KIT GOES UNDERCOVER?! (A Fortnite Short Film)

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    Kit and Happy love the hottest game on the market! Unfortunately for them, John Wick hosts the game on his phone platform, and the game developers no longer want to obey his policies! As a result, the cat’s favorite game is removed from their phones and they have to find a way to get it back! They have to go… undercover.
    Wick Industries Creative Map by dfault_skin
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    Published on 3 months ago


    1. Christopher Mullin

      I love them two kit and happy

    2. Jonah Munley

      Why did Ape-pple have to take down fewordnite and apple needs to take down fortnite (Spelling Errors Intentional)

    3. Jonah Munley

      Notice that when happy shows the video from her phone the channel is NEWSCAPE PRO

    4. CashGamer1223

      2:37 When kit and happy lost a game...

    5. The Shark

      Just stop being scrubs play on pc John wick-2020

    6. Fallafflewaffle

      John wick: I love money more than anyone on the planet. Mr crabs 🦀 oof

    7. Brian James

      Meowsicles is the worst parent ever.

    8. Josh Birch

      yes STAR WARS!!

    9. No more tick-tock


    10. Blair

      2:38 rEeEe we like fjordnite we like fjordnite

    11. DoritoBro10

      First you mentioned it being an agent then you made a video about voice trolling with me out of the sky and I don’t know what You will leek next

    12. Moi

      Fortnite is coming back to apple

    13. Quiiverr

      2:07 I just noticed the blurred title is "JULES GETS MARRIED?!"

    14. Lemmy x Pro

      2:04 I read the faded text almost immediately, and i think it's the title from the video where jules almost gets married to deadpool called "JULES GETS MARRIED? - A Fortnite Short Film" Don't ask how i read that so quickly and clearly

    15. Anime Lord

      6:25 love the metal gear reference

    16. Aussie_Red_Dog

      Obviously someone watched game theory

    17. Brandon Singh


    18. varun tiwari

      O that’s do by John wick

    19. Senile Salmon

      Fade sounds more like Kylo Ren than Kylo Ren

    20. Maria Huertas

      This is so cool

    21. Frickin' Rumbi

      Nobody: Happy: Hon hon hon I have le French accent for no reason, hon hon hon.

    22. thebadgirl erm


    23. Meme Master9000

      Nice Solid Snake reference

    24. victor


    25. Emily osur

      Lol there trying not to get sued bu the game there channel is based on

    26. Pk Playz


    27. CJ MP Boi

      Free fortnight

    28. Brightness-Lad


    29. DashtonMakes144p

      Apple Watch this like 👁👄👁

    30. Injured playz

      5:03 detected rare chest

    31. Injured playz


    32. Roblox_Random

      I luv ur vids❤️❤️

    33. Grady Conn

      THIS HAS 420 DISLIKES!!!!!!

    34. عصابة سارة Asaba sara

      Best part :6 24

    35. CreeperBoy1000

      Who just waiting for Happy to meet her real mom

    36. Eva Cardenas



      Wonder what they will do when the tart tycoon skin comes out?

    38. Sneakycentar

      See this apple

    39. Sneakycentar

      Star wars bois

    40. Jackson Popplio

      Is this supposed to be like apple and fortnite

    41. the derpy sandwich

      Didn't Hacivad get killed by dire.

    42. Dood Ler


    43. Bloody8Playz


    44. Fade-_- Exoticz

      6:26 The metal gear reference killed me! 🤣

    45. Anthony Crosbie

      They are playing fortnite in fortnite? My head hurts🤯🤕

    46. Anthony Crosbie

      You guys should have used that intro a long time ago with star wars

    47. Miguel velazquez

      I love the solid shake reference

    48. NerdFlanders303


    49. Prince Faour


    50. god speed

      It's like Apple vs fortnite

    51. Ethan Brown

      Newscapepro is my favorite USfilmr

    52. Klumpit

      「Metal Gear Solid Refrence」

    53. Ishan Das


    54. Creative Brick Films

      Please tell me how you make the characters become unarmed for ur role play?? Please tell me I’ve been dying to know I’ve searched it up but there’s nothing please, I need to know

    55. natasha georges

      Love your videos keep it up and you might be the best origin story creator of fortnight there ever was

    56. 3L1T3_Darly THE GAMER

      John wick love he’s dog and wife not money 💴


      6:38 metal gear reference

    58. nicolas De Luque

      im not even done with video but i can say this is the best episode ever

    59. SamNeon Productions

      6:26 *METAL GEAR*

    60. Marc 83

      9:24 John Wick: "*i love money more than anyone else*" Mr Krabs: "*Are you challenging me?*"

    61. Marc 83

      6:26 Metal Gear Solid reference

    62. Help save Philip Plz

      The start was so dramatic

    63. Keldrick Beals

      Save fojnite people

    64. Reuben Baxter

      # free hagivat

    65. Luis gamer lima

      Legal sendo detetive

    66. The Console Guy

      Fortnite in Fortnite? I am soooooo confused

    67. Macaulay Beehler

      That intro was amazing


      best hcanl

    69. kevin v

      I know right

    70. Torcher In outpost.

      In fortnite I can speak as kit white cat and mad cat meowsouls white meowsouls black meowsouls and but I even can do fortnite danceing.😊

    71. SamRulzFTW

      God I can feel my soul fade away when kit said "WE LikE FoRtnIte"

    72. Jordan Williams

      Fortnite challenges

    73. Jordan Williams

      Kit is the best

    74. Apollo_yeet


    75. Georgia Dixon

      I love the series

    76. nicboyis theboss

      why did you make the apple banning fortnite ipad and iphone why!!!!! R.I.P IPAD and IPHONE 😔😔😔😔

    77. ItzMaliGamerz

      2:37 happy's accent is so good when she says this (lol)

    78. Logan Cupp

      I love how they say furtnite

    79. Fortnite Rager

      Apple vs Fortnite Newscapepro Edition

    80. Dark Stick

      Can I know what the skin name of the guards

    81. Legos Legos

      OMG LOL 6:26

    82. Maskuden

      Anyone like the Metal Gear reference?

    83. Another1Gone

      7:31 I got that reference 😉

    84. Cezar Rodriguez

      Love the meatle gear solid reference

    85. Carl B

      Save fortnite mobile

    86. Annie Sons

      Hey can I be in one of your vedos

    87. Super Pink Bunny

      I love how they say foerdnight and not fortnite

    88. Evan Diaz

      best push in newscapepro ever

    89. Theycallmekingbeast The first

      Happy sounds like bmo from adventure time

    90. battlekid playz

      Did Happy riping off we like fortnite make anyone else's day?

    91. Edgar Martinez

      Nice metal gear reference

    92. ItzSmokey_ _

      Ok now I need to know where Apple headquarters is so I can raid it


      Rewind 2019

    94. Alyx

      Banning hacivat makes my socks sad

    95. Ciara Rice

      kit: maybe pa can give us some tips me: AdOLFuS TiiiiipS

    96. Dog!

      Anyone Know Where Kit Is!

    97. Donertailer miky lenarddo ráphail Tmnt

      I love thee channels

    98. Akira Powell

      kit: *meows* guard: what was that?? kit and happy: stays quiet guard: wait ... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH kit and happy: *making cat noises

    99. TR7I 65

      Itz cool •́ ‿ ,•̀

    100. Simon Lee

      REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! happy 2020