HOW SHADOWS ARE REALLY MADE... (A Fortnite Short Film)

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    With his takeover of the Authority complete, Shadow Midas now sends his Shadows out to all corners of the Island, drafting unwitting soldiers into his army of the dead. Meanwhile, Logan has recovered from his battle with Fade, but is in for a rude awakening as he now has to tango with the Ghostly Ghost Henchmen! Later, Shadow Midas captures the only remaining Shadow Henchwoman and tells her the backstory of the Shadows - and how they’re made. If she doesn’t want to become one herself, she will tell him everything about his enemies: namely Chaos Thor and Wolverine…
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    Published on Month ago


    1. Yara Mustafa

      Wrong shadows arent that

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      Hey Logan

    7. Shel.

      Still asking for Rogue to come backZ

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    10. Anthony Gonzalez Espejo

      bro it had to end like that.

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    12. one jedi cat

      Do visitor

    13. Benton White

      This is cool🤩

    14. Youlikejazz?27

      Mary better not die

    15. Rebecca Bruck

      can we respect the effort that he put put into this editing

    16. Champain Renteria

      I like you videos a lot I watch your video you started making these videos I love you so much this is videos are the best please shout me out

    17. Harley Quinn

      Because why i am taking my revenge Is because my life was harder so getting revenge is much better and the revenge was on thor because he tried to kill my daughter he tried to steal her secret i am coming chaos agent prepare

    18. Harley Quinn

      No i am the mastermind

    19. Harley Quinn

      I am the part of the shadow cat

    20. Cody Findley

      coffin boysss meme

    21. Aly Ayman

      I did that already

    22. MiGuel Mendez

      Is that brutus location? To what wolverine and the black skin? At 3:34

    23. ಠ_ಠ

      What if Midas turns Mary into Bloody Mary 0_0

    24. Kelly Kessack


    25. Kayla Ladner

      I watched all of the vids I'm watching them again

    26. Jordan Rivera

      I love Mary the henchwomen 😂

    27. M_Alazmi

      والله مايدار كفو

    28. Kristy Barker

      Why is this person so scared at the beginning...she probally gets shot like 2000 times an hour...

    29. Sazost

      At the beginning that's just violent I don't understand how you able to make that

    30. Sahil Mohamed

      Is the Midas style in the game

    31. Ludvic Monroe

      Roses are red Violets are blue Midas and Jules are actually BOYFREIND and GIRLFREIND IDIOT

    32. LOL L\x


    33. Taylor Campbell

      This is so stupid

    34. Miles Morales

      At least iron man witch is me me no included

    35. رتبعب ملنب


    36. Shadow Assassin

      With all the ghost around.. where’s the ghostbusters

    37. Shella Bahrke

      I love fortnite

    38. Elijah Cortez

      Sis you better watch out because Ghostbusters is coming.

    39. Jack Tambling

      Midas is the best

    40. G9260

      hes a realy good editer it looks like a movie -



    42. Nugget Playz

      Please bring back wolfvirne he should exsplain what happened

    43. KenTinel

      Midas: 'death is not the end' *Flashbacks to t'challa/black panther*: 'in my culture, death is not the end' 😪 Rest in peace chadwick

    44. Moutez Jaber

      i love youur vides

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    46. Qian832 Quick

      I like the new Minas

    47. smasher

      Hope the ghost busters doe not come

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    49. Daniel Mata

      the sound creep me out in fortnite

    50. OkeeMacaroni

      Mary the Henchwoman is gone :( Edit: SPOKE TOO SOON

    51. Lagst _

      2:28 Translation: ghost 1: what ghost 2:u are shadow cube season 6

    52. General Grievous

      Bring back drift and lynx

    53. Battle Major

      1:48 isn’t that a skin from chapter 1 default WTF

    54. ARNAV 29

      mary and gold (midas) coinsidence or on perpose

    55. Tanks XD

      How is he shadow Midas

    56. Lucca Gamer

      Poor Mari the henchwomen

    57. Melinda Prather

      I can Jules can you friend fishboy 12

    58. حيدر الكنك


    59. Neddiay The [Redacted]

      0:27 Me and the bois watching nsp be like

    60. Zahir Roberson

      I love all the voice actors in here its great

    61. GauntletTCF

      When Mary the Henchwoman screamed and Logan ditched her, and when Midas was threatening her to transform her into a ghost, I was literally thinking "if they seriously kill her I'm ditching the series" 😂 Poor Mary deserves so much better 👌

    62. TyJai Smith

      How did he get that midas skin

    63. swag master 2019 in the hood

      Can you guys also do fortnite Pokemon

    64. swag master 2019 in the hood

      My brother said that you guys are awesome

    65. swag master 2019 in the hood

      My brother said he likes you and you're and he say you're the best USfilmr ever

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    67. Logan Browning

      My name is Logan lol

    68. Faze_toyo

      Who makes your thumbnails? I wish whoever made them can make me one.

    69. anthea summers

      Hey that skin that was running from the shadow is supposed to be dead because very long ago in season 2 Midas killed her with his golden touch when she was looking for the bathroom and she went into a place where Midas didn't want anyone to go

    70. Eduardo Rosales

      This is a horror movie

    71. Ace Wildcard

      Chaos agent probably pooped himself

    72. arjun reddy

      Midas true OG

    73. The BOOM

      Yeah he’s awesome

    74. DAN TDM

      When are midas' recreutes

    75. Chuck Truong

      Wait a minute is he going to kill Logan too

    76. Austine Claire Matthews

      I really like your shorts. Can you please fact check your Marvel skits. I’m a fan of the comics.

    77. Timmytoes Oscar jones

      The chaos agent is actually the person who brung *Midas* back because he is the only one with that much power to bring up the dead since he has Kevin’s power and without midas then it has to be him...

    78. RNG Base Gaming

      Storm asmr

    79. omar elhebieshy

      midas sounds like he is going to have an accual war against chaos agent subscribe to nescape pro

    80. cucinj1

      I haven’t seen Thor in forever

    81. Porchy Plays

      Why do the shadows sound so scary?

    82. Annmarie Roberts

      Who wants to see Midas meets jules because I do

    83. Saja Lotfy

      WhY iS tHeRe NoT aN EpEsOdE ToDaY!!!!!!!!!! i thought you uploaded daily

      1. Dice

        Thimbnail issues. The new update has broken all of the models.

      2. Saja Lotfy

        @Stranger Queen ok thx u didn’t know

      3. Stranger Queen

        Calm down! They usually take a day off from Newscapepro 1 and 3 but still post daily minigames on 2, 4, and 5. I bet they'll upload later today so be patient!

    84. Aether

      honestly i just came here to watch the intro

      1. Logan Litle

        Papyrus: Sans you lazy bones

    85. Hunter

      I feel like Midas didn't learn any better from his past mistakes

    86. Caitlyn Hays

      All hell's gonna break loose if he finds out Chaos Agent killed Rook.

      1. Stranger Queen

        Wait what, he did? When was that? Can you tell me which epsiode please.

    87. Aditya Manocha

      death is not the end-chadwick boseman , rip bro

    88. Student Avery McintoshPoche`

      The beginning 😂😂

    89. Holly Griffin

      Can I be apart of NewsGator my username is ASAPsmash plz I love you guys

    90. Sync

      midas is so badass

    91. ItzBow&Arrow

      Midas is just so damn attractive

    92. Landon Rios

      For some reason I want Mary to die by Midas and Midas to pull out his drum and go Like Now time to join My shadow army Mary *shoots* 2 part of what I am gonna say Theory:what I think is gonna happened next vid of this I think Midas is gonna bring his Shadow army to fight chaos agent.

    93. Ripx353 Priebe

      How did you get that skin

    94. Christopher Ramirez

      How do I get the shadow version of Midas

    95. Kenyon Manning

      I got an idea for your next video. It has to do with this whole shadow situation and the new thing that’s in the item shop. Here’s a hint: “when there’s something strange in the neighborhood who you gon call?”

    96. Serria Barron

      is it me or does choas agent seem to be the only powerful villan scared of midas


      Can chaos just already

    98. Michael Moyers

      Poor default Just wanna say marry the henchwoman marry gold midas daughter

    99. Gachasue

      *Midas Comes Back To Life* Chaos Agent:👁️👄👁️