Wright

      I agree