A DAY IN THE LIFE OF THE JOKER! (A Fortnite Short Film)

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    The Joker has an absolute blast causing mayhem and destruction throughout Fortnite Island! However, his fun is put to a halt as Batman apprehends him, but perhaps… that’s what he wanted all along? Thanks to the help of one Harley Quinn, the Joker is let loose once more! After a scuffle with power couple / honorary Avengers Rox and Skye, the Joker and Harley take off to meet with the beautiful and deadly Poison Ivy…
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    Published on 15 days ago


    1. Simon Lee

      we're not gonna talk about the fact that all those yetis were bascily stormtroopers?

    2. Simon Lee

      the yet who jumped out from the bathroom be like: HERES JHONNY


      The joker voice was spot on

    4. cowchow 308

      Why do rox and skye kill their enemies aren’t they teenagers

    5. MCSE Tab

      I'm a fan or night I'm a fan of what night I don't know who made fortnite but this is the best game ever I love this game I'm in love fortnite is my favorite but I don't know what buy my name is London

    6. FNAF king

      0:53 what the hell is that tisk tisk

    7. ElectronikkoGames

      8:24 That part made me think of the part in Mario Sunshine where Bowser Jr takes off with Peach to the amusement park

    8. Super Cooliesta


    9. The cacti man

      Poison ivy: «Nature always wins» Then you have never seen What fire can do

    10. Salo HP

      3:27 👀

    11. battlefront gameplay

      6:49...why though? You've killed plenty of hench people before how come we can't kill the joker

    12. Sans Undertale

      Didn’t know poison ivy was Jules

    13. Mask Pikachu

      Poison ivy and Jules have the same voice

    14. Szymeq P

      Nife video

    15. Kakashi Sensei


    16. caua.stopmotion .ninjadofogo

      Finnaly Skye is here So long

    17. hadialjundi


    18. Connor gamer Thomas


    19. Ice King

      Badly wounding My neice just could of burnt him

    20. Nate Schlender

      Me who has the last laugh bundle 😎😎

    21. Swickzy

      ah yes, of course having Midas’ voice actor be the voice of Joker makes total sense.

    22. NotSoPeachyJames

      You guys should be making JOKER. Waaaaaaaay stronger

    23. JoshTheKraken 18293638

      Coming soon: Poison Ivy falls in Love

    24. Numzzy FN

      Bring back lynx 😭😭😭😭 and they are using her voice actor

    25. Bosi Gaming 375

      Batman Arkham vibes at the end

    26. Jayden Adorno

      Bruh he does Fortnite story’s 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    27. Eloisa Gonsalez

      Bruh yall have 8 channels

    28. Ren Begum

      Let put a smile on that face RIP Heth Ledger

    29. ZephyrUltimate

      Just finished watching the Blade Origin Story. As much as I adore you guys for bringing Dusk back, I've never seen her in an actual good character role. Can we have Dusk back?

    30. ctittle8

      katie: Posion Ivy Ryan: Joker harley quinn: unknown batman :joe i think? or branson

    31. Fishiez FN

      Me: Rages after dying in a Fortnite Tournament Joker: lets put a smile on that face

    32. KC Liu

      This is the first time i've seen someone use a fishing rod as a weapon


      Where is Alfred


      You mean GCPD

    35. For the win Fightover

      I love Big C

    36. Jose Is Chilling

      Ryan does a really good impression for Midas and Joker to be honest

    37. Lenny Arias

      Dang those trugalugas have stormtrooper aim lol🤣

    38. Ale Prime

      Joker laugh vs Drift evil laugh?!!! can we get that?

    39. Alpha Predator

      Nature actually doesn’t win it dies from just no sun and no water XD

    40. ItzDxrk

      3:10 That Got Me Dying😂😂😂😂

    41. Awesomenieem 2009

      Dude I freaking called it in the episode where Broot got captured

    42. Ghost Meowscles

      Skye: Rox Captions: *ROCKS*

    43. Mr L, Green Thunder

      Is it just me, or has the Joker done more in two days than Chaos Agent has done in six weeks?

    44. King Henchmen


    45. King Henchmen

      Live the tiny violin reference

    46. Tenley McLaren

      joker 2020: lets put a smile on those faces

    47. It’s Jaden

      Lol its the joker meme dance

    48. Trulyy

      PRT 2 Of The Joker 🃏 Is Still Good 😌 Sorry Other NSP Couples But Harley & Joker Are The Queen Bee & King Bee Of NSP Couples 🥰💛

    49. Chris Jurado

      I love how this episode includes the scene want to see this pencil disappear is from the movie!😂🤣

    50. Jonaninja Fernandez

      Can you make a video and make him good because anti hero

    51. Quantum_ Particle

      They are acting like poison ivy is the coolest skin in the pack which is not true Midas Rex is

    52. X.baby.rabbit .X

      We need Skye in more videos

    53. Francisco Morales

      This is epic!!!!🤯🔥👍🏾❤️

    54. Adrian Gonzalez

      More Voice Trolling!!!

    55. Amira Abdallah

      haHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHahahhahahahahahhahahahhhahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahhahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahhahaahhahahahahahhahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahhahahahahahhahahahahahhhahahahaahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahhhshsshhsahahahahahhaahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahaahhahhaahhahahahahahahahahahhahhhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahhahhhahhahahhhahahahahahahhahahahahahhaahhahahahhhahahhaahahahhhahahhah a im the Joker

    56. Bonnie_fazband

      Honestly the fact Joker is going along with ivy's *plan* is so out of character.

    57. Jaime Mario08

      Nature always wins Well rox has fire powers and fire can easily burn plants Ps:also a pokemon fact

    58. Irma Gonzalez

      Make more sonings

    59. Irma Gonzalez

      I love it to

    60. Irma Gonzalez


    61. Lexi dancer

      Joker: brings Skye to him with a fishing rod me: where did he get that?


      Do VENOM

    63. Layton Atkinson

      Love the Batman Arkham Knight reference at the end there, but Poison Ivy should sound more calm and slow.

    64. COOL T REX

      Who else wishes Mark Hamill worked at newscapepro so he could do the Joker that would be amazing but it would take a lot of convincing Like if you want Mark Hamill to join newscapepro 🔻

    65. babby yoda mando


    66. SonicPizzaKitKat

      Do a day in life as venom PLZZZZZ

    67. That DootDevice

      Poisons ivy’s voice sounds so similar to jules’ idk how to feel bout dat

      1. That DootDevice

        @david saunders I know but it’s still weird

      2. david saunders

        they are the same voice actor jules sky e.t.c

    68. Jacob Bellinger

      Did you pull a John Wick with the pencil, or a Dark Knight?

    69. Jacob Bellinger

      It would've been better if Summer Zoey was Joker's daughter. Mother would have be Harley. She looks the part. And Joker is insane and would probably kill his daughter.

    70. Live KID

      Only me ho not have joker

    71. Aesthetic Motorcycle

      Starting from 2:48 made me laugh so hard I started choking

    72. MrstreamyDJ

      Oh and his orgin story

    73. MrstreamyDJ

      Can yall make a video about venow being a anti hero this time

    74. D X

      I can not wait for the joker to come to the shop Dec 7 I think

    75. Thomas Petrey

      Groot noooo

    76. Typical Laden

      I hate how the heros always win and when they made a big deal out of joker I expected for him to beat them:(

    77. Sheila Monzon

      Joker comes in randomly and kills that one Trog

    78. super Sonic 8603

      This is a marvel season people that live events going to happen soon and we're diddly darling over joker

    79. Daniel Messer


    80. Isaias Alvarado

      y’all should do venom origin

    81. Haafiz Shahard

      Its sad that joker is running wild on the map and its a marvel season... Welp galactus will probs eat him

    82. Lightning king

      Just saying when poison ivy said nature always wins you should have said, ‘“ because joker nature always takes its course”

    83. 48 1, ru

      We need venom

    84. Keyan Parkinson

      Gentleman has come to Fortnite I hope people can notice the voice actores lol

    85. Kamer Gamer

      Can you please please do a Harly and Joker voice trolling plz like this comment so NSP can see it👉🏻👈🏻

    86. Petrblats

      Man Rox is rlly into comics huh

    87. James Rodgers

      Nature always wins Rox FIRE

    88. amir mahmudi

      what if joker take skye and skye be crazy

    89. Blake Buckets

      were just gonna act like joker took a shotgun bullet to the head, oh really ok.

    90. Ryan Stefanelli

      Where’s batman🦇

    91. stormz smaug

      make midas rex and tech meet i think it would be cool

    92. Mel Ojeda

      I absolutely hate Skye and rox I hope they die and never come back 😡

    93. sara slasla

      gotham city sirens ?????

    94. Skylxne

      Rox and Skye is still weird even 2 seasons on

    95. The explorer

      I don’t think they realize we have 13 days till the event and end of the season

    96. hesgod yt

      Live count down is here!!!!! For the event!!!!

    97. Reinhard Venter

      I am starting lose intrence in this show because the villains always wins you could rather get mystique and doom on there side and defeat joker in time before the live event happens

    98. Sylvia Duggan

      Do you have a cast of British or American

    99. life with jaailah

      Hey I did not a lot of the other stuff I did not a good night and my sister got a good start on the waiting list for the other day so she got her phone call she was a good boy she got to me ok ok I did not a good night and she got a good

    100. _Foxtro_ Eyad_

      Am I the only one that hears bat man's voice it does not sound like his voice