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    Shadow Midas turns Jennifer Walters / She-Hulk against Meowscles and the Avengers in a plot to exact his revenge…
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    Published on Month ago


    1. Jaziel Vargas

      Wow i like the animations

    2. Oliver Gz

      And I want to fart.

    3. Oliver Gz

      Hmmmm I .don’t know what’s happing frist you don’t want to kill the cat sooooooo but I want to kill him because of minus or something :B

    4. Laura berry

      Shadow dashes at She Hulk. She Hulk: Stands still, this is fine.

    5. Florence Adegboye

      She is. Turning green

    6. Jayden Morning Bell

      In the fight scene I was like FIRST FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT

    7. Gia Rambiki

      Why did Midas turn them evil!😈😈😈

    8. Aria Fullwood - STEM Student

      Love Fonit

    9. Ashley and Jj

      5:57-6:03 does any body think that’s the James brown lyrics to i feel good

    10. Raffaele Fiamingo

      this chanel is so cool

    11. امل قصص وروايات قمر

      LOOV M A I D S 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨

    12. Rainbow Jada

      What happened to Jennifer



    14. Johnson Ng

      Meowsceles is the pet of Midas.

    15. Rachida Loukili


    16. Allisson Vela

      like idk

    17. Allisson Vela

      why does she hulk get mad all the time.

    18. Allisson Vela

      i love all these videos i subscribe to the channel

    19. M A

      I’m not scared

    20. Fortnite Trailers

      Really bub

    21. Michelle Guardado

      Ya so cute animals go

    22. Famous Diva

      Where is kit and happy

    23. MrSlomo954

      me: I hate green she hulk: turns green me: ewww

    24. Shibiru Irko

      She hulk ☠️ Was purple and meowscles was 😢

    25. Ashley Bethel


    26. Aiger Akabane

      When Midas turns she hulk evil 5:40

    27. Teddy and Lizzy R

      She hulk was I 🟪 wow that must’ve been a pain for the editors Mewosels huh

    28. Jim Dippel

      Shadow Midas: I'll kill Iron Man

    29. Joshua Chaitwa


    30. Liz Baker

      5:46 that smerk😅😅😅

    31. StepGon23

      How to you get shadow Midas??!!!!!!!!!??????

    32. Student Maryn Ogunlaja

      newscapepor is beter then gatuu

    33. Oof Er

      Where is sparkles we need more of sparkles

    34. Brandon Troche


    35. Sarah Daniels

      midas: the shadows are wayward soul and yes they help me to complete my goals. oop, barz.

    36. theninja 12

      The fourth wall breaks are awesome

    37. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Jules

    38. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Sky

    39. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Midas

    40. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Meowsicles

    41. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Meowsicles

    42. FrozenDragon

      "Geez that must be a pain for the editors " Deadpool: that's not how you are supposed to play the game.

    43. Blessing Nwaneri

      Maids. Is. Crazy he. Tuesday. She. Hulk to. A. Ghost

    44. Chicken nugget man Scaman

      I love. The. 4th wall break

    45. Danny Jacoup

      Dodo Danny is 💩

    46. Remy Garza

      Did Meowsles just cheat on jewels

    47. Fig Fami

      She is evle

    48. Muhammed Rayan

      Meowscles yes you were purple She hulk that will be a pain to the editors

    49. Joylen Colaco

      What is Midas is actually the enforcer

    50. DatDecidueyeGuy Ennard

      When they mentioned Steamy Stacks my brain was like “Oh yeah, Thor. Is he dead?”

      1. Damb Deer


    51. Hazy

      U should do a hemlock orgin story

    52. Hazy

      What was that? That’s what they all say it’s always a something not just wind

    53. s n o w

      What’s wrong besides everything 2020 chill adventurer

    54. Super Sarah

      Is kit a girl 👧 or boy 👦

    55. JesusWarrior4E

      How did you get shadow Midas

    56. steven gregorich

      I am sad

    57. Fishy Bruddas

      Where is kit i have'nt watched in a while

    58. Felix the cat

      Yeaaaa I like shadow midas

    59. TNT Playz

      Aye Yo Sup.

    60. sasuke uchia

      Hi I just got off the phone with my mom and I have to go get my car and I will be there in about a half an hour and I will be there in a bit I will be there in a bit I love you too see you soon love you Michael is the day

    61. Aiden Oldham

      She hulk: "AAAAAAHHHHHH" "OH just my phone''

    62. Seagull

      I mean, on the plus side, Jen is okay now. On the bad side, Midas doesn’t seem like he’s going to just walk in and take Jules. He’s going full assault, and kill anyone who gets in his way

    63. Freddyplayz GR

      When you notice that the channel gametoons is made by newscapepro

    64. Lupe Garcia


    65. Yahya Osman

      I like this

    66. VV City

      Can you show me how to make she hulk purple? It seems cool

    67. honey moon gacha

      Midas: oh no me Dee Evryone: NANI A UPDATE

    68. Blueninjo ninja


    69. Isabelle M

      "Man that must a been a pain for the editors" "what?" Jules wakes up " ITS NO YOUR TIME!!!!"

      1. Isabelle M

        them kiz Jules wakes up EW NU!

    70. s n o w

      Who else cringed up like crazy when Midas took control of She Hulk

    71. SWAT_Bro12 THE BOZZ

      And also why when Midas put the spell on Jen how come it looks like she is white even though she is in the she-hulk form?!?!

    72. SWAT_Bro12 THE BOZZ

      Why is no one talking about that they did not do the subscribe intro?!?!

    73. C Fawcett’s


    74. Sega Sonic

      Did Jen just do a fourth wall break

    75. Tiardy W


    76. Ken Murphey


    77. WorkSafeT WorkSafeT

      I like you

    78. Randolph Goss

      Ok I new dead pool could 4wall break but not she hulk

    79. Tauna Cothran


    80. Wynter Strauss

      not Jen

    81. JDPlayz 122107

      Skye sus

    82. Leah Stidham

      She hulk I dont work for you midis midis not at the moment she hulk gets mad midis goodbye

    83. Leah Stidham

      Sky I'm a the legendary adventurer galactus hold my beer

    84. Stacy Ziegler

      I love your phone make

    85. Ayokunle Agbola

      I want a Party Trooper Origin

    86. Kelsey Ryan

      Hi guys I hope u r safe and wear a mask 😷

    87. 24K_Khaos

      She hulks skin was not green

    88. Aaron Cabral

      Oh my favorite USfilmrs

    89. Lisa Williams

      Can you make groot turns evil

    90. Dat Boi

      She Hulk: Phew, That was a tough case. Midas: Bipidy bopidy your face is now my property. (Edit I’ve used this joke twice now)

    91. AlexTheAesthetic

      Noooo She Hulk! She was a great superhero shes turning just like Red she hulk!

    92. Pumpkin man 36

      I miss hybrid

    93. Mr. Awesomeness

      meowcles plz do not smash me she hulk then smash me ;)

    94. Creeper Games YT

      You should have changed she hulk into the red version it would look cooler

    95. Fabian Orellana

      Ta cool



    97. YaDootBoy

      she-hulk "man even with my glasses I can't see, better watch out for cars" also she-hulk *stands in the middle of the fricken road*

    98. My Alt

      Midas vs logan

    99. Adrianna Holder

      First of all,HOW DID U GET SHADOW MIDAS

    100. LUCIO BUSTOS.077461

      No she hulk