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    Meowscles is upset that he’s the only one between him, Kit and Jules that hasn’t been made an honorary Avenger by Tony Stark (Iron Man). With the aid of She-Hulk, he sets out to correct what he feels is an egregious error.
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    Published on 2 months ago


    1. Hello human being

      Nice the vid is exactly 10 min long :)

    2. Zarief Emod

      Your ar all dom guys

    3. Zarief Emod


    4. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Tony

    5. Penguinplays _

      I have a idea Jules. Name it “The Gold Digger”

    6. For the win Fightover

      I got 500 subs on meowscles

    7. Rosalie Carreon

      can you do the lachan join the avengers

    8. Catgamer

      Joe is such a versatile actor

    9. chuck Pennington

      Can you pls give me the battle pass.

    10. Roblox GamingBros


    11. Ray Baksh

      Tttttttttttttttttt #

    12. Jason Gordon

      Lol meowcles :Atlest Jules is like me Jules:hey meowcles I’m an honorary avenger

    13. The Joker Aj Arthur

      'What do you mean you moron?' Le Champion Chris Jericho vs 'You're such morons!' Jennifer Walters

    14. Theo Tongson

      The kits are watching somthing I like to call.... NOT CANON

    15. Xx LittleCuteGames xX

      Umm when tony stank whent back in time to be da frst sub too newskatepwroo he went too june 12th *i think* but newskatepwroo started his cannel November 20th 2008 HAHA BIG BRAIN

    16. Cosette Flaschner

      Your videos are like horrible like What the hell dude why are these so horrible

    17. 3B 3B


    18. Legendary Gamer

      If tony died in endgame how is he still alive

    19. Spider Doge

      There's ghost and ego and Epic

    20. NAN.VIVI

      all the World joins the avengers

    21. Jahrei Thompson

      this is the best

    22. The Cat Workshop

      Everybody who does something becomes an avenger lol

    23. Some Cool Name

      Poor kitty bro 😢

    24. RainbowTrashCan


    25. Falislifestyle channel

      I still don’t know how joe makes that low voice lol

    26. Jurassic Fox

      Black heart needs to come back plz

    27. Lewie Smith

      Jules isn't midas' daughter >:(

    28. Fadumo Farah


    29. Boggie’s Studio

      What happened to keo?

    30. EliNinja 21

      "I guess we'll go with TBD" The joke from the Midas and Jules vs Meowscles and Kit Family Feud video RIP: Midas

    31. Romance Atkins

      Starwars fans: (when kit and sister say rey) Starwars fans: why would you say that name

    32. Thomas Krukowski

      Meowscles and Toni sound to simaller

    33. Karla Espinoza

      What about Fade?

    34. Sean Quince

      Yep he is a "normal" cat

    35. Lisa291288

      If the dad said to the kids said what ur favourite avengers movie was if the said end game lol how iron man alive then

    36. Phil Payne

      Give me v bucks 5;0000

    37. Bryan goat

      Meowscles should have around by the flood why is he still here

    38. subbing to everyone who subs to me

      To the early squad reading this: sending virtual hugs to everyone who needs it. Always stay safe, and read my name :)

    39. Rennick Etienne

      Guys aura ain’t normal she had PORN

    40. mikka mlg

      I wish they never made this channel

    41. Not GoodEnough

      Me watches this Destroys this channel so I’m first subscriber Yeet

    42. Chocolate Noob

      this is why i hate newscpape. they hype it up so much. MEOWSCLES JOINS THE AVENGERS! when all it is, is tony adding him for no reason. all the other people were added because they ACTUALLY HELPED WITH THINGS!!! all he did was punch some stuff to free jules.

    43. MegaMonkeysGo

      Wait a minute... How is Jarvis aka Tony's asistant sound exactly like Midas

    44. Mr_ftt


    45. Mr_ftt

      Does newscape know that they have to collect storm

    46. Kalizay Tamatea

      NewScapePro love your videos they are awesome keep up with the fantastic job 👍

    47. Andy gaming

      1:57 good use of the glider

    48. Lechoggers

      June 12 is the independence day of my. Country lmao

    49. aida partovizad

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      I wanted to see a fight

    51. Alex Esp

      If the spider man skin ever comes will tek become him

    52. Leo Robertson

      tibetan mobile

    53. Rnex

      Meowscles regrets not leaving them in the hay

    54. Joey Nguyen

      Welcome to fortnite

    55. Noann Brigido

      Tony X Tek

    56. Michael Rivera

      who jrean

    57. Raze Lazar

      30k more subs until 2 mill for NewScapePro 3

    58. Xx_DEADP00L_xX

      Has anyone noticed that meowscles and tony have almost the same voice?!

    59. Stevie ‘Razor’ Metcalfe

      Who remembers when in family feuds last season at the authority Midas, Meowsceles, Kit and Jules and at the start Midas was petting tbd AKA Ohm and the is called tbd

    60. TR Tiger

      Work it the movie had the name tbd as there crew name

    61. Duckyman

      At this point is tony just placing random people in avengers lol

    62. ruftaps

      Stark : you are a avenger. MEOSCALES: I want to be a avenger

    63. T0xns

      "What about... Golden Child?" I still can't stop laughing!

    64. Ninjatube57


    65. ActecDC 5

      Aww man I really wanted a battle against Tony and meowcles

    66. XxFunnehfanxX

      Check out newscapepro 1 my dad got a girlfriend

      1. XxFunnehfanxX

        Guys me and happy will be avengers:D

    67. This is a poggers gamer Moment

      I’m pretty sure he would get rejected

    68. Useless Animator

      Meowscles broke in like: *MEOW MEOW NI****

    69. Kevin Mitchell Jr

      I feel like jules is off......

    70. noorlovesunicorn

      meowscles is a cat meow meow

    71. An L

      last i guess

    72. Matt Carr

      I wanted to see some bloodshed

    73. Mr L, Green Thunder

      6:52 Meowscles: “They ask you how you are and you say fine, but you’re not fine, you just can’t get into it cause they would never understand!”

    74. Mr L, Green Thunder

      3:11 Wow, Happy, real mature.

    75. Big Boris

      Ok that scene were jules and meousles was the best scene I have ever seen all the references .golden child .tbd

    76. Arianna Holmes

      Lol hahahahahahahh that part where she hulk was like by the way your both morons 🤣

    77. Tarun Nagrani

      I like it

    78. Davey Farmer

      This post seems more ok

    79. Ayden Lalicata

      Where’s FADE!?!???!!!

    80. Paweł Cymbalista

      Tony why do you hate Meowsceles and not Kit

    81. Paweł Cymbalista


    82. Paweł Cymbalista

      Meowsceles you better think about others like Skye or Rox you big fat-

    83. Michael P

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      Check out my new Vid of SONY making a FORTNITE MOVIE!!

    85. Ninja Cat

      8:53 She hulk: WHY ARE YOU RUNNIN? WHY ARE YOU RUNNIN??!!

    86. krystal mercado

      We’res axo?!?!?!

    87. Xx_Darkghost_ 21

      I was the first ever subscriber

    88. Frosbite

      That twist ending ha ha ha ha ha

    89. hash marsh

      I'll try spinning that's a good trick is the best quote from this big video

    90. Padcount Plays

      I love how She Hulk just walks up in the most dramatic time possible 🤣

    91. Darren Mendez


    92. Marshmallow Vlogs

      Meowscles:shut up Tony *Tony* *will* *remember* *that*

    93. Clout God

      I'm cringed

    94. ChloeTheAcrobat

      Does this mean meowscauls and Tony are fighting them self as they are both played my joe 🤔😂

    95. puggamer r6sf

      Thank you so much now I got a boyfriend and I a girl

    96. ChloeTheAcrobat

      Also TBD from family feud 😂😂

    97. ChloeTheAcrobat

      “Golden child” from family feud 😂😂❤️

    98. Patrick Pickle

      I love the way that Tony and meow meow are so immature around each other

    99. Evan Stevenson

      Meowscles: I've been in many exclusive teams Me: u haven't been in the heros from chapter 1