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    Within the Agency, Skye and Meowscles are the best of friends, having been through thick and thin together. With Midas preoccupied by Deadpool and his X-Force group, Meowscles and Skye go off on an adventure of their own. Their friendship is put to the ultimate test on Jack Gourdon’s new game show “Friendzoned”!
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    Published on 7 months ago


    1. Oscar Croft

      I have a secret cant tell

    2. Good Bye

      JACK-o-lanterns tears are pumpkin seeds

    3. Elizabeth King

      sky date mowscles

    4. Norma Ramirez

      Meowscles is perfect with she hulk

    5. urridkXD

      “ are you secretly in love” Skye and meowscles No....... totally not.......

    6. urridkXD

      Y jack gordon be judging onsie and beef boss

    7. urridkXD

      I bet Ollie can read Skye’s mind and he’s like:”I wish I was never born”

    8. urridkXD

      Get oofed Skye (sorry)

    9. Louis Salerno

      sky you an midas could of been dad and well you know like julls

    10. Superyoshi Cabrera Condori

      Hola podrian añadir subtitulos al español para poder entender mejor las historias para la comunidad de habla hispana

    11. Jacob Sava

      I love how Meowscles says we’re ready to put our knowledge to the dust. It sounds so manly

    12. FishynotacatcatFan Fishynotacatcatis underrated

      U guys should do another video like this but with Rox and Skye since they are dating to test if they know each other

    13. Tarnim Tous

      I can never understand what Wunzie is saying

    14. Sophie BRB

      Who is better? Newscapepro like Bonus shorts comment

    15. SPARTAN 2502

      Anyone else thinks that only the intro image is already sad?

    16. Arturo Diaz Mansilla

      Hola como estas cosas no son los siguientes datos del cliente para que no se puede encontrar

    17. Turtle Overlord


    18. Jaylens29

      I just realized: WHERE THE FXCK IS KAT?

    19. Doña Petra

      Me gustan sus bideos

    20. Doña Petra


    21. Noor Sadeddin

      This was such a nice episode

    22. beyman plays

      Who else say the sword of skye on the rock behind them

    23. Rnex

      Nono Harry is ghost and a ghost

    24. deepak matthews

      Little is copying

    25. Meowscles_Is_Cute_Af

      Skye: When is it anyway Meowscles: You know what’s funny? It’s actually today Me: YoU cOuLd HaVe MeNtIoNeD tHaT eArLiEr

    26. Megan Osborn

      I think Jeff Gordon should have a better voice

    27. Dianne Dujali

      This man should be a director

    28. JsFastDragon 09

      Jack Gourdon: weirdos. Me: says the guy who has a pumpkin for a head

    29. syphxn637

      isn't she like 14 this title got me second guessing meow dude

    30. jorge perez

      I think meow-cle s and skye should be more then BEST FRIENDs 👫

    31. Alex Pike


    32. Alex Pike

      What about meowcleses wife were is she in this

    33. Jullien_plazz J


    34. Alan Lin

      Meanwhile with Catastrophe...

    35. Cookie Doge

      It hearts in my heart when my crush friend zoned me, oof

    36. Alex Villanueva

      I laughed at jack when he just said weirdos to them when they left.

    37. It’s fishy GG

      Meowsceles and skye kissing FBI OPEN UP

    38. Joshua Alvarez

      10 jobs how do you even get sleep

    39. gisela sirota

      I Don't no but i want to kiss Skye!😘

    40. Lauren Stednitz

      I love your Fortnite videos they are so cool can you make some more and my brother plays fortnight do you just make movies of fortnight or do you play Fortnite and just like do you do live Fortnite videos because I love them so so much and I think that I want to meet you sometime didMeow cycles actually die oh yeah I remember now he came back as a ghost and then he came back to life somehow by

    41. Angerfist Kayden

      R.I. P Skyes love for Meowcles

    42. MrCookies

      8:47 your'e an all star

      1. MrCookies

        funny joke is not funny

    43. Andrea Miller


    44. Jeffrey Hotaling III

      Do you play fortnight

    45. Jeffrey Hotaling III

      Bro your the. Best

    46. Taka

      Beef boss could’ve been with tomato head

    47. Thomas Jefferson

      He has no gunk on his ear

    48. Marcos Garcia

      It is rigged

    49. Nikkiv_2020 YT

      WAIT if meowscles is married to catrostiphy soooo is he cheating on catrostiphy with skye

    50. Lia Torres

      Sky has a crush on meowsules

    51. Jacob Lambert


    52. •Adore Butters•

      'Not secretly in love?' Them: *'Whattttt..nooo....'*

    53. Andre Wicaksana


    54. Life with Shia

      You suck Shia

    55. Fane Myron

      Is it just me or does onesie sound like she bit her tounge

    56. Somebody Dude

      I mean... It did technically happen...

    57. James Black

      Best video EVER. But yet u failed to speak about the Vbucks maker website **** Noobs better be quick it is still effective. I can not wait for your next wonderful video. Thanks a lot.

    58. G-Rex the Dino/Godzilla expert

      Meowscles: U JUST GOT FRIENDZONED Skye: *Y u bully meh*

    59. Nathan Juarez

      Bring Harry back. I miss him.

    60. Carl Puerschner

      meowsckles not meosles

    61. Baby Fishy


      1. Baby Fishy


    62. meowsles shadow

      Where is today's upload

    63. johnjoykris Alampayan


    64. johnjoykris Alampayan


    65. DIŌ

      That pumpkin voice though

    66. DIŌ


    67. CoolKittyCat 101

      Lol that boomer joke tho and wen he said weirdos😂👌

    68. Julian j

      Meowcles birthday is on april 19?

    69. Sam Wringer

      So you can get it

    70. Baby Y0da

      guys in their story line skye is 16

    71. Katlin and Katie and Kate 1253

      John wick money to win and money for the other team To looze

    72. xtremeprogamerfan


    73. Robert Savoir


    74. Im Sc6ffed

      Arent they brother and sister

    75. Carson Kirkendoll

      your good

    76. Carson Kirkendoll


    77. Carson Kirkendoll

      your bad

    78. Dylan

      no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! meow souls

    79. Christina

      The pumpkin sounds like a rapper 😂

    80. Kavrana Programming Tutorials

      why cant skye speak proper english in the shark

    81. gaming_bread 69

      Wtf is onesie’s voice lmao

    82. Izaiah Ortiz


    83. Croissant Man

      Meowscles is Joe Swanson Family Guy

    84. Ricardo Neves

      Cool cool

      1. Ricardo Neves

        Pot a 3d part of Meowcles death


      meowscles love black ear

    86. Mohamedsafouan Aabou

      AIM safouan

    87. Denise


    88. kin007

      Why kill meowslce then Deadpool

    89. K3nder J0y

      The thumb nails tell a whole different story

    90. Mason Benton

      The adorable sounding onesie is back

    91. santi abiyanto

      Y dose onsie sound like that

    92. OzWorld25

      I can relate to this...

    93. Cayden Ferris

      Like and sub its worth it!

    94. Ashley Ellis


    95. Michael Garcia

      I love jack gordan

    96. Up Guys

      Harry's back

    97. JackieSz0729

      Skye forgot Meowys Birthday and His Birthday is today

    98. Justin Johnson


    99. Romeo Sadek