STARK BOT'S REVENGE! (A Fortnite Short Film)

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    Fade has defeated Wolverine and makes his way back to Stark Industries with the recovered “Jules.” Little does he know, that this Jules is actually Mystique in disguise! She becomes a Stark Bot to infiltrate the building and attempts to kidnap Tony Stark! Later, Doctor Doom tells her about his long-term plans for the Wolverine…
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    Published on Month ago


    1. Brenda Parsons

      Where is kit

    2. TheGaming Brother

      Just broke me right foot on November 19😭

    3. Ken Ogboduken

      I sascibe

    4. jevon shamsundar

      wait does wolverine have a heling factor?

    5. Emi Tiburon

      I kill wolverine iron man and doom. . Like

    6. Emi Tiburon

      I kill wolverine iron man and doom

    7. امل نبهان عبود حمودي يويو

      On no no no no no no no no

    8. Kat Wingert


    9. Joshua Chaitwa


    10. AbdalrahmanM.M Al-Arouqi

      Fade I hate you

    11. Alvin Tran


    12. ayden hicks

      i killed wolfrine

    13. Lisa Jepkema

      Know how 🤔

    14. Troy Micheal

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    15. Ali alid


    16. Jennifer Richards


    17. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Stark

    18. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Jules

    19. امل النمر

      بلهدف اوللم بم بلندي

    20. fortnite battle royale

      U is the best

    21. Mehaffey Wynne

      People at the end of the last episode that are obsessed with among us: hmm Jules seems sus

    22. Lee Harvey

      I so bad what to no what will happen next

    23. Youlikejazz?27

      Hmmmmmmmmmmm interesting

    24. Morciono Hernandez

      I won't the skin glands

    25. Morciono Hernandez

      Is the now skin

    26. Toxic gamer

      My mum says I can’t subscribe to you

    27. Jotaro Kujo

      Wait a minute in the last episode iron mans sacrifice when did fade take out wolverine

    28. hannah harding


    29. Monse Noneofyourbussiness

      the begining killed me WHAT THA IS THAT A is that a zOmBiE?

    30. drakx star


    31. drakx star


    32. LEGENDERY 6201

      Please can you give me battle pass please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please epic name = hybrid_jumble3

    33. Erzm Ali

      Er zm

    34. Alex The Pro


    35. sufyaan1210ertug

      can u make a vid when wolverine is a zombie


      mr stark you dont look so good

    37. FriLWEXEtby

      I bet this is with battle lab

    38. SC-Bullet


    39. SC-Bullet

      Can u please make a vid where Wolverine comes back to life cause he's my favorite super herp

    40. Raditya Wibisono

      Endgame but its Tony




      Bro this make no scenes. WOLVERİNE CANT DİE he can heal him self but HE CANT DİE WOLVERİNE CANT DİE FROM FADE WOLVERİNE İS STRONGER!!!!

    43. Cavalier PG3D

      I still enjoy the vids.

    44. Liz Baker

      Fade said a nO No WoRd

    45. Dylan Kertzman

      Nooo Wolverine Jules die 😂

    46. Francisco Morales

      Great video!!!!❤️🔥👍🏾🤯

    47. Farah Aziz

      I love your vidyour

    48. Abigail O'Dea

      They really need to put the villains in the story videos instead of the mini games

    49. Emory McClarrie

      7:56 The authority doesn’t look too good

    50. William McJoynt

      This vid should be called mustique attacks tony

    51. That_gamer_ Hypeman718

      You said damn

    52. mazhar sardar


    53. Tillythecoolgirl Garthman


    54. Chimere Gurley

      I Like

    55. Preeyu N

      How dare fade and Jules kill my icon skin Wolverine I used it everyday no matter what I i use it everyday

    56. Brad n Rad Gamer

      What is next part of this called?

    57. Cx 27

      Person below me yes jules is really sus😂😂

    58. Gabriel Ochoa

      This is fake this is not normal



    60. ProNinja288

      Wolverine is going to be alive

    61. Eddie Hubbard

      Here’s a new video idea when Iron man/Midas Touch dr. doom he become the week 8 skin

    62. Zurisadai Pelcastre

      I hate the guy with purple glow I never want to see him in a video

    63. Brenden Kacey Mendoza

      Spider man infinity war : Mr Stark i dont feel so good Fade: Mr Stark you dont look so good

    64. Mr Fishy

      Do a video with all the X-Men sneak into stock industries and they kill Tony Stark blame it on jaws

    65. Normal Gameplay ?

      Fun fact nobody asked

    66. Fortniteplay 1

      Fun fact were kit and his girlfriend

    67. Aniq 2009

      Since when did mystique could turn into a vulture

    68. DeathLightGaming

      Is that mystique

    69. preste kenze

      Fade is meen

    70. XXnacmac Game beast

      No one likes you so do you just build a wolverine like that I hate you people I am unsubscribing

    71. lashonmccall

      Wait so wolverine isn’t dead hey everybody like this comment if you thought wolverine was dead

    72. Pokechris Yeet

      Like yellow eyes on Jules isn’t normal Plus Jules is dead Fade needs to get smarter

    73. crystal ultmate


    74. Toxic hardud

      When you forgot fade has powers a can teloprot a do anything

    75. Ammar Farooq

      i really like remedy,s voice

    76. Egg Among Us


    77. Y_li 15

      Why did Fade used the wip instead of using the 3P's and magically appearing in the car XD??

    78. Infectz

      7:25 Normal Version: CREEPA AW MAN Fade Version:Jules Good AW YEAH

    79. Israel lopez

      Cookie Monster: Oh you wanna go to my place? Iron man: yes sisters! CM: okie doki!!!

    80. TOXIC_ VENOM

      You can get the Logan skin if you go to weekly rewards you need to do 60 weekly challenges to get the skin. Big fan

    81. Rodrigo Salvador

      I can't wait for one of the charcters to say " mr stark, I don't feel so good"

    82. Chicken Boiii

      Why is there a wall with cracks above dooms entrance door

    83. Mythical Yeet

      I’m hmm

    84. Demi Bosworth

      Can we see more kit plz? PS. Where are happy and Q

    85. Michael Mamo

      that wouldnt even kill wolverine lol

    86. Fortnight Gaming

      You got 2 m on this channel been watching scince season 6

    87. Aplays

      Lol I’m just like the stark bot at the start but in school

    88. Seth Plays


    89. Mast3rKK

      You just had to follow the damn car, fade If u understand ur a legend

    90. William Hart

      She's disused as one of the bots fade 2020

    91. Kalib Ferguson

      Everyone: OH NO. WOLVERINE IS DEAD! Me, with actual brain cells: Healing factor idiots.

    92. Ali Playz


    93. Aidan Plays

      My brother is a huge fan thank you for making my brother happy you Are the best keep up the good work

    94. Kxz gust

      How y’all get in the grotto

    95. Ciara Rice

      mr. Stark... you don't look so good...

    96. Yoselin Aquila

      yay there is going to be more fade and jules vids 😄🥰🥰😄🤩

    97. Lunalollyxo

      I got da Midas fish it’s at the Authority u need a pro fishing rod

    98. Chips Ahoy

      Video idea: Do an episode on doom becoming the god emporer