KIT: THE EARLY YEARS... (A Fortnite Short Film)

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    Kit, Jules, Meowscles and Kit’s girlfriend Kyo tell stories from Kit’s early years - ranging from his origin story to when he gets catnapped, and even to when he falls in love! There’s something for everyone in this cat-ch up episode! You don’t want to miss this! Did we mention Skye was back?
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    Published on 3 months ago


    1. RevtrinovaX Y

      I really like that Roux and Kyo's voice

    2. kit playz


    3. kit playz

      that never happened no cap in the early years I was not homeless


      Eating sushi and watching this is actually nice

    5. DogeIsCool :3

      19:10 you can m i l k h u m a n s?

    6. yeetus deletus

      what are the odds that while I was watching this I found my missing cat

    7. Brian SCHNEIDER

      A story in a story

    8. Brian SCHNEIDER

      kit:I remember it like it was yesterday me: what if u met her yesterday?

    9. Cassie Mancia


    10. I love you

      nsp:SHoRt fiLm *Video 1 hour long*

    11. Gacha _Lover YouTube

      Rue, This is kidnapping

    12. Stanley dareon m aycardo

      0:00 i see socksfor1

    13. Sury S

      Short film means a little movie

    14. brayson 565

      Banana Army!!!!!!!!

    15. Terrence Walker jr


    16. Terrence Walker jr


    17. Hali Loehr

      I loved this it’s so good

    18. Maria guadalupe Gonzalez

      hi kit

    19. acotta78

      OM kits mom is lincks because heart on kits dad arm it says links

    20. luk Lukas

      I love Midas

    21. Spark- YT


    22. Christina Mann 81

      I love kit he is so cute

    23. QMinh epic is cooldude4251 Tran

      They should of put (A Fortnite Movie)

    24. LUNA_Lan ÙwÚ

      Greatest channel ever

    25. Scarlett Privette


    26. Steven Felix


    27. Thesonickid

      I could probably take on me dad... I wouldn't go that far. Dad!

    28. Kit1 cat102


    29. leah clayton

      L love the vids

    30. Jonathan Drouin

      kit at 4 24: backs up into the gas tank... AH!!! THAT'S THE STUFF!!!... me: oh. well then. I didn't know you felt that way...

    31. Sarah Avilleira

      7:34 I love this part

    32. Sarah Avilleira

      I love kit he is the best

    33. Johnny Bear

      It's dose

    34. Kaitlynn Cox

      dont look

    35. Johnny J Reacts

      Wait it’s all new scape pro always has been pulls out gun one of the oldest Memes came true

    36. Marcos Morales

      Loserfruti be like ._.

    37. Ashley Dixon

      That was amazing

    38. khaysou Diop

      Little Kelly can I please get a shout out I never had one

    39. Tara Mahr

      rox:kit?.kit arent u meowscles son kit:ya yeet

    40. Pokémon trainer Archie

      It said a short movie when it’s an hour

    41. Catgamer


    42. Cypris Demontiney

      Newscapepro: short Also newscapepro:1hr

    43. Jayla Demontiney

      Newscapepro: its a short film also newscapepro 1 hour

    44. Internet boi

      “short film” huh?

    45. Jacob Edwards

      How are you getting the TV on its always off

    46. mecha rexy

      hybrids and dogs are better

    47. mecha rexy

      Hahahahaha kit is dumb hahahahaha

    48. Michelle Johnson-Holmes

      Actually it’s not your thing rox loser fruit was born before you

    49. Marwin Blume

      5:00 Jules is like nope I aint dealing with that, ohm you can look

    50. Denisha Rodgers

      I like kit

    51. Melissa Nolley

      K? The game has to make you think the same Kit he's really out of cutting corners because he got a job now he's a grown up now I'm very sad How are you**

    52. Beast Girl

      Ya can’t get the best

    53. Golden Gang


    54. Golden Gang

      Who Is Your Favourite Character Mine Is Skye

    55. Izaiah Orellana

      The pink cat and kit their relationship is kind of funny because crushes don’t work like that

    56. F Nobadstuff

      Mlm jointly jjim opinion*

    57. Boomdiga Live channel

      This god dame meme

    58. leathe johnson


    59. Gabe Lovefist

      Just saying A SHORT VIDEO

    60. bakon brody

      The way tech ask Jules on a date but Jules like just get this overwith

    61. Grimeoire

      Don’t read the whole comment Almost there Thanks for reading the whole comment

    62. Chance Smith


    63. Corrine Cascoe

      That did happen

    64. Jack Mckinnon

      My name is jack

    65. starlight trooper

      Me: A fortnight short film ok I think I have time to watch this. MeOne hour later: Wow this was longer than I thought it would be.

      1. starlight trooper

        Like it

    66. lipunk235


    67. A B

      Ocean sid the mary jane line 39:29

    68. Zay

      Sir I just wanna let you know your freaking amazing dude this must take hours of hard work to do and I love it ❤️❤️

    69. Skye Games

      “A fortnite short film” more like a movie

    70. Francisco Uriostegui

      i think he fake

    71. Shae Speaks Podcast

      Scuba Jonsey sounds like Ssundae

    72. Dude Random

      Mom:you can only watch a short video Me:this counts right?

    73. adham sherif

      Nsp: fortnite shortfilm me:fortnite longfilm

    74. Piggy Game plays

      But I thought it was lynx

    75. Meowscles Gamer2256

      At 19:00 kit say's "why do humans wear clothes" jules: "um, many reasons😏😏

    76. DarkPlays


    77. DarkPlays


    78. Bernardo Mejia


    79. tiko jr

      You guys should make a video of ki o gets a body

    80. Khai Do

      "Can I take you out?" -Nobody ever Besides Kit apparently

    81. Lucas Smith

      Locking Lucas

    82. Christopher Godinez

      I thought Midas lovers agent Skye

    83. The Madhouse Roblox360

      Skye let them finish there conversations then she came out at the end

    84. Daking234

      Y sky leave 🥺

    85. Eduardo Estrada

      I like the kit voice actor

    86. The Madhouse Roblox360

      She doesn’t want to talk to tek so she said “you know how moms are” then she went to aunt.

    87. Zainab Tarawallie

      I’m here Are you scared bro

    88. Jesus Chaparro

      47:41 someone in the bridge

    89. The Madhouse Roblox360

      Rox: do you hear that? Ocean:runs and jumps into the ocean.

    90. The Madhouse Roblox360

      Rox: I guess skye could wait a little bit longer Skye: comes out of the coma “ma’am that’s longer then you said you would be up there it’s time to come back.” TBC: it’s my time to shine

    91. The Madhouse Roblox360

      Rox and skye should of kissed at the end.

    92. Jacen Guinn

      Ain't this family-friendly water them Chaos Agent say what the hell

    93. Josef Rizzo

      Lol I didn't know what happened at the end it leaves me curious why did they say (Skye?) and it ends lol idk but anyway it was a nice film

    94. Lucas Board

      Video fortnite short film me it's an hour

    95. Shaunak Sawant


    96. ELM studios


    97. Joaquin Ortiz


    98. Random_stuffs gaming Channel Lol

      My mom TV show :kit is stupid me: ... 😱

    99. Leonie Birggs

      ive only started whatcjing this today and i already love it IwI

    100. HackLW1x1 _ TheFinal

      how is this short its 1 hour long also sorry I'm late I subbed though (IM VERY LATE)