IRON MAN ORIGIN STORY! (A Fortnite Short Film)

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    As a result of Thor’s call to Sif, Tony Stark arrives via the bifrost on Fortnite Island. He quickly realizes that his memory is a bit hazy. That doesn’t stop him from recalling his backstory however and how he became the Iron Man we all know and love!
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    Published on 3 months ago


    1. M Gao

      It’s weird that he ate a cheeseburger After he escaped from the cave

    2. Versatile Wolf

      Bro.. New Yorkers don’t sound like that.. as a New Yorker myself..

    3. Blank

      Did you guys know that Tony is adopted and Howard's biological son is Arno

    4. Nozova Hesan


    5. Babsi Manthe


    6. Babsi Manthe


    7. Matthew Ciancio

      Both the movies that is

    8. Matthew Ciancio

      I know iron man and ghost rider origin storys cuz I’ve seen em both

    9. Matthew Ciancio

      Me at beginning of vid: I thought this was iron man’s origin story

    10. Alicia Cordova

      Newscape pro? F those guys

    11. Aidyn Alston

      Why’d u make him sound so metallic and robotic

    12. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Stark

    13. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Peely

    14. Montariath

      "But Sir, Its From Newscapepro!" "Newscapepro? Fuq Those guys!"

    15. FRHAN GEMS

      العرب لايك

    16. Cubey

      Tip: use silver foil so it can look like Mark2 unpainted

    17. Jimmy Neutron

      Jarvis aka Midas voice actor

    18. Marsha Mcintosh

      I sub

    19. avo

      Thes the real toneys vocie

    20. Shamneh 3

      plz gift me username :your1234dad

    21. Foxy THe pirate

      I like this

    22. Livestreamatic

      Why does EVERY person on here sound like they have a cold

    23. Destiny Vitalis

      Can u send me vbuks

    24. Seth Greaves

      These guys are always so happy and productive and that’s the sine of a great channel

    25. Body Mohamed

      Guys season 4 End at November 30 make sure to reach level 100 get Iron Man

    26. Raze Lazar

      Iron Man's origin story in the video is literally him building he Mark l and escaping from that cave

    27. Jackson plays games

      Yay they ruined another franchise!!

    28. KitKat X

      I love your videos

    29. CHRISTOPHER Channel

      I have the baro bass

    30. gg gaming

      I subcried

    31. Plant vs zombie Gamer

      Wait it is suppose to be Friday not jervis

    32. Kassey Alford

      That’s true Joshua davis

    33. Chrisplayz 5587

      Iron man origin story 2020 Me:dude the iron man origin was like 12 years ago

    34. سيف ثليج


    35. سيف ثليج


    36. suleekha noor

      I love your videos

    37. Carter Harris

      this is not tony's origin newscapepro 3 (do better plz)

    38. The Official QC Crard Breaks Editor

      And NewScape Minecraft

    39. Jaspa Webster

      this doesnt make sense since iron man was teleported by thor to the fortnite island and its technically canon in marvel comics so how would iron mans origin story be in fortnite when he has never been there before other then now? i mean yeah its a story but... im so confused my brain hurts

    40. Landon Parker

      Y'all realize those Stark robots were made by Tony Stark

    41. Iron knight Prime 42

      Nice touch of his captor being named wong-chu from the comics and not raza from the mcu

    42. yuizey_x

      2:18 I love the obi wan reference

    43. Ben Scicluna

      i love this

    44. Leafy Minty cookie

      yeah that falll if he not his suit and and i oop he would broke every thing

    45. WYATT ALI

      No Dr.yinsin and yes I did watch the first Iron Man movie

    46. Tristan Garcia


    47. Xman 47583

      I love you and I SUBSCRIBED can you give me the Battle pass for free if yes here is my I’d alshamsi S X B

    48. Danny Gichuhi

      i need a skin man

    49. Rylan Barner

      And beef boss

    50. Foxy the pirate 108

      Reminds me of carbide

    51. Joanna Richardson

      I love new scape pro

    52. Maktoum Alhosani

      Zero is in my mind that some

    53. Yandel Vazquez


    54. kyle chester

      That not his origin

    55. Jack o'lantern

      *Beatiful music plays* Me: Yo this is peaceful. Iron man: AAAAAGGHHHH! Me: Your joking... Peely: Oh goody another weirdos come to visit Me: Easy for you to say

    56. mr.chicken nugget of the west

      People who watched the first iron man movie: correct

    57. IamWakz

      Tony to talking to Jarvis - Meowscles talking to Midas

    58. Marcelo Gascon

      This is literally iron man 1

    59. Nicholas Devine

      Looking at the tital page means u know nothing about marvel

    60. bradley tarrant

      Jarvis gets replaced by friday

    61. Cooldawg

      Wait why did they have this before the release I'm so confused

    62. 1xxKITCAT_BARSxx1- ROBLOX

      My favorite video was the Jennifer Walters Origen story

    63. Robert Collins


    64. Erik 76

      I got the battlepass and all the built in emotes but not storm storm is a bit hard

    65. Karl Dixon

      I wish they base it of the movie because it annoys me

    66. Kaream Phillips

      can you gift me the battle pass I play on ps4 and my name is rampant_flat7

    67. Timmy Ajala

      This is good

    68. ThatsYourElf

      This is exactly what happens when tony escaped to his mansion

    69. wxer 24

      Mechs are op

    70. Laxmi Swarupa


    71. John Keane

      Is it just me or does tony starks voice sound like meowsecles?

    72. Daigo Vobis

      NOT REAL

    73. Cauharnish syg

      a banana 🍌 that talks peel Y

    74. Cauharnish syg

      XD xDx xDx xDx xDx xDX

    75. Elizabeth Lucero

      lol he forgt his name then he sead it

    76. shitsnifferz inc.

      "So anyways, i started blasting." Iron Man/ Danny Devito 2020

    77. MidGamer


    78. KaininjaYT

      iron man already have a backstory and it isnt jarvs it is friday

    79. Tony Ramirez

      Banana man

    80. Tony Ramirez

      That sounds like project zorgo leader

    81. Ilove BreadXD

      Y do they talk with their mouths closed

    82. Tayem Tarek

      Midas come on

    83. Soniel Bonilla

      Pelly voice is the same as the project zorgo leader

    84. Junaid Mughal

      Why did he kill his own robots

    85. Kella Knauff

      Oh hey Banana boi

    86. Gabriel Garcia

      Who else already seen the movie Iron Man?

    87. Sandy cervantes


    88. ellen moore

      I watched the movie

    89. ellen moore


    90. Rat boi Cole

      The start of the video: *Tony stark shooting his own creations*


      Wait Peely and Agent Peely is the same persons but they have not same voices

    92. Droid7876

      I came i saw and i wish i didnt

    93. Driz Trxx

      This is so off

    94. Marlem Carranza


    95. Saul Juarez

      I love iron man

    96. JacVin B


    97. 3Owls1 Melendez

      Hey isn’t Jarvis Midas voice

    98. Derek Hale

      Where is that cave on the map

    99. Jennie Farmer

      Kinda like the real movie

    100. Fredbear Adventures