SHE-HULK FALLS IN LOVE?! (A Fortnite Short Film)

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    Tasked with finding a super-powered being by Tony Stark (Iron Man), Meowscles heads to Retail Row where he discovers that a brand new gym has opened up! Being so swole, he feels compelled to check it out. There he meets Jennifer Walters, a local lawyer and personal trainer. They hit it off immediately. Only later, after a run in with Tart Tycoon, is it revealed that she is in-fact the jolly green giant herself: She-Hulk! This doesn’t bother Meowscles one bit, he actually thinks it’s quite cool, and a romantic spark is triggered...
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    Published on 3 months ago


    1. Hunter_Dragon 6


    2. Hello human being

      I like She-Hulk’s voice :) It’s nice

    3. Yuen Sai Yung

      Official just punched the Apple man I want a flyable slap on the end of phase in the water

    4. Γιωργος Μπελ

      What do you use for the characters to make them dont hold any thing pls answer

    5. AOSHN 1

      هههههههههههه ٢٥ الف ذس لايك

    6. KeYu pLaYz

      tArt tYcOon sOunDs lIke sQUiDwArd- -

    7. Pamela Ramos


    8. Memes are legendary

      Big bruh

    9. Juanita Arciniegas

      Don’ts that

    10. Adrienne Monaghan

      Make a video about kit geting in trouble and she hulk used her final form aka red she hulk

    11. Shivanna Lee

      This is my favourite episode

    12. Sʟᴀᴍs Tʜᴇ Nᴇᴋᴏ

      Ok I’m definitely the only one who thinks Shore Leave is Australian- He is kinda jacked-

    13. kit de espectro

      S H I P E O S C O N G A T O S

    14. Avatar Thanos The Titan

      Im happy to see my crime fighting partner is in love with She hulk because they look perfect for each other

    15. Avatar Thanos The Titan

      I want to see storm in the series

    16. Anthony Womack

      Can i be in 1 of ur vids like if make a flash vid then can i be in it?

    17. Youssef Mohamed Hamza Abdelhamid Attia

      i have been watchin allur vidios i want a shoutout

    18. Seinci Pep


    19. Avatar Thanos The Titan

      I have to say, whenever I get angry or enraged I become insanely overly powerful, my eyes glow very bright, and my powers get insanely powerful

    20. Avatar Thanos The Titan

      Not gonna lie, I Think Meowscles and She hulk look perfect for each other

      1. Avatar Thanos The Titan

        @Toriyama just call me tori dude do you really think he would scratch me, no he wouldn't he's my cousin and partner and I don't mess with my partner/cousin

      2. Toriyama just call me tori

        But he a kitty kitty kitty hes cat if u mess with him u gonna get scratched

    21. certera Responde

      And what happened with the love of Meowscles and Skye???

    22. Emma Page

      I love mew mew

    23. Rachel Miles

      I love you vidoe

    24. Allyson Noel


    25. Youssef Ayyachi

      Youssef 😍😍🤩😍🕧👍👍

    26. Diego Velazquez

      Sorry, Newscapepro. I just don't ship them.

    27. NWA YahirTheGoat

      Meowscles and she hulk should officially start dating

    28. Joaquin De Los Rios


    29. Damain Wiltshire


    30. GraveleQ Gaming

      She Hulk love Hulk, meowcles love lynx

      1. NWA YahirTheGoat


    31. MR FROST


    32. Fat Source

      This season was a mistake

    33. Frostbyte 79

      are you sure Walters didn't transform into she hulk just to eat an apple because it seems like that LOL

    34. Autoshoot 1

      Do you guys film from replay mode?

      1. Fransisca castelean

        Battle lab

    35. Megan Sampson

      She hulk: it’s a date then Me: ahhhh heck nah

    36. Beast Boy

      I wanna see more of tart pldd

    37. Saqib Mashkoor

      Excuse if meowscles have to date with her so what about kit????

    38. Ransell Rios

      , band xox acetic.’ Bfbf

    39. Shadow Gamer

      Super cool video and if you see that you can help me to the 50 subscribers would be very nice of you 😁

    40. Fakhar-un Nissa


    41. SuperLuigiGamer 85


    42. Maria Roa

      La autoridad de los diputados del parlamento europeo y presidente estadounidense de estados miembros del presidente

    43. liam hester

      Seahawk you are amazing how are you yes Cole

    44. Lalo franco


    45. Jonathan Azael Osorio Cristobal

      Suscriban se

    46. TheRagingLisard _jenkins

      wast of time

    47. Sefika Sakinovic

      O K

    48. FriLWEXEtby


    49. MeNew 1

      12950836780665553278767262731902000 129508366555532787262731902000

    50. LGK Assistant

      Meowscles and she hulk have date Also Meowscles-Damn, that's the world we live in now.

    51. Sumaya Younan

      You know why she's Green squishies because she is hot talk

    52. Sumaya Younan

      I have the same

    53. Hieu Nguyen

      Nice vid bud

    54. Tekera Williams

      I did like his channel

    55. Tekera Williams


    56. Ryan Hardaway


    57. Mr. Avocado

      Wtf XD what weird ass side of the internet have I found myself on this time

    58. Rolplex 27

      There are some weird love choices lol

    59. ʟᴏsᴛ 2

      I love it😊

    60. Fishy Boy

      :me tart? :me again isn’t that from the tournament

    61. A squad Galvan


    62. medking 12

      3:32 my ping is so high i didint see the bag fly XD

    63. Ricardo Ramirez


    64. ياسين geming


    65. Lauren Houck


    66. Foxael 01


    67. Giovanni DiTomasso


      1. Giovanni DiTomasso


    68. Giovanni DiTomasso

      7:25 NaAa

    69. Brian Nguyen

      *Snorts heyaheyaheyaheya

    70. che mcroberts

      You should have made Jennifer Walters go rage when she transforms into she hulk like the hulk

    71. tart tycoon

      I don't go around sueing people dumb ass epic broke the tos

    72. raptor squad gameing

      It's good Amelia 🙂

    73. sumo chicken

      What is this

    74. Maximiliano Gómez


    75. Silvia cano

      Alguien entiende

    76. The amazing world Of Joseph!

      I don’t like the name call she hulk

      1. Fransisca castelean

        Nobody cared

    77. Gabriel Morales

      When ever she hulk reveals her self in front of meawsculls theres just a perfect image of a legendary chest

    78. Chasity Fiddler

      beff boss about buns

    79. SANTYS 1009 pro

      Pure relationships with kit xd

    80. Your Local Friendly Christmas Reindeer!

      Me not a sound: Not a soul: Someone pop's up Me: SQUIDWARD IS THAT YOU?

    81. Vinson Ferguson

      I love it

    82. Fresh Click

      Hi newsckappro

    83. NXC CRxNK ZAツ

      I am not going anywhere in fornite

    84. Victoria Goncharenko

      Who is watching at 2069 like

    85. Gunilla Persson

      Hello CD

    86. 源済加奈子


    87. Cat

      hes married

    88. Isaiah Perry

      To Fortnite, Die

    89. Yaya gaming Channel


    90. lengend cloner

      My epic name is DaniOnTheSticks

    91. Kimberly Sierra-Cajas

      On Mausel’s you will actually see a really weird glitch and I don’t know why but it’s weird and it’s glitchy

    92. Kimberly Sierra-Cajas

      Yeah she hulk mouse all the water been dead by now well because a lot of people don’t have the skin and are that’s skin that also has now so has a son and he is so cute she is called kit one of the flipping best characters and I don’t know what will happen to that guy because we haven’t seen him in a long time cat and he has an epic them out if you if you don’t know there’s a glitch if you buy them out and like do it with she hulk

    93. Qasim s


    94. maryam ibraheem

      Shehulk Turn strong

    95. Marco Lubbe-De Beer


    96. Marco Lubbe-De Beer


    97. Ilhem Belmiloud

      Assieds slm hhha

    98. Midas

      Nobody: Me trying to laugh like a nerd in 1999 6:28:

    99. Wilmarie Arroyo


    100. Peter Novakovic

      Are you ever like making a video that I look like