THE LIFE & DEATH OF WOLVERINE! (A Fortnite Short Film)

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    Wolverine's life since coming to Fortnite Island and meeting up with Tony Stark, Storm and the rest of the heroes is told chronologically. Quickly going from friend to foe by no fault of his own, Logan must deal with the ramifications of his actions, however unjust.
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    Published on Month ago


    1. سيف اسراء إسراء

      I love 😍😍😍😍

    2. SCIENCE BEAST!!!!

      Title: Fortnite Short Film Video: 45:20 long

    3. Paj Cruz

      this is the only time ive seen stark idustries without sweats

    4. Mindy Willing


    5. Isaiah Wren

      go Cat go

    6. Isaiah Wren


    7. Isaiah Wren


    8. PC Center

      “A Short Film” yeah right

    9. Jim Mack

      💡👍🔔 subscribe

    10. robo hobo15

      my mom is wores then a karen she beats me and abuses me

    11. b f

      A short Film not sure about that

    12. Tobias Wilcox

      Cliff hanger,

    13. Landon Jacobson

      S D D D D D Dldldldldld D Er

    14. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Jen

    15. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Jules

    16. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Tony

    17. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Meowsicles

    18. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Sky

    19. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Wolverine

    20. Fabrizio Samtige


    21. Fabrizio Samtige


    22. Fritz Channel

      fake in battle lab

    23. Ghostkonik

      I love how it says short its 45 mins

    24. Noah hammonds

      Or his heart

    25. Noah hammonds

      They did not take out his brains

    26. Noah hammonds

      Wolverine was stil alive when fade killed him it just was his dead body his skeleton was alive

    27. AlnisaXnice hartman


    28. Life With Kay

      well dam that scard me the hell

    29. Jaden Paul

      7:03 Wolverine curesed 25:05 Wolverine cussed

    30. DaMarion Eskew


    31. Brandon Duran

      I love fornite

    32. Ejayce Bond


    33. Jake Plays

      1 like for a prayer for wolvrine to get home

    34. Krystal Morgan

      If I'm going to be honest this is probably my favorite episode.

    35. For the win Fightover

      I ate takeing any bull crap she said

    36. Logan Rosario

      No fortnite just ruined this for me


      I like this video

    38. galaxy gaming


    39. Dee Bando

      yo that is achally like a movie

    40. Tex Namba

      Lipp sync isnt great !

    41. David Gonzalez Gonzalez

      This is a disgrace

    42. 24kgoldn

      how do you get nothing in your hand when your in battle lab??

    43. Lolo Lolo

      Omg. Go. Qui. My

    44. Luke Parrish

      This dude has nano tech how the hell does a car make his systems fail

    45. oliver the vloger

      Lol i was at electrical

    46. qasi4220 qasi4220

      so sad goodbye wolv

    47. qasi4220 qasi4220

      whos jean

    48. lucas_playz robolx

      Wow epic thx for the experience!!

    49. Ashley Napier

      i didnt like that fade killed wolverine i didlike

    50. janetta mattson

      Hey man who is the most important thing in the world

    51. Kevaughn Jackson

      I need Pt2 😆

    52. Rose Bucio

      13:04 you know that doesn’t have a mirror right because I think bathrooms are supposed to have a mirror

    53. Rose Bucio

      7:14 I don’t think that was a joke I think that was more of an earthquake

    54. Colton Hart

      Wolverine cusses when he’s with meowscles

    55. juinor_

      As in a bot like iron man and wolverin wolverin beats every one

    56. jaxson pugh

      if i get one more i see one more cliff hanger im bouta un sub im gping insane

    57. Isaac Villatoro


    58. Isaac Villatoro

      But holl

    59. Isaac Villatoro


    60. Raider has aids

      This is wolverine in a nut shell

    61. 250riding

      At 35:10 you copied something from the movies X-Men movies

    62. The Thantour

      Hold on I don't think this is a *SHORT* film ...

    63. Leo Phillip

      Why does wolverine because he does


      Short film hu when the film is 45 minutes

    65. Jacob Simon Perez


    66. Jerome Cooper

      What the hell was that

    67. Scott Lewis


    68. Elliott Couzens

      This is how I think they would do stuff during the season’s and the event is the end

    69. A. Sap

      why dose it have to end like that

    70. Christian Lang

      it’s lay low

    71. DeathFoxx

      Aww almost made me cry poor wolverine no one believed him at all and now he’s dead :(

    72. Brandon Medina


    73. Jaba Vlogs


    74. Ri Ban

      if you pause at excactly 1:19, It looks super cool.

    75. Bhagawat Dahal


    76. lord destryor IS MY EPIC YES I KNOW ITS MISSPELLED

      Also you can’t play Among Us with a controller

    77. Erika coleman

      Skye playing among us

    78. Lil BotBotGotCookies

      only people who watch logan would think professor x forgot to take his shoot rip to him btw

    79. Flames Man

      how do you get so you dont have anything in your hands in fortnite

    80. Clan ShmoopA

      36:11 fade was not playin

    81. kap 171

      Short film lol

    82. Spaced Up

      gg man haha

    83. Willie Jones

      Can y'all help me and my friends in a roal play my fortnite is tomatowillie

    84. Russell Newport

      I watched a hour and four minute kit life of this it was called KIT:life and death(a fortnite short film)!!!

    85. Peter Mar


    86. Ethen Benally

      Great job on the editing

    87. Aiden Roberts

      Wolverine Faced X-24 and X-24 looks just like Logan so did Logan lose to himself?

    88. Atticus Peeler

      Ha lol

    89. karl knappett

      ( I am the best at what I do and what I do Is not very nice )

    90. Giovanni DeLuca

      I hate jewel and fade

    91. Ashyr Baccus


    92. Semi Kayman galaxy Uchiha

      Sky playing among us and rage quiting

    93. Mozila Kozil

      Dident meowcels die?

    94. Mozila Kozil

      Where did among us come from in fortnite

    95. epicdefaultman

      nobody: me: slurp is actually a- wolverine got any slurp on ya bub? (edit): 35:41 i love how the door magically opens..

    96. Annette Markle

      bruh scott and jean are dead

    97. Charge Pink

      Hey clankers is a clone wars reference and or idea steel just wanted to point that out