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    After having been through so much together, Skye and Meowscles decide to spend some time apart. After all, they don’t want their friendship to grow stagnant. Skye decides to visit Maya, and in doing so, discovers her origin story. Meowscles meanwhile has a chat with an old EGO member, Zenith. Later, Bushranger talks to both of them about how magic is returning to the Island…
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    Published on 6 months ago


    1. Alexander Nelson

      I love how there was a star wars reference in this

    2. Hungle jewl

      What happened to this maya?

    3. Sjoebidoe1

      So sad 😞

    4. Caylee Salerno

      Ok what is Bushranger talking about

    5. Da Gauntlet

      Yo what is the creative map code for this hideout area

    6. tecnolollic - Miku YT

      I really love the mini movies you make. especially if you are skye and meowscles. I adore those two 😂😂🤗❤️. By the way, you have new sub

    7. cristymarilyn


    8. Graciee birkett

      My orgin story i was born and then subscribed to newscapepro

    9. ctittle8

      can drift return he was my favorite

      1. mohamed Aakil

        @ctittle8he was the best

      2. ctittle8

        @mohamed Aakil Fr

      3. mohamed Aakil

        exactly like what happen to him

    10. Panther


    11. WitherMations

      0:45 me when I find a good meme on twitter

    12. Daniel Mc guigan

      0.50 star wars reference

    13. RED CAT

      Stop saying ollie I'm not a hat fairy

    14. Maurice Frazier

      Maurice go🤣🙋

    15. Nathan Timms

      My origin story i was born with sepsis

    16. supersmashbro_20 PS4


    17. supersmashbro_20 PS4

      I love newsnewscapepro

    18. Llama Porg

      I love the Star Wars references.

    19. Celestixl_Pxwer

      0:47 General Kenobi.

    20. Orange Mini crewmate

      Mortal combat in fortnite:

    21. S t r e e t z s i z z l a

      Meowscle sound like the villager in minecraft

    22. abdo gaming

      ALÈ SKIE

    23. abdo gaming

      Malk daba ana la3b ana o

    24. abdo gaming


    25. abdo gaming

      هههههههههههههههههه hhhhhhhhhh

    26. Emma Browne

      I really like this thanks for making it

    27. Russell Tringham

      I love your videos I have subscribed

    28. Captain ReX

      Everybody gangsta till’ the gun start talking

    29. Dianne Dujali

      @NewScapePro 3 pls notice this Who voiced *Meowscles*

    30. bill cypher is best

      Mayas origin is based a bit on star wars 😶

    31. Xander Medlin


    32. Oasis Gaming TV

      General grievous: a fine addition to my collection

    33. Yansin JK

      Make a video about chost vs shadow

    34. Justin Knowles

      Can you do a part too

    35. Griffin 5G

      Clickbaited title

    36. Marc 83

      1:20 Fortal Kombat

    37. Dana Bowers

      some of these pepole are haters

    38. Ahmad weda

      i like you so much

    39. Lolness_Horror

      Meowscles is wrong! Its " You mess with the cat, You get the claws!"

    40. Chenynne De Guzman

      Hi midas

    41. Angus Hollosy-Reid

      this is not bed

    42. Phoebe Windle-Miles

      That means bad girl on the loose

    43. Rocco Bruno

      3:51 I don’t care

    44. Elliott Hill

      3:50 did anyone else say this at the same time as skye?

      1. Archie The Gamer


    45. gamer stella

      I ship Skye and meowscles 💑💘❤❤❤

    46. Annie Grace Drake

      Oh my gosh starwars😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

    47. Lydia Alpert

      What is it supposed to be all about

    48. Nusy Nik

      Привет всем

    49. Team Minecraftian

      Nice starwars meme there with the "you'll make a fine addition to my collection" XD

      1. Team Minecraftian

        Me too

      2. sonic plays

        I love star wars

    50. Big Boi

      Why is there so many Star Wars reverence’s doe

    51. Bushra Bhatti

      Also I played video games since I was 4

    52. Bushra Bhatti

      Also I love Fortnite I liked it when Midas lost and failed his plan haha

    53. Catalyst

      I need Muneh To go to Tahiti

    54. Smexy Egg

      Anyone else here misty in Skye?

    55. Soh Bing zhe Ben


    56. THE GAMER

      Oh wait it's .ortal combat

    57. THE GAMER

      Street fighter or mortal combat

    58. TurboBoost Gamez

      I wish I would have the skye skin on fortnite

    59. Eddie Gonzalez

      I do

    60. Space Kid Tyler

      Who would u choose out of Midas Meowscles Skye Maya Brutus or TNTina? I’m meowscles coz he stwong bwo. Plus say Fishy if you are team fishy and you love Tiko

    61. Space Kid Tyler

      Big Star Wars reference.

    62. George Hoesley

      Midas=Genorle gervise

    63. Splash

      AHEM,Lynx and Meowscles are dating

    64. Finn Hooper

      STAR WARS!!??

    65. Rylan Qurike

      EA SPORTS IN THE GAME is the battery in the first many 100 seconds

    66. Vin Dougall


    67. FunnyMomentsWith_MG Garcia

      Where is the angency place

    68. jayshua 121

      Me:reads title Also me at 2:03: not what I expected

    69. beanieblossom fox

      Star wars

    70. Pikachu 4209

      2:22 skye has a Nintendo Switch

    71. Smilegirl Millie

      Kitty bro = mewoscowse

    72. Lutfo Sehic

      We need more of Calamity and Dire who agrees?

    73. Nemprist XD49

      This flipped to star wars

    74. Justin and his friends

      What a golden pistol talking

    75. Maria Wolf

      Literally not even 15 seconds in and there's already a general grievous thing

    76. SHADOW Brutus

      How many Star Wars references does this video have?!?!?

    77. SHADOW Brutus


    78. Sarah Keel


    79. KatnissGranger9209

      I love the scenes where Skye and Meowscles play video games. The street fighter thing is really creative! Also, I am using code NewScapePro!

    80. Manuel Alex


    81. Stephanie Flaemig

      Timestamp: 10:02

    82. Mitchelle Leguizamo


    83. Mitchelle Leguizamo



      0:45 star wars og

    85. Stacey Chance

      so i geuss you just recreated mortal kombat with less gore ok this is cool

      1. Stacey Chance

        how many references are there in this video i saw that star wars reference

    86. Jared Gonzalez

      Midas: you will make a fine addition to my collection Me: GENERAL GREVIOUS CONFIRMED! QUE THE ALI-A SONG

    87. SSScummy

      May the force be with you...

    88. sabir abdi


    89. kingofthecats101


    90. Colten Eliasen

      I've never been a fan of stuff like this or shippers but I really like the Skye plus Meowscles storyline.

    91. Sławek Kubera

      Moja siostra jest idiotom ma na imię Ksenia i jest kłamczuhem

    92. Sławek Kubera

      Moja siostra jest idiotom ma na imię Ksenia i jest kłamczuhem

    93. Sławek Kubera

      Moja siostra jest idiotom ma na imię Ksenia i jest kłamczuhem

    94. Ilyas Majid

      How did Skye break Meowscles heart?

    95. sasse 07

      Did they just make a General griveous joke

    96. Dark Pit

      bruh maya’s backstory was straight up Star Wars

    97. Mark dream

      Is you speaking Spanish?

    98. Mush Cap

      Is there a chance that you guys can bring back zenith?