KIT & MEOWSCLES SWAP BODIES?! (A Fortnite Short Film)

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    After the most recent Authority attack on his son Kit, Meowscles has had enough! He concocts a plan for his son and him to switch bodies, thereby protecting the cat from any future harm. It’s so crazy, it just might work! Actually, it works a little too well, and things get extra freaky as Jules, her owl Ohm, and a few others enter the mix. Now with everyone’s bodies swapped, Meowscles, Kit and Jules have to work together in order to return things back to normal!
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    Published on 4 months ago


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      Cool vid.

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      When are you going to do minecraft undertale rp again


      Yo hablo español y no entiendo nada


      Podrían porfavor hacer los subtítulos

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      6:22 my subtitles said they will be going back to hell

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      What do we have in your name so we gonna was your name so we could have them for the first one ☝️ is that what we can getting them and

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      6:13 don’t worry Jules being thick is fine😂😂😂😂

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      a big but thats good looking lol

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      Good video play fortnite I was trying to play

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      I want is give it to me please

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      Cameo sound like happy

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      Print you apostow to tec her off of kits back

    26. NarutoUzumaki 2nd channel

      Wait a second meowcicles does drugs? Because cat nip is basically cat drugs

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    41. Tristen Garcia

      This is one of my favorite episodes

    42. W. Scott

      Cat nip lok

    43. elizabeth afton

      Are you going to do the body swap for the new season

    44. NO PAIN NO GAME :D

      Ohhh so many but jokes in the comments xd

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    46. The Madhouse Roblox360

      I thought they were really switched

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      Hi NewScapePro I’m from German (it makes me fun to watch your/our Videos! And I can learn english too :0

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      meow souls and meowscles sound the same even put it together ( if together is wrong i spelled please tell me )

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      Please do more body switching videos are so cool show the rest of it please

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      Kits my favourite character 🧶🧶🧶

      1. Thomas is cool Leeanne is cool as well Rathmill


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      Did meowsouls say he’s on catnip😂

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      "You've got a big butt" caught me the frick off guard

    58. Eddie3_

      Most people here wouldn't understand the catnip part

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    60. Natasha

      i love your vids keep it up and swich is cool

    61. Sharky

      When i saw meowscles sleep ing i thougt sky was in meowscles body

    62. Paul Samuel Decoste

      😆 LOL

    63. Moose Braden

      You know it was a dream because kit called him dad instead of paw

    64. Marvelous Gamer


    65. juliet aitu

      I luv new scape pro

    66. Sick Savage0

      Kio: u got a big butt Jules: I'm I'm IM TRIGGERED

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    68. Devon Giles

      You can barely see Jules’ butt

    69. Anindya Niyogi

      This is so random like what’s the reason

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      My brother doesn't like this

    71. Fortnite Frenzy

      Nice video

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    73. Stanley kinder

      part 2 jules; fade fade; ok deadeye; hey jules kio jules; hey am kio not jules kio; I het kio 900000000 years later jules; let meat her

    74. Stanley kinder

      kio; jules you have a big but sorry not jules; dad fade; ;o

    75. woody gamez1

      So this isn't even cannon

    76. Harjan Phagura

      I won't sub because you killed someone

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      Kyo is cute

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      It’s canon: Jules is t h i c c

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      This is HANDS DOWN, The funniest Episode so Far😅😂

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      So that all was just a dream

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    87. the mighty zoura

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      1. the mighty zoura


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      this better be a filler episode

    89. xxx unknown

      my goddamn head

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      hold on whats catnip

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      So cool kit is my favarite 😀😀😉😉😉

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      Sorry Jules but you have a big butt

    93. Courtney savercool

      are you telling me that was all a dream


      is it just me or is the guy in the tan detective suit hopper ( from stranger things)

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      I love the ongoing joke of Jules being thicc. Never let it stop

    96. Breadstick Yeets

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      It was all just a dream

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