GROOT: THE EARLY YEARS! (A Fortnite Short Film)

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    Rocket Raccoon and Baby Groot have arrived on Fortnite Island! The space-faring duo have been split up however, and with his memories cloudy, Rocket must enlist the help of the native population to find his friend…
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    Published on 3 months ago


    1. Hello human being

      Lol bushes and trees can now communicate apparently

    2. the death star

      7:11 ^here you go drink up^ hol up

    3. Judah Morris

      willow is ugle

    4. Lit_brayan Valdes

      I love these stories alot

    5. Amethyst The Myth-AmophiEon

      This is probably the most wholesome episode I have seen yet.

    6. Lil SpiderMan

      The story of Rocket Racoon, John Wick and the Grudge searching for their plant child

    7. Game Life

      What if Batman meet Groot Groot: I'm Groot Batman : I'm Batman 😂

    8. Dusky Dee Dragon

      Rocket: Now this is Pod-racing Me: You are correct, young padawan

    9. Ariel Baucom

      I like all your videos

    10. Luca Grzegorzek

      Baby Groot is so cute

    11. Jacob (Ink3d) Recarte

      Eh SiMp

    12. Clarence Pearson

      john confirmed simp

    13. Isaac Porter

      Am I the only one who saw the the colour of the whiplash changed from dark green too white {no hate)

    14. Feeling Twins

      I liked the part where he said *I am Groot*

    15. Faze sway Faze sway

      Rocket simp Jon what

    16. Matthew

      Ha ha🤣

    17. Goruto What if’s


    18. Super Saiyan

      I’m pretty sure that rocket and Deadpool have the same voice actor

    19. Tawny Hernandez

      I love this video

    20. Sayyaf

      The girl-Aww Groot Is so Cute Roket-groot wants a ride on the car

    21. Wendy Rodriguez

      Johns a simp

    22. foxgaming 55

      Is that Deadpool’s voice

    23. Tizrah Garza


    24. Mr. iDo STUFF

      His car changed colors

    25. Stephanie Davis

      Not so much much to speak

    26. Stephanie Davis

      Me, lol rocket,

    27. Kay tastrophe

      wow its almost like rocket and deadpool have the same voice so wierd

    28. Elia Radhi


    29. 2009forever ;-;

      I miss drift

    30. oscar trejo

      John wick a simp wick

    31. Nasir Graham

      He said simp

    32. jay parkes

      *coughs* SIMP- rocket racoon 2020

    33. Mythical_Clocks

      He has the same voice as deadpool

    34. Eatmyfootツ

      Rocket really said simp3:06

    35. greglegend 10

      Anything with John wick in it is good

    36. Richard Fielder

      Rocket I'm drawing a blank here I understand that the fortnite island gets rid of your memory but he literally says I am Groot as his way of talking


      way John Wick is in ol vidos

    38. Lendle Guanzon

      Is it just me because Rocket's voice actor sounds like Deadpool's voice actor

    39. 👽

      Rocket *simp* me *yells simp to

    40. Alia Alyawar


    41. Moi

      Pls make more baby groot vids like so they can seee

    42. Fiery Gamez

      I’m loving the fighting edits! Like with rocket and the silver surfer vs iron man I love it

    43. Denilson Sanchez Monge

      I subbed to all channels newscape1,2,3 and 4 even newscapegames

    44. lilFN_ FN

      I loved when groot said i am groot

    45. RyanF7

      Rocket the raccoon friend is groot jonwick saves sappling groot who is groot

    46. Roberto Vargas

      I am groot

    47. Ashley Potter

      Krusty Rocket the Clowncoon. owo

    48. A Armstrong

      Where did Groot go

    49. A Armstrong

      Where did Groot go

    50. A Armstrong

      Where did Groot go

    51. A Armstrong

      Where did Groot go

    52. It’s R3AL Monkeyboi


    53. Pretzle man

      Willow kinda creepy doe

    54. Izaylia King-Ewe

      john wick: fine rocket: simp john wick: hat was that

    55. Dragonsoul9 8714

      Rocket:Simp *cough* *cough* John: WHAT WAS THAT Rocket: nothing

    56. holy taco 105

      I don't like the voice of rocket but at least it's not bad

    57. Alexandra Navarro

      Hey make ah video of do new skin

    58. Pokedom 125

      There’s a show about this, you do know that?

    59. Kahina Tifaoui

      I AM GROOT!!!!!!!!!!

    60. bing

      How is rocket on wicks back i thought it was froots special emote

    61. TXZ ColtN

      3:05 luckly this was on August 30th

    62. Brody’s playtime Poynter

      Vid idea groots origin story

    63. Meme_man

      For some reason I haven’t been getting notifications

    64. Nicholas YT

      how did u get rocket on someone other than groot

    65. Alex Ly

      Rocket kinda sounds like Deadpool

    66. Russian Dog


    67. aaron chandler

      Rocket 'coughs' simp

    68. Snazzy exe

      How do u put rocket on a different skin

    69. Archie Franklin

      John wick should have a pistol or an axe

    70. Diamond Dias

      Groot is so underrated he got back thor

    71. David Palacios

      How did roket said simp

    72. Israel lopez

      Who is your favorite super hero? 👇

    73. Peyton Hendrix

      Chicken wing chicken wing chicken wing bologna

    74. Soy camitv

      Its rocket

    75. Angela Montuori


    76. Boopy Gal_.


    77. Noah Cannon


    78. SquishyDoggo •

      No simp September

    79. Spencer McDowell

      I love groot

    80. Agent Meowscles

      The first ever 9 min vid from nsp

    81. Auryn

      "now this is pod racing" smooth star wars reference right there

    82. Angala Soccer

      John wick is a simp

    83. Superboy Games

      Rocket raccoon is a raccoon

    84. Lucky Benjamin

      Now this is pod racing 🤣

    85. Jouch & Kosti

      No.... You took it too far, you made edgy goth with an engineering license into an early years, but you cannot make this!

    86. thomas ruedl


    87. Nasser Hussain


    88. RED

      Is it just me or does rocket sound like dead pool

    89. Heather Courtney

      Dear god they talked to dr.heisenbush

    90. Valerie Heenan

      Like if groot sounds Wise

    91. Valerie Heenan

      I think groot says i am groot to make villians think he's cute when he just hits puberty strait away

    92. The One True Suvivor123

      What happened to kit jules meowscles ocean and loads more characters

    93. Hg StTr00mso

      I loved this video

    94. ShineyMoney114

      Rocket had me dieing when he said SIMP

    95. Drk Vapory

      Nobody not a single person rocket to John wick SIMP

    96. Bobert X

      “ *cough* SIMP “ i lost it lol😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    97. SGAMEZ

      Did he cof at 3:07

    98. doot gaming

      when willow said "its clobberin time" it was a reference to the fantastic 4

    99. nafi alfred

      Groot is so friking cute

    100. Reckzo

      When groot said "I'm Groot" I felt that💯