THE LIFE & DEATH OF MIDAS! (A Fortnite Short Film)

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    Midas has returned as Shadow Midas, but how did he get here? The full story of Midasโ€™ death and rebirth is told.
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    Published on Month ago


    1. E.A.D

      How did they get ghost henchmen in season 4

    2. Ali Osman

      Thor cannot talk

    3. Fancy Spring Bonnie Yt

      Wow a lifetime of midas revenges is clear

    4. amal nbhan abod


    5. Shadow Midas

      Thanks for making a movie about me!

    6. Azalea Albritton

      Is it

    7. Khari Vlogs


    8. Khari Vlogs


    9. Mergh

      short film....but 43 minutes ! :D so more good story!

    10. jtmsmith

      I can't see!!!!!

    11. jtmsmith


    12. Carlosfresh77

      Rest in peace Toxin. You will be remembered. ๐Ÿ˜”

    13. Easton plays RBLX

      R.I.P modes 2019-2020

    14. Giovanni Roman

      Why didnโ€™t it start in Season 2?

    15. Giovanni Roman

      The title: THE LIFE AND DEATH OF MIDAS (FORTNITE SHORT FILM) The video: *43 minutes long*

    16. erika djan

      WHO Is baba in WHO Is pro lil WHO i ILI in me

    17. erika djan

      WHO ok whoooooooooooooo whooooooooooooo BR whooooooooooooooo

    18. erika djan

      WHO Is pro

    19. Cely Rodriguez


    20. Cely Rodriguez


    21. Cas Timmerman

      De deafolds voyce is dat of Skye

    22. Alden Josh Abobo


    23. Blue Bird

      Fโ€™s in chat for Toxin...

    24. ChloeTheAcrobat

      YESSSS THE RETURN OF NEWSCAPEPRร‰ลด โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ thanks Ryan ๐Ÿ˜‚

    25. jawad jawad


    26. GamerGirl09 Epic

      OK wait I love midas alot and I love last season soooooo I would love to help kill wolverine I've killed him alot soooooo pleaseee I would love to help juels sorry I spelled that wrong anything to help my favorite season and to get a hug or shout out From midas and the guys from that season please

    27. anaflores36

      The title fortnite short film the minutes like 43:48 I DONT think that's short

    28. Plushie Broโ€™s

      So ghost takes shield the most powerful team taken down by two ghosts

    29. jules the master engineerใƒƒ

      short??? *NO WAY*

    30. WilliamWS10squad


    31. DropSpot Gaming


    32. Re Ko

      where is the place where jules is in that thing

    33. ryan campell

      that editing tho

    34. Outdoor Adventurur

      Ay new video midas aimbot

    35. Jamies trains

      Why is the device music in the midas screen

    36. Fatayah James

      new scape pro is ugly but I hate you and your so much damn

    37. Jaida Ramy

      Tony:Iโ€™m too rich to die!lolll

    38. edson e seus amigos


    39. edson e seus amigos

      Eu sou do brasill

    40. honey moon gacha

      Epic games: though mid us is dead you can kill him again me: time to DIEEEE MIDUS

    41. Aidan Jonas

      Video : Fortnite short film Also video: over 40 minutes long

    42. dead cat lol

      Short film hu

    43. Fern Jaimes

      Yesssss he said it it's funny when he says that

    44. Cesar Cervantes

      U should make a skit where the justice league meets the avengers

    45. Iโ€™mBadkidmelton

      Do meowscles next


      does this mean thor is going to be released

    47. renegade fire

      I love how Tony says aaaaah I'm too rich to die

    48. Brandi Wagner

      fornit is osu

    49. Radioactive Hellhound

      OMG This was one long short film

    50. PK worlds

      Am I the only heard chaos agent say to toxin โ€œYou gave me my first HOSTโ€ and venom is coming to the game so I think chaos agent is a simboot I donโ€™t know how to spell it but get the point if anyone else coot that like the comment

    51. Doggo Gaming

      This is a re upload the last one was the same thing the only new thing in this one is the end

    52. leland 5991

      hi go like Newscapepro 3

    53. Mike Phillips


    54. Ghostboy 7734

      Make a channel called newscapeepruuuu where you keep all of your memes at

    55. I_Has_Snipez

      โ€œDeath is not the end itโ€™s just a new beginning.โ€is all I have to say.

    56. dereck molina

      yes fanily some ting long

    57. Jessica Santiago

      Epic: cookdabox

    58. Jyoto

      wait is kit dead?

    59. Rayan Basem

      Meowsecels is kill MIDAS

    60. Brent johnson

      Does anyone think that the person that voices Midas sounds like Thrawn from star wars rebels.

    61. Nicole Loether


    62. Carla Vera Sitjar

      Iron man:doesnt take damage Zombies:hello Iron MaN๐Ÿฅ› Also zombies:milllkkkk Me:i need a tiko lambo

    63. Yamishow

      Everybody knows that the running lady was one of my agents *Skye voice* how I miss Meowscles

    64. Yamishow

      Me too

    65. Harley Quinn

      Life is faliuar before but death is accepted to revenge for the control altho i will get my revenge of who took it from me will wish to come back to there own bussines i will taking control of the island and take my revenge finally activating my masterplan destroying a piece of the island to my DNA system and action comes back

    66. Winarti Handayani

      Lol Storm Built emote is a t pose

    67. Winarti Handayani

      Question why is your name shadow Midas?

    68. Kind. x.pikachu


    69. Lax

      31:52 WEIRD VOICE

    70. ThePr3stol Man

      Ik chaos agent is evil but still that sad :*****(

    71. Luke Pattugalan

      I want to make something absolutely clear. Midas will succeed. He always has and alway will. He brought the golden candidites together, killed them all, and brought back his daughter. Then he successfully came back from the dead and will keep succeeding.

    72. ahmedikill

      Pls don't stop these vids I live for them

    73. Chizzle Bizzle11

      Weโ€™re is kitc

    74. William Afton

      You guys are the dumbest if they ever knew that Wolverine what is a mutant what's the most powerful mutant in the world they would not mess around with your man cuz she cannot be killed he like John Wick you could take pain he can take stamina take all that but in the end those people will die the number how much they bake they will still die so he's pretty much John Wick shepler with mutant the most biggest mutant power I ever saw so don't F with him

    75. loco luca Lythe


    76. เฒ _เฒ 

      I never thought Toxinโ€™s death would be this bad...

    77. Isabella Cleveland

      storms voice absolutely astonished me she has such a soothing voice omg

    78. saleh judeh

      Weโ€™re is that place ? 2:42

    79. Air Head

      New skapee pru

    80. Gamingkid 26

      This look like a movie ๐Ÿ˜ถ

    81. Skillex Gamer


    82. Skillex Gamer

      I have all these skins expect for the undead midas. Lol and when I play with my friends they sound like robots when they die because if the zombie update. Some sound like things that are jilarious

    83. KiiGloe :D

      โ€œIโ€™m flying to my next USfilm subscription, new scapรจ pruโ€ Yes indeed youโ€™re flying to new scapรจ pru

    84. Toya Newell

      Wonder twins are not marval charter

    85. Paul Kilcline

      He was became more powerful then literally Thanos

    86. SANTIAGO

      Chaos agent: haha Midas is dead Midas: loser you going to pay bombs steamy who is the loser haha

    87. Mariah Princess

      I am midas

    88. Joshua Lasko

      This is cool

    89. gman349

      midas and that other guy has the same voice with a gost voice changer behind it

    90. Neil Redman

      Ne ne ne ne batman do batman pls not a other origin what he

    91. Tabitha Young

      I love you

    92. Layna M


    93. Nathan James Tirado

      Does it hurt doing the voice

    94. Francisco Morales

      Daammmm the ending was so crazy!!!!๐Ÿคฏโค๏ธ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ

    95. Tayshon Johnson

      If Midas and Dr doom fight,then Doom might actually have a challenge

    96. leeshan halangahu


    97. Sasha Cornillaud

      did anyone else die when midas said neu scapay prrUU ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ’€

    98. Mr LordVenom

      Oh my god look how newscapepro have made midas look and sound like the villain it's perfect! I jsut love this channel anyone else agree?

    99. Cheyenne Miller

      I have not watched this in a while and this is amazing I love this channel