JULES'S REVENGE... (A Fortnite Short Film)

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    Eternal Knight (Skye) has launched an assault on the Authority, in the hopes of gaining an audience with Chaos Agent. With the critical information she possesses, he’s all ears. Later, Jules arrives back home and has to face a series of challenges that test her body, heart, and soul…
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    Published on 4 months ago


    1. Meep Master47

      I just watched the episdoe and now i am like, WTF

    2. Ghost Team

      I hate this channel and I hate jules

    3. Josh Patterson

      3:32 this is why we need chaos agent

    4. Shadow

      I mean ngl Skye had it coming

    5. MrsBoyce82

      But by the way sub to newscapepro

    6. MrsBoyce82

      Watch Gattu

    7. Josh Patterson

      6:10 Dead body reported Emo woman did it

    8. Chungus Booga

      Jules that’s not nice to Star sky in the back

      1. Chungus Booga

        I hope sky is alive

      2. Chungus Booga

        That is very sad

    9. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Jules

    10. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Sky

    11. Jay Playz033

      So we're not gonna talk about Jules in the background when she got raided? Skye's henchmen: *raiding Jules* Jules: what the heck was dat ?

    12. Valentín DR

      🖕a Lules la elimino de todo loco

    13. Mohamed Saleh

      Skye She's not dead💔 and I Hate jules and I Hate jules and I Hate juuuuules😡😠

    14. Zariah McCammon

      I love Jules.

    15. Mangal Nooran

      Midas sing .Daddy's girl daddy's girl Jules. Nooooooooo 😡😡

    16. Mangal Nooran

      Fade. Welcome to my will Me. No no no no welcome to my world full of coronavirus

    17. Marcia Campos


    18. Undead Memory

      When a fans Is correct Chaos agent yes yes


      News cape pro is funny

    20. Elliot’s Fun world

      Jules: you killed my father Shark: NO I am your father Jules: NOOOOOOO!!!!

    21. Mipha

      Jules was the imposter

      1. Coco Bandicoot

        (Skye was not The Not the Imposter)

    22. Mipha

      This vid is my nightmare

    23. Mipha

      I think all noobs will just use pickaxe

    24. gilbertai

      Dont worry she is alive

    25. Joker 246

      5:13 Jules:your just a scared little orphan Skye simps and fans:yeah like you had a mom jules

      1. TmP Kodez

        Well she did had a mom...she died when giving birth to jules

    26. Exotic

      What was funny about them killing the henchmen was you could here jules in the background

    27. Bebeshitis ibarra hernandez

      6:04 28 STAP WOUNDS

      1. Mipha


    28. Chase Williams


      1. Mipha


    29. basu Gurung

      i no who is keasajint

    30. Kit The Racer

      To the person that's reading this: I'm not a bot.

    31. Albert Tirta kusuma Gaming

      Good now no one will attack authority now


      6:05 best part

    33. Baconfatt

      🤘🐷🤘 Oink oink Baconfatt loves you

    34. Skyler Roblox

      Jules: YoU CaNt MesS WiTh Me

    35. Peter Santos

      7:32 I thought they were gonna go on the bed I have a dirty mind🤣

      1. ATTPF - Anti TikTok Police Force

        Must be from TikTok 🙂

    36. spider man fan

      No skye is evil so yeah

    37. Kimberly

      its sad that skye died

    38. Kimberly

      Skye died

    39. Peetu Lampela


    40. Pharmacist Nadia

      Me too I love the character sky

    41. Josue Santiago

      Noooooooooo Skye is dead she was a good one but she died she was My fav... now meowscle,s is gonna be like were not friend,s anymore u kill her

      1. Happy

        She's still alive watch the newest videos

    42. Chloe Roberta


    43. Chloe Roberta

      Hi love your videos so much

    44. Tavonda Lucas

      0:43 me after failing a test and having to run 6 miles

    45. gemer107elvin elvin

      Skye 😭😢😭

    46. Kaeina Huwyler

      Is it just me or does chaos boss breathe like darth fader

    47. Joe Mama

      Skye was so cool and loveable then she turned so dumb Skye is so much better in season 2 and she was a better swordsman now she just plain annoying

    48. Angel Bahena

      really skye died i hate this now

    49. The Impostors

      The marauders are from save the world

      1. Mipha

        Ima report u imposter

    50. Ipad Backup


    51. Lemon Fiber

      she killed skye i haaaaate jules now, skye was my favoret!!!!! how could YOUUUUUU FADE HELP HER, LET HER DIE IN HER MISERY WITH HER FATHER. AND I HATE MIDAS!!!!!!!!!!! READ MY COMMENT!!!!

      1. Coco Bandicoot


    52. Uber Jason

      Why did she kill a anime girl even she is a anime girl

    53. Avery Ardito

      Kit: Jules i have a question. Jules: Ok Kit tell me your question! Kit: Where is aunty Skye? Jules: (Mumbles) i-i k-kill-killed her........

    54. Kayla Hernandez

      You said a bad word even the robots

    55. *- Hajra Haseeb *-

      And kit is so cute and kind

    56. *- Hajra Haseeb *-

      I love Jules cuz she’s so pretty and beautiful and kind that’s why I love her and I always pick Jules for my Fortnite

      1. Mipha

        And KIND. Really She killed my favorite girl

    57. *- Hajra Haseeb *-


    58. LiamsiGaming

      at least skye admitted she was being an idiot

      1. LiamsiGaming

        @Mipha you're not skye

      2. Mipha

        I am not an idiot its newscapeidiot

    59. Carter Hoskins

      Who thinks that Jules is the bad guy and skye is good

    60. Ebony Mcnulty

      It sounds like Brutus is saying the others has taking a sh*t lol

      1. ATTPF - Anti TikTok Police Force

        Probably from TikTok...

    61. Kokiiio Kotii

      I think the title is from the emoji Ohms Revenge from battlepass

    62. Elyjah Dalton

      Why did ju,es haft to die

      1. Venom

        Jules didn't even die

    63. Lalo._.2


    64. Zander Ruelas

      Anyone notice when she came out of her room she came out of the vault

    65. Keldrick Beals

      Skye kill jules

    66. Golden Fnaf

      Narrator: you can see she's quite a backstabber

    67. Hortencia Ibarra hernandez

      6:04 moment 28 stab wounds

    68. Jack Nelson

      Skyland a really good character

    69. Jack Nelson

      Sky with

    70. robert carpenter

      When the order was fighting I heard Jules henchmen voice

    71. Cindy Merkt

      Do you want episode with sky gets tortured by Jules how about you put a shock collar on Sky because she looks like a dog and she’s just a sad dog ha she will probably be crying like one too too harsh no probably not

    72. Braxton Shields

      Lol its OK now lol

    73. NoahGondoLOL

      Jules has anger issues

    74. Devon Giles

      Skye is such a snitch

      1. Coco Bandicoot


    75. Practice Nurse

      She is blind

    76. Kitchen Buddies

      Skye s not really an orphan she just never met her parents

    77. JG - 09MM 713264 Castlebrooke SS

      I am from the future, and skye is fine!

    78. Coco Bandicoot

      Jules kills skye Newscapepro:it’s free real estate

    79. Ahmed Jouini

      I must agree with you

    80. team balula


    81. Joey Magas

      Not gonna lie kind of hate Jules

    82. Fernando De Haro

      How did Jules stab the eternal night through her shield

    83. Exotix Clan

      Put the video in 2x and it’s funny how everyone’s voices are so weird

    84. Natty J


    85. Peterbcfc64

      I wish I had Midas I love him

    86. Kayden Pereira

      Lllllllllll Llllllgggghmk Llllll

    87. Jacinta Cronin

      Oh my god.... oh wait shes been ok before except oro is "dead" so shes dead

    88. dasdaddd s

      Everyone’s saying they r so sad bc skye died but, Jules went through a lot and skye was killing her so if u rlly think about it Jules is the one that has gotten hurt more. But we all love skye at the same time❤️

    89. IT. JUST. WORKS

      6:12 Ultima Knight: *So You Have Chosen... Death*

      1. Mipha

        Oh it's her couple. Bye the way I dont think she is Skye I mean where are those 2 glowing swords

    90. Z.J Krawler

      WOW 6:04 Did I just stumble into a Call of Duty scene?!?! BTW: Jules is so casual when she does it. Its like: Jules: (stabs Skye) Skye: (nearly dies) Jules: "Eh, who cares?"

    91. Aden Bond

      No sky 😭😭😭

    92. SamNeon Productions


    93. John Murphy

      Skye isn”t dead if you watched communic gaming or have seen in Midas office there’s lynx golden then her helmet on Midas helmet wall

    94. Aries With Fortnite Santiago

      Skye is enternal knight

    95. Sarah R

      why kill skye me mad

    96. Blobit’s Agabag

      I wasn’t expecting chaos agent to take his helmet off

    97. Agent.AvocaDo

      5:55, sky- after all this time ? Me- Always

    98. mrXtraReee

      Skye be like: I look new Jules be like: SHING SHING SHING