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    Spider-Man arrives via the Bifrost to Fortnite Island! Just what does the webslinger do on his first day? Watch to find out. It’s Pizza Time.
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    Published on 27 days ago


    1. Ty Money

      "Hold on to ya butts its gonna be a bumpy ride!" PawnShopGuy.2020

    2. Tomas juegl

      Shazam. Ha.

    3. The burst573

      Bring back drift and raptor I miss them . Also I have been watching since season 4

    4. Tina Steward

      Your are my favorite youtuber

    5. Rodolfo Vicuna

      John wick plays veteran in among us

    6. Tddy Playz

      in the flash back I noticed that raptors gone did he die or not make it to the new island wait he's at salty

    7. Marlinda Lleva

      I so a grogeor thing in the background

    8. Jared Lewis

      Wtf is this dude thinking he is Spider-Man. For the record this is the worst fake look a like spidermen ever. I mean come on he dose not look like him to begin with

    9. Jacob Bellinger


    10. diamond hero

      the hold on to your hats it's going to be a bumpy ride is a reference to harry Potter potter and the prisoner of azkaban I LOVE IT

      1. diamond hero

        AND THE smell ya later quote is a reference to the pokemon anime when Gary says to ash, smell ya later

    11. Jayden Anderson

      9:25 anyone else notice the gorger in the background?

    12. CATADO

      Hi really like your channel, my channel has FILMMAKING content as well, any support would be really appreciated!

    13. Ky-mani Williams

      im a fan i watch all the time

    14. Tart Tycoon

      4:38 and a lamma started going in a trip...

    15. gamer

      I just love the thumbnails in these vids

    16. the point

      ¿You will make a venom vs spiderman film? I mean you have the custom hero and also venom will be in the item shop so you can make another film But please dont make the venom skin the same random dude that we see in the season 4 , i like more the Eddie brock's venom

    17. Robert Price

      Ha ha 😂

    18. toxic boi

      Those flashbacks to Season 5 hit hard... That reminds me, where did Flytrap go?

    19. Ingrid Rivera

      Enemies:finally we got em John wick:*pulles out pencil* Enimies: );

    20. g bartrum

      is spiderman in game

    21. Xavier Savage

      I love how there was a gorger in the back ground of spider man and the robot talking

    22. XxchildwaljaffaxX -YT

      Ima have nightmares from gosh darn ghost rider

    23. For the win Fightover

      One man one bullet

    24. Hezekiah Lopez

      What is the code for that map

    25. Zer0 Gravity

      Uh that wasn’t bobba in the madalorian cuz he bought it off Jawas and bobba was Eatan bye the worm thing in the 6th movie

    26. Xxrobloxxfortnite 1

      I feel Spider-Man I feel is sad 😞 he is not added in fortnite

    27. H R

      Pawn shop guy is the most powerful person in the universe he was blessed with shaggy powers

    28. kingmicmason

      I love how there’s a ton of Spider-Man Toby Mquire references

    29. Rip king von


    30. Brady Green

      I like this USfilm channel for fortnte

    31. Villa gaming-87

      0:48 Me: hears boba fett My brain: PRESENTING THE MOST OVERRATED CHARACTER ANYONE EVER SAW WITH FIVE LINES IN THE TRILOGY. AND ONE OF THEM WAS AAAAAAHHHHH To anyone who gets that. I see your a man of culture as well

    32. Luke S

      There was a gorger in the background near the end

    33. Milo

      That was a custom skin spiderman was a custom skin good job newscapepro

    34. Nireas 100

      9 :18 look at the gala thus drone just walking around lolll

    35. Theron Traversie

      5:27 tho

    36. Omg The Great

      Does anybody feel bad for Christina Or is it me?

    37. Victini Captain

      Nice video

    38. Real_glee

      There’s so many channels witch one do I sub to

    39. 黄行健

      haha don't be late or ill smack ur face

    40. CHAZ Games

      Was this canel called little lized

    41. Daniel Garcia

      Just see the Ghost Rider movie then you know his back story

    42. SonOfCyrus 540

      Pizza time.

    43. Fortnite Trailers

      Spider bub spider bub

    44. Francisco Morales

      This was such a epic video!!!!❤️❤️🔥👍🏾🤯💜💜

    45. Liza Riojas

      you stole the clips from LL shorts

    46. Nataniel Ivan Arreglado

      This makes sense because pete r parker used to had a pizza job

    47. Joey57 Costarell

      9:15 Anyone see the gorger in the background

    48. K.K. Slider

      Why don’t you wait until FORTNITE BE’S COOL AND ADD’S A REAL SPIDER-MAN SKIN?

    49. Moonlight Mal


    50. TimeCube

      I like how they made a knock off

    51. Andres_ Games

      Pequeños business Quién es de Ghost Rider el doctor Jones

    52. Dominic Filipowicz



      I subscribed to all that canlles

    54. Ashley Faber


    55. Jayven Talbot

      Rde r rere rerrrrr

    56. Fred monteirobalde

      They made the oconic scene from spiderman 1

    57. Fishy Crist G Roleplays

      Im still waiting for another episode about spider-man

    58. globalvehiclesrwanda

      دھد فجسھھفسجھدشھےربےدبسبکودچگنمرزااااطےدوبسچچطببططب دفسھدھجلگرگففاسدف

    59. Super Gaming

      Make longer vids

    60. Elite Legends

      What I found funny just talking to a robot and raptor while there is a gordger in the background

    61. John Mason

      I saw the glactius thing in the back at the end😂😂

    62. Infamous Lad

      it was so near and got late

    63. Alessio Capasso

      Buongiorno not bongino

    64. FlamingLettuce

      it's slurp man!

    65. Retro Lightning


    66. G.S PLAYZ

      I was so happy when Spider-Man got added... No thnx

    67. Zach's Toy Channel

      Did anyone realize there was a mythic chest at the background in one part

    68. Ratical Playz

      The reference to toby maggiore when he tries to shoot his webs for the first time

    69. D B

      Can anyone tell me how to recreate the spider man skin when the custom skins come back to the item shop

    70. Danger Gamer2

      I mean spider man doesn't have metal on his arms but I still love ur vids

    71. 1D4V1D 1

      Alright who do I have to kill for this 😂 🤣

    72. a Christmas monkey

      This is just voice overs and emotes

    73. Terrance Mccrea


    74. Hj Gn


    75. hesam shishehbor


    76. Bread


    77. Dameon Debright


    78. Bread

      Before I continue the video at 5:35 I think this is what he’s gonna say “Pizza time”

    79. Shel.

      Yay we have Flee Market Spider-Man in the Newscapepro universe now.

    80. Monica Miranda

      I didn’t really like this episode a lot he was not trying to hide his identity

    81. Wei Zhou

      That’s not the real spider man skin

    82. Zach in Hyrule

      There was me hoping Spider-Man would be in fortnite! 😪😪😪😪

    83. Nintendo Legend

      This is the way

    84. Turtle Right

      Pawn shop died I thought and his twin brother took over???

    85. Anjini Alie

      Where is his mask

    86. Samantha Massey

      Dont-a-be late-a or I a-smacka-your face-a

    87. Sorren_ Meg

      Spiderman doesn’t have a belt 🤨

    88. stuffedvidz

      “Who am I gonna have to kill for this” John be like: Just another day in the job

      1. Johnny Bananas


      2. cod ._mobile2


    89. river rwh

      oh crap

    90. Benjamin Morales


    91. Benjamin Morales

      Spiderman doesn’t wear a belt or else another shoe he wears

    92. Liven Lazer

      Part 2 plz

    93. Max Grace

      Spiderman isnt in fortnite though...

    94. KidFuryBeysZ

      Maybe you could ask help to Trimix, he custumizes skins

    95. Tavarian Johnson


    96. Ricardo Lopes

      Part 2 please

    97. Ricardo Lopes

      Part 2 please

    98. Ricardo Lopes

      Part 2 please

    99. Ricardo Lopes

      Part 2 please

    100. Ricardo Lopes

      Part 2 please