IRON MAN'S SACRIFICE... (A Fortnite Short Film)

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    Jules has been stabbed by Wolverine. Iron Man confronts him. The story of how Iron Man got in this situation is told.
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    Published on Month ago


    1. Jay Balencii

      Basically a re show of when Jules got stabbed but in irons mans perspective,eh no complains here they should do more?

    2. Margie Wagnon

      Fade And Jules Should get married

    3. Shel.

      Still waiting for Rogue the Hybrid to come back.

    4. Tina Melendez


    5. Gaming with Tij


    6. Jordan Cash


    7. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Jules

    8. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Tek

    9. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Tony

    10. DinoChomp

      This multi POV of the same day is cool

    11. Damon Reed

      sad because jules is my favorite character

    12. Unicorn8471

      Who else notice this wears Iron Man going he's inside

    13. Giovanni Cortes

      can you please make a fade gets a fan club

    14. CartoonCat


    15. Giovanni Cortes

      Didn't jules get married with fade in jules gets married

    16. Serena Merhi


      1. Serena Merhi

        hi my name is cadalist

    17. Megan Duhamel


    18. Kat O'Hara

      What is your username newscatepro

    19. Kat O'Hara

      What is your username

    20. Gamer Josh

      But like it was wolverines fault but at the same time it wasn’t

    21. Gamer Josh

      This is bad wolverine it’s all your fault

    22. Noann Brigido

      I ship iron man and tek

    23. Faris ninja

      This is like the movie Whene Wolverine wakes up he hit the girl that if you touch you get poised ensted they put Jules

    24. Digital worlds

      why iron man he was my fav! :(

    25. LizardArtist

      2:08 Tony: Can you show me? Also Tony: Looks away the whole time

    26. Gamer Cam

      Jarvis technaly tony shoudent be with tony instead it should be friday due to jarvis turning into vivsion

    27. One Plus One

      If midas show Jules and fade togather then🙅

    28. Lauraann Nicoletto

      Sometimes I don't wish Wolverine wasn't tough as bedrock

    29. Rijwanus Chowdhury

      Tony snob

    30. Ima_dumbass 1

      Is it just me or did y’all also look at wolverines arm and see his arm go though his gloves 👁👄👁

    31. Eyeru Demewoze

      so cool

    32. 1mJustShy

      Why the heck was Jules on wolverines bed????

    33. Eva Castro

      The part when wolverine killed jules is in a x men part and so a muten who can kill anyone bye touching them and wolverine was in a dream then boom they both almost got killed

    34. Tanai Beeram

      Midas + iron man and now black panther. This is awsome

    35. Agent A 2008

      Wen u realize that meow meow has the same voice actor as tont stark

    36. Ri Ban

      Iron Man: You two should get married and have lots and lots of babies. Jules: Wait, WHAT?! Iron Man: See ya! *flys away* Jules: (nervously laughing) that guy says some crazy stuff sometimes. Fade: Wow, I'm an honorary Avenger... Jules: Oh, good you're still hung up on that... Fade: Huh? Jules: NOTHING. Me: Died, 2020. Cause: laughing too hard after watching a youtube video.

    37. Jarquael Dennis

      ❤️❤️❤️❤️ 🥰🥰🥰🥰 The channel is great


      Lol 2:29 in and u see a lama in the window all the way over there lol

    39. Cory T

      Mr stark didn't feel so good

    40. Violeta angello


    41. Cory T

      I missed like half the season and Jules is DEAD holy crap NSP

    42. Rey tt

      No my favourite people died 😭

    43. Samir Gaming Land

      0:18 sad time for jules

    44. NANCY MUNA

      Pls stop

    45. Théo Lepreux

      I did the credits for MacGyver with Iron Man. Go see

    46. Robbie YouTube


    47. CruelWRLD

      8:45 the fingers with no nails lol

    48. GC911_YT

      Jules: We make a pretty good team Fade: Yeah... we do... Me: *Runs in and kicks Jules and Fade together* FOR THE LOVE OF FORTNITE JUST KISS ALREADY!!!

    49. Renael Steele

      Where was Fade in Endgame😂😂

    50. Gabriel Tobias

      Recreating horrible memories

    51. Hatin The Gamer

      This reminds me when Ironman died in endgame

    52. Usman Shah

      Wait why is everyone saying someone else did it because the Jules is mystique


      Just..... just stop doing that. You ruined Meowscles for me.

    54. Xander chomakos

      Wait she's dead so she can't be married and have lots and lots of babies as Tony put it

    55. Ammar Farooq

      ive been watching u from season 7 and always liked u i remeber the prisoner and ice king battle that was epic

    56. Rynocheeze

      Is midas voicing Jarvis?

    57. xd Nick

      Congrats on 2 mill

    58. Faze Squalid

      Fade is gonna get revenge

    59. GamerMan 57

      Bro who else got click baited but still loved the vid

    60. silly piggy54

      I just love how Tony just makes up names for everyone, like when he met Fade for the first time he called him Guy Fox 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    61. dcsaw boi

      Ngl fade would probably lose to wolvorine

    62. The Quebekers!

      This is weird

    63. Angy Brown

      Y did you kill Wolverine i do not like yol naw 😭

    64. Jaylin

      Congratulations music 2 million subscribers

    65. Julian Valeriano

      Iron man: You two should marry and have babies Jules: WAIT WHAT! Iron man: see yah Jules: THAT GUY SAYS SOME CRAZY STUFF SOMETIMES!

    66. cowchow 308

      If wolverine hurt Jules by accident why did he ram a car into tony? Wouldn’t you run? It makes him look like a bad guy

    67. V1BIN F Y B E R

      Spider man: fading away Also Spider-Man:uno reverse card Iron man:fading awey

    68. Terry Haubrich


    69. Keovois Parrish jr

      galactud is super close

    70. Xavier gamer guy

      What if they made this episode a dream and then they woke up at stark industrids

    71. Nick Lopez


    72. Nick Lopez


    73. Golden_gamer- 03

      So was remedy just there

    74. speed hunter

      This is really messed up

    75. MegaMonkeysGo

      Come on and up load already

    76. Kadima Wolf

      I get it. Fade is stuck into wanting revenge for his love of Jules and fanboy for Tony. But he knows Wolverine as much as he said he does. He should already know two things. 1.) Wolverine in the type of guy who does not want anyone around him and he has memory issues that will always strike him at the least. 2,) regardless of powers fade should already know that Jules going upstairs alone was a mistake in the first place even if he feels hated from the dude he alone should know better than anyone else!

    77. lcato Fortnite Vids

      Please use the custom skins to do spiderman

    78. MrstreamyDJ


    79. MrstreamyDJ

      Can y'all make a video about fade vs wolverine tonight thanks and have a blessed

    80. Rachel Firth

      Jules: He says some pretty crazy things some time! Me: Yeah your right Jules! He is crazy but he does know!

    81. Rachel Firth

      Iron man: those two are love birds. Me: BUT THERE NOTTTTT! ARGGGGGGG!

      1. Rachel Firth

        @lcato Fortnite Vids yes I know to newscapro but in actual fortn8te there not.

      2. lcato Fortnite Vids

        They are dating did you see the season 3 vids 😑

    82. Irvin Lopez

      Midas is almost here

    83. .X

      Tony- you should get married and have lots and lots of baby’s- Me HaHaHa

    84. Tiiger 101

      Great vid P.s small youtuber here

    85. Call Me Frost

      I want blade

    86. Caleb Fichtner

      Iron man: Breath in SNNSSNSSNSNSNSNNS And breath out ahahghaghgahghagah

    87. Cristo Nevarez Bajo

      But I’m not subscribe to princesses channel sorry I don’t like girly stuff

    88. Cristo Nevarez Bajo

      I’m subscribe to every channel

    89. Rachel Firth

      If you don't upload today im unsubbing

      1. Rachel Firth

        @•ItsAiti• they haven't uploading enough the past couple days

      2. Rachel Firth

        @•ItsAiti• how

      3. •ItsAiti•

        They have enough pressure on them. Chill.

    90. Force

      hello i use your supporter creator code

    91. Lowery Lowery


    92. Isaac landeta

      Where did Blade and Clamanaty go ????

    93. x2 Vlogs

      Awesome video. Keep up the grind. Btw who else thought fade was going to turn to gold when he high fives Jules

    94. AizenP1ayz

      Poor stark

    95. Ezekiel Herring

      I love yo videos newscapepro is it all one word sorry if not

    96. JupiterLegoFilms

      I am of Chile and y not tock good inglish

    97. JupiterLegoFilms

      I want to see wath hapend with iron man

    98. Lihapulla237

      Doesnt anyone note that wolverines claws are made out of adamantium? They would cut iron mans suit and tony like butter on the first strike.

    99. Mr L, Green Thunder

      No! Wolverine!

    100. Caida_ Neo

      I like that Fade says out of Love for Jules that he will hunt Wolverine down but I’m afraid he’s not strong enough maybe