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    Deep within Stark Industries, Iron Man experiments with an untested procedure, and a man is made into a machine...
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    Published on 2 months ago


    1. Natasha Moore

      Can you continue this?

    2. Pro Gamer017

      Thats for real the Trailer of Robo-Cop.Just in Fortnite

    3. renato238 sandova

      Hi. Hola como. Te. Llamas

    4. Julian Martin


    5. Mr.Glitchez

      Nice I love robocop

    6. Jeanne Sandusky

      i love your content

    7. AyaanDesai Arts


    8. khloe

      Umm I'm not ganna complain because I don't want to be a robot and I have BIN SUBBED

    9. UTANA


    10. Ranjit Jillapalli

      2:19 Hey Tek nice music and voice

    11. Hamish Roche


    12. Jenny Francisco


    13. بياض البيلسان


    14. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Murphy

    15. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Tek

    16. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Tony

    17. Shel.

      Day 2 of telling Newscapepro to bring Rogue back.

    18. Paulino Lim

      Why does this sound like robocops origin story i mean he is an cop named murphy he got shot by criminals and had to be turned to a cyborg to live except less cool

    19. Lil drizzy


    20. Kim M


    21. Sherry Mitchell


    22. The Malcah TwinZ

      Wtf I searched up Sydney bots from tf2

    23. Miguel Rios

      Es Gaker como tiene esa eskin

    24. The Demon


      1. The Demon

        Ouyboug lugboug luge. M

    25. Michelle Hutchinson

      half of that was robocop references.I LOVE IT!!!

    26. Maquis Tomas


    27. Deron James


      1. Deron James

        I did not like myself

    28. xXProGamingXx200 roblox-fortnite

      1:53 corona virus Lmaoooo

    29. Shawn Cardinal


    30. Catgamer

      Dam tek can sing

    31. glenna Berg-blase


    32. errorcat 91

      Robo Cop:stop you violated the law Me:gets flash backs to sky realm

    33. Falcon 17

      Nobody: Talking with telequinesis

    34. Adrianjr Chávez


    35. Henrietta Sliver

      9th n

    36. Alfredo Jimenez

      Si amigo aqui el comentario en español que estabas buscando😁

    37. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Murphy

    38. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Tek

    39. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Tony

    40. Monster blood

      How does this have more likes than dislikes?

    41. Haris Rana


    42. Bob Bob


    43. Fly Away Playz and vlogs

      Who knew that tek can sing

    44. Sayed Yousif


    45. Adam VanHoose

      Everybody subscribe to new scape pro4

    46. Mi Mick

      God cyber man flashbacks

    47. baku f

      Fornite yo juego

    48. Lukas Belte

      Why did the stark robot at the start sound like robocop?

    49. General Kix

      Thats so good

    50. Murraydog18 Gaming

      How do you be a stark robot

    51. Daedric Slade

      A robocop reference ok this is now my favorite channel

    52. I_GhostFace_I

      This reminds me of the ternimator cuz tony said about the skin

    53. drakx star

      He's neck is look like not cool

    54. Jason Phillips


    55. Jason Phillips

      Did it ever



    57. Jeremy Miller

      Newscapepro is the best

    58. Travis Simon

      Red Red Red

    59. JOSE PEREZ

      How are you USfilm channel and your bills

    60. Tyson Wands

      How did you make the Robots do that Driving the car

    61. Usman Shah

      When the hero dies The villains:ultimate aim and god weapons When the hero come for revenge The villains:bad aim and bad weapons

    62. Sebastian Sanchez

      I LOVE chunky monkey

    63. Andres Ramirez

      Two got bars

    64. Tyrees Gaming

      I remember this movie kinda like robo cop

    65. Malcore

      is it me or nobody notices that the verg has the same voice acter as wolverine

    66. John LRTA

      Robocop story Awsome

    67. Lizhu Witmer

      Tek is actually a pretty good singer😀

    68. Skix Fnm


    69. Gabriela Cantu

      Kslsksks Kskskskskskks Hi

    70. Eivor :


    71. iamspeed :3

      8:46 that guy is the voice of wolvirine :3

    72. Eivor :

      10:38 Music please

      1. Eivor :

        Music: Rain Valter Nowak

    73. Brandon Gibson

      How do you get the robot skin

    74. James Christie


    75. Chris Santiago

      Robo cop on fortnite 😂

    76. Chaffy Break4191

      Omg robo Cop is here

    77. The GAMEING channel2.0

      Doesn’t iron sound a bit like durr burger

    78. Scott Brouhard

      Put Raven in one of your mini games

    79. سيف ثليج


    80. سيف ثليج


    81. Owen Freeman

      Roses are red Cherries are to I just got my first like But why is it blue?


      Is o cool the story!

    83. Bernardo

      Only Og's remember the beginning song Tek is humming is from Agent Peely's episode at the beginning of season 2

    84. Reimu Izaoi

      aww im so mad cause the verge skin died aw disrespectful for me but stil love your vids

    85. Armoni Lofton

      I liked and subscribed

    86. Margaret Quan kep

      Hi love ur vids

    87. Roy Rollingson

      so close to 2 mil

    88. craig

      What the hell

    89. EliNinja 21

      9:43 haven't heard that in a while

    90. Jason Sumner

      Can I pls be on ur channel I have a good voice please tag: BIG CHINCHILLA

    91. Rory Affleck

      2:04 they used Travis Scott's emote lol

    92. Cliffjumper Production

      Two sings better than the original chick that made the song

    93. Eric Oliver

      This gave me robo cop vibes

    94. VIKI

      Tony:he stole my tec There’s another one behind him

    95. James Percival

      No I want a army I feel bad know

    96. RandomPlays

      "Stop! You violated the law!" I understood that reference.

    97. Dewott Gen5fan

      The opening music sounds like “music that makes you poop.”

      1. Cornell Harris


    98. Kid Synthesize

      Just when I didn’t wanna remember robocop

    99. Thijs Remmerswaal

      You can become a stark robot if you kill a stark robot and the use Mystique’s build-in emote?