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    After their supposed defeat of the Progenitor, the Henchmen brothers, Renegade Ghost and Renegade Shadow, relish in their victory. Unfortunately, fate has other plans for them. One of them must make the ultimate sacrifice to save their brother, and nothing will ever be the same...
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    Published on 5 months ago


    1. Connor Miller

      When it's a useless guy aimbot activated good Caricter literally have sheilds that bounces of

    2. Connor Miller

      14:57 intense music then 15:02 what a peace of gunk

    3. Connor Miller

      14:14 through 14:19 Henchman can be a savage

    4. Brynn Calvert

      How are your real self in like now

    5. Brynn Calvert

      Can you show minus his death you got eaten by a shark v

    6. Quantum_ Particle

      Blackheart Season 4: Wawawa I’m not a main character anymore Blackheart Season 5: Yippie I’m a main character again

    7. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Midas

    8. Trond Løland

      In this situation if my brother was dying I would have picked him up like Sonic did with Princess Elise in Sonic 2006 and I would have ran as fast as I could to the nearest hospital

    9. Scott Lewis


    10. Jacob Simon Perez

      ok idk

    11. سيف ثليج


    12. سيف ثليج


    13. Ayesha King

      Stewie has no clothes on

    14. Ayesha King

      Shut your mouth talking necklace

    15. Ayesha King

      They sound like complete kids I can't find those talking cuz that will be a spoiler

    16. Ayesha King

      Did you see the mick it took out the monster and in the code the mix vitamin that was amazing I didn't know the Meg can even do that they have a great stuff and though yeah amazing

    17. shitsnifferz inc.

      when the white henchboi died the coffin dance song started playing in my head

    18. Xabier Lopez

      Midas is going to die because of dumsday

    19. King Taumua

      The new skate pro is the best

    20. Amelia Tello avila

      Eso es tener un buen amigo

    21. Gamelobster 1300

      Me:yes a new video Video:ghost henchmen died Me:😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    22. Ayden thegod


    23. Genesis Westerband

      O My God

    24. Ethan Bomashi


      1. Ethan Bomashi


    25. Kaikaiguy

      Execute order 66. But fortnite

    26. s|ffed hodda


    27. FalconZak81


    28. Ashley Batts

      Fish stick fish stick

    29. Debbie


    30. Debbie


    31. çłøųđý.ěxę uknown

      My memo: NO DEFAULT OR FEAR FANS LEFT BEHIND Also me:Kill eM nOwwWWWwww lEaVe all BEHIND Edit: I meant dat for defaults >:]

    32. Jholo Earl PANOL

      Super sad☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️

    33. Mohamed Ta

      منها اغزعززعزغز مرهم نةكومتزاذقذثطق

    34. Mohamed Ta

      نتغدا بذي طارق

    35. Callum TNT

      😭😭😭It's so sad

    36. Taylor webb

      This is not sad

    37. Weird Man

      1 like = 1 life for henchmen

    38. King of Memes313

      10:11 the storm about to ruin someone’s day

    39. sonny clendenin

      Without the help from the people

    40. Nayan Castro


    41. Jason Lam


    42. Nicole Mills

      Henchmen life's matter

    43. Adrien Diaz

      Why dose the white guy at the beginning sound like kermit

    44. Salt Shaker

      Crimson eliets origin

    45. عمار جم

      Ojfg Ff

    46. BARBAS MC

      Can you show your face

    47. JJ Whitney

      wot he died I'm going to cry

    48. Gabriel Leon


    49. Celestixl_Pxwer

      1:04 Yo, Yoda you good bro?

    50. Achilles Fun Toys Zone

      Shadow henchmen: I don’t like sand, it’s course and, wrath and irating and gets every where! Anikin skywalker: hey that’s my line! [force chokes shadow henchmen]

      1. Kaikaiguy

        Escute order 66 but its fortnite henchman. 8:20

    51. Hanan Soboh


    52. khaled abonaser


    53. john swick

      I love

    54. Spirit Team


    55. chikkienray

      "lets get this bread"

      1. Brendan Gaming

        This is bad

    56. SCgames online

      I love midas being a calculating manipulatev boss

    57. Aaron Elliott

      Nowscappn you should do it

    58. Säkkijärvi

      Henchmen 24 sounds like a terrible Yoda impression

    59. Saghir Ghulam


    60. Saghir Ghulam


    61. Levi Walsh

      Yeh I play fortnite every day and you just gotta get a reboot card and send it reboot truck

    62. Alana Argueta

      Skye and rox voice actor reveal?

    63. عثمان عبدالعزيز

      سلامة عليكم

    64. GOAT LORD

      Wait some where near 0.15 behind it a voice said "did we do it" and that was kits voice ooooo plot twist

    65. Monster Gaming

      While playing fortnite we rlly dont realise this hope all safe at home

    66. Joshua Alvarez

      I'm sorry did I just hear my name

    67. Arianne Cheeks


    68. dazzle 25

      I like Midas and his voice

    69. Sasha Cornillaud

      that ghost henchman's cough do be sounding like yoda tho

      1. The Science Team

        Sushi 7425 funny thing is he made a reference to anakin at the beach

    70. Steven Richardson


    71. Jacie Kelley

      That henchman just gave it to his dad like “yes you are a bad father “🤭

    72. Jose Robles

      I was laughing when that big music turned into the motor boat and the ghost henchmen said what a piece of junk 😆

    73. Jahan Aly

      Why are you send me this

    74. Jahan Aly

      Why are you send me this

    75. Melissa R. Carrier

      henchmen lives matter ,black lives matter

    76. just another genji main

      Star wars reference

    77. Oxide

      Damn i dont want to kill henchmen any more

    78. Scrapbox p1000 use code Litty

      Am I the only one who feels about the dad at the end or is that just me

    79. Eli Shoemaker

      i have the fully skeleton blackheart

    80. Georgia Vasilopoulos


    81. Javier Gonzalez

      And rents announcements go hence meant


      Oscar of the year

    83. Antonio Nunes

      Can you do more skye and meowsicles episodes please

    84. Gilberto Araujo

      I mist geting amboted from midas 😭😭😭😭

    85. Maxie Mybunny

      Is it me or does one of them sound like Kermit de frog

    86. MARV

      Wnat was that intro tho

    87. Abdirisaq Kadar ahmed

      Season 2 ha take back Season 3 Shark is dumb

    88. Randi Harvey

      This is literally the world rn

    89. Joshua Serginson

      Nice video

    90. Duncan Du toit

      Please stop he's already dead😭😭

    91. Jane Fiddes


    92. Tyrone Nubia

      Imagine they forgot to press recorded

      1. Heather


      2. Nick mcgrath


    93. nandhu OMG


    94. Crystal Smith


    95. Rezent Dayz

      hmmm this henchmen riot and protesting feels familiar in real life... 8:47 yep its familiar

    96. kidxs XANAKIN

      this sounds familiar

    97. Wyatt Littlejohn


    98. Asroclan 39

      I cried

    99. lovme2x

      33:04 Put captions on

    100. Gemdave Byrne

      I saw