KIT JOINS THE AVENGERS! (A Fortnite Short Film)

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    Mystique has been caught by Tony Stark and locked up in a cell within the Authority. Unfortunately Kit is unaware of her shape-shifting powers and falls for her Jules disguise. Now masquerading as Kit, Mystique has free reign once again to do as she pleases. Iron Man even offers her a place in the Avengers! What other trouble can she rile up? Meanwhile, Meowscles and She-Hulk head back to help the others. Will they get there in time to help Kit?
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    Published on 2 months ago


    1. Ryanu Navarro


    2. moon watcher

      May I roll play with u I just don't have a mic

    3. Josiah Gauthier

      3:08 that just made me smile

    4. Raze Lazar

      Even Iron Man and his quips make his way from the MCU into Fortnite because he calls Mystique a widowmaker.

    5. Meme Center

      Does nobody notice the thing says subsribe

    6. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Jen

    7. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Meowsicles

    8. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Kit

    9. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Jules

    10. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Stark

    11. Michael Wagnon

      We now

    12. Internet boi

      Me when kit fell for the classic mistique shape shift trick: tr- tr- TRIGGERED

    13. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Stark

    14. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Kit

    15. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Jules

    16. FunWith Hunter

      Were is Lynx

    17. Blake Dryden

      Are you cool

    18. Rayhan Climbing

      Hi newscapespro can you make a fortnite animation for me

    19. Aiden Howard


    20. Kokichi Oma


    21. Pokaden Gaming

      Title: kit joins the avengers Reality: Cookie Monster joins the avengers

    22. Seb Gaming

      Tony: widow maker. Mystique: I PLAY OVERWATCH Me: me too imagine if that happend

    23. Dakota Higgs

      I love ur channel

    24. La'zhi Mills

      This is how many times we miss chad wick

    25. Misty Dawn

      like theis video people

    26. Niko Collick. I Hope to. Get one of the items

      This video is so cool

    27. Niko Collick. I Hope to. Get one of the items

      This video has is so cool

    28. Herman Hauguth 4B

      are you think this is ture

    29. Damian Murillo

      You are a loser new scap pro

    30. Lorena Delgado

      So close to 200 milllll

    31. My music

      Hhhhhhiiiiiiiiii Hi 👋🏽 you like your name to me you do not

    32. Andre Cardenas

      This is not that Coll

    33. Bo Miller

      Yeah where is she and why is mister here


      she-hulk X meowcles . me: Hmm ok ......ok lemme think bout it . this might work

    35. Naomi Dickerson

      Hmm... I think Mistique is pretending to be Maya...

    36. Emperor Nick521

      0:11 Subsribe? Does it mean, subscribe lol?

    37. TheChapman88

      I love kit

    38. Admin Playz

      5:34 the sell is open

    39. Benji Wayen

      So is kit evil now?

    40. Breakfast. and Lunch

      How can she (mystique) replacate his suit too its not apart of him

    41. Aiden Cass

      Same with Maya and mystyce

    42. Aiden Cass


    43. Gary VLOGS And Films

      Rip Jim Henson Today Was His birthday

    44. Phuong Chung

      This is not Kit this is that person disgused as Kit

    45. SLOSH Habach


    46. Samantha Richardson

      Snort hew snort hew

    47. Clarence Pearson

      yo i get the widowmaker reference

    48. hunters gaming channel

      Jules: crying Kit: being stupid and not knowing that Jules is evil Me: thats no jules its a bad super girl/just bad super hero ._.

    49. Carter Rigby


    50. Ember Marquart

      Me like 50,000 comments ago "i cant wait till they start calling mystique cookie monster in the shorts" Iron man: cookie monster Me: wow did not actully think that would happen

    51. Chris Cousineau


    52. Jack Marston


    53. Jack Marston


    54. Vita Forde Monaghan

      Ya Mabel Manley not ok

    55. Varsboerewors Yt

      Oh crap 9:40

    56. Carlito Rosas

      In X-men she is a good guy

    57. Megan Sampson

      Ey like the vid for my boi lost Jonesey

    58. Dominic Covarrubias


    59. Tanika Carter


    60. Oz The Man

      Sugar Daddy Doom

    61. Gabriel Garcia

      Kit had 30 seconds to get out

    62. Shadowrized YT


    63. JD 1006


    64. Ginger Trop

      Kit's evil laugh is cute 😂😭

    65. Fantastic Plastic

      I love how the make this interesting and like a movie

    66. gattaib

      Poor jonesy

    67. Ian Amedome


    68. Rcl FortniteYt

      4:29 animal abuse how dare you mystique

    69. PandaBun

      Me: Sleeps Distance:la la la la Me: huh? Kit: I WANT CHICKEN I WANT LIVER

    70. Soha Khalil

      Thank new

    71. Jason The Foxy

      What weapon was stark holding?

    72. Real Ice king

      Omg I love it when kit was singing

    73. goku black ultra instinct mastered

      Kit doest even join avagers

    74. ka1mwa 763

      How did kit come back

    75. Wyatt

      Expect it then mystique 2:54

    76. Dr Xzavex

      At 0:12 it says Subsribe, not subscribe, but it’s fine no ones perfect

    77. SaltyZakaria


    78. Jubb Sansuk

      Mystique name is still cookie monster XD

    79. Rayven Young

      you guys are so cool 🙂🙃✌️😍😻

      1. Rayven Young

        make behind the scenes please ✌️

    80. Nathan heymann

      Please can u Change iron man voice ,I mistake him for meowscles

    81. Jullian DeMesa

      Make WID kit you

    82. nøt r3x ləl

      "And when Mr bigglesworth gets upset..."

    83. Hunter Wayne

      No ooöoooo[oooooooi No ooooiiiiiiooooooooooooooo

    84. Jownell Concepcion Mercado

      LOVE U

    85. August Reynolds


    86. Victoria Casas

      Little Kelly can you make more funny videos because every time there's like a different little Kelly it's not like you aren't supposed to

    87. Felipe Herrero


    88. Bradley Harwood


    89. Superlizardy36


    90. StykFigStudio


    91. HeyIts Hellfire

      Meowscles and she-hulk is a match made in heaven 0-0

    92. Cyclops _Playzzz

      Bruh we know

    93. Bass Master

      Tony stark couldn’t even figure it out?!?!!

    94. psycho ninja

      Whose here when iron man has his own location and mythics

    95. GoldMidas


    96. Supershiva10

      Sad for kit

    97. Some Excitement FS

      When kit gets locked up and says “where’s Jules? Is she safe, is she alright?” Is that a reference to revenge if the sith? Idk I’m probably overthinking it lol

    98. COMICSANS12345

      8:47 The whole conversation I actually thought that waa kit

    99. Jeremiah Gamboa

      I subed

    100. Kurt Daniel C Aloba

      Why is a Little Cat Speaking Robot