WOLVERINE GETS A FAN CLUB! (A Fortnite Short Film)

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    After saving Salty Springs from one of Galactus’s Gorgers, Wolverine is pestered by an adoring fan named Sagan. She-Hulk thinks she can relate, but it turns out that Logan’s fan is very much unlike Jennifer Walters’ own. You see, Sagan’s got a mysterious dark side to her and only Professor X can help the X-Men out of this mess!
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      Why wont you make a part 2 of anything

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      Deadpool come on

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      I have a new USfilm channel we moved to a other house I got a new phone so that’s why it’s so bad

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      Deadpool is Bugs Bunny

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      Why am I in this? I should have already been asleep by now.

    21. Garab Sonam

      Bruh, one girl doesn't count as a fan club.

    22. Meghan Stroyek

      Deadpool Interrupts Everything

    23. The guy who didn't ask

      Nice reference to "Lord forgive me for what I'm aboutta do"

    24. manateeslc

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    25. Bucket

      Wolverine can’t die

    26. The Virgo

      How does the title have to do with the storyline?

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      What is the other one part 2

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      That’s crazy when wolverine destroyed the gorger

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      Is anyone else noticing the “mew”’s from meowcles

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      Ya you need luck wolverine!

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      She's right dat was not nothing

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      bruh why domthey makeout that he is a cat when he is a Wolf hense the name Wolver ine

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      Meowscles:Are you sure your not a cat because you have claws Wolverine:I'm not a cat kitten Deadpool:Hey have you guys subscribed to newscapepro 5 because I have

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      Video idea: Galactus’ Revenge! (At least he tried to get revenge) Where he sends down a bunch of Gorgers and Wolverine stops all of them

    52. James Bianchi

      oh i get why he has a fan club, at the end shawty claps him out of the universe

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    54. Kermit Plaz

      Title: wolverine gets a fan club Reality of video: just met ya and I’m in a group called mutant hunters and I’m here to hunt you down?!?!

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      Bro newscapepro gonna make endgame better lol

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      Wolverine has to deep of a voice to do the subscribe to newscapepro thing xD

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      My sisters name is Sagan

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      She hulk: is this you friend? The girl stalker😆: "fan girls" you called me his friend.!?!!!?!!??? Me: hahaha ha heeee that's funny😐

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      Who here has the Wolverine skin after killing him I do like if you do comment if you dont

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      i llike how deadpool is the only smart one

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      Deadpool's a Bugs Bunny fan I see.

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      ha ha, wolverine is like a cat in so many ways

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      Omg this dude said hell

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      I mean like how do they get that voice like wolverine

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      Who voices Sagan? I know she sounds familiar.

    76. Galax Kat

      by the way deadpool and wolverine have something in common. reply to this comment what you think they have in common. the first 10 replies and ill reveal the answer.

      1. Leticia Martinez

        Wait don't they both have a healing factor and we're both bosses wolverine still is and they were both secret skins wolverine is still a secret skin though

      2. Leticia Martinez

        There now reveal the answer

      3. Leticia Martinez


      4. Leticia Martinez


      5. Leticia Martinez


    77. Warlord4379

      Deadpool is a superhero so is the X-Force so how much u want to bet when they go after them, Domino, Cable and Pyslocke have their own base and have Deadpool as a golden statue for decoration for that stunt he pulled with the love gas

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      Good. I wait for love from you 💝💖

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      Will Midas every come back to see Jules, like how he said he may have found a way to come back. Will he?

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        @Rain Ricafrente when did he come back from the dead

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        Little Lynx midas was rebuilt, last laugh bundle

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        Rain Ricafrente we will not speak of it

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        My soul is still mostly in tact

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      This made me go back and watch a Logan again and I got really sad😭

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      You have bad vids

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      Just wanna say this episode was a little bit boring just wanted to point taht out

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      Was the guy that played wolverine not good enough to beat a gorger with only the claws

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      At start dead pool skis wash some more new scape 5

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