DEADPOOL vs. SKYE! (A Fortnite Short Film)

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    Two of Fortnite's favorite heroes square off in a battle of the ages! This time it's Deadpool vs. Skye! Who will come out on top?
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    Published on 7 months ago


    1. bleze fire


    2. Super Sy Guy


    3. Jayden Padilla

      at 6:17 i see nothing but a kerby refremce in my face

    4. Breezy_ YT


    5. Breezy_ YT

      Well not to pick sides but it’s DEADPOOL VS SKYE not the the other guy and alr vs Deadpool so Deadpool is atually the winner

    6. Mark El-Nemr

      Skye brings out guff: Kirby has a twin

    7. ctittle8


    8. Rezymu

      Everyone else: Deadpool is so damn annoying. He never stops talking for god sake! Skye: Let’s have fun with my powers against this big baby deadpool and hear his miserable cries!

    9. Jaylens29

      "Kirby Crap"

    10. Felo gaming 21


    11. Dont ask


    12. Meshal Alhumaid


    13. Rnex

      Ollie has committed multiple war crimes

    14. Styk9997

      Lol he said crap again

    15. Daedric Slade

      Yes Skyrim reference thanks deadpool

    16. Avery Millar

      8:13 ummmmm

    17. Chelsey Halton

      No one Not even a single soul Deadpool:oh CrAp

    18. Ye Iz Rayan

      If I was Deadpool, instead of trying to cut Ollies insides, I would have tried to cut a hole in Ollies stomach, then Ollie would have died and I would have escaped, and killed Skye.

    19. CRITICAL 0

      Deadpool would win

    20. Grace Allen කිරීම සඳහා කියවන්න නමුත් එම පණිවිඩය

    21. MinecraftMario Boi

      0:37 more broccoli mami.😂🤣I’m dead

    22. Edward Piazza

      We seen her go talk to Midas

    23. Silly Nana

      GO SUBSCRIBE TO Slap_F1sh

    24. Bibi Somar

      it looks like Skye has a Nintendo switch in her backpack.

    25. Victini Captain

      Wow cool

    26. Mophead76

      Why doesn’t Deadpool have his dualies

    27. Lucie Bentley

      Dead pool: who died Skye: meowscles Dead pool: oh I’m... crap 🤣

    28. hacker zorgo

      hi a


      I want drift back

    30. GreenEmerald64


    31. おふぱこ侍


    32. cody cain

      Rip mow bro

    33. Huey Freeman

      “I never got to jump in her leaf pile” 😳

    34. bryan maduro

      Rip ali

    35. bryan maduro

      Rip sky

    36. bryan maduro

      Rip it deadpool 😠

    37. Jaxon Plays Devices Australia

      Guff: Ollie Deadpool: Yucky Me: Did’My Get Them In Time

    38. heavy_ YT


    39. heavy_ YT

      Maybe Oro turned into lynx...

    40. Yo JAY


    41. Gamingdemon78

      5 times deadpooñ has sworn 😂

    42. Sindre Oliver

      6:28 Star Wars Han Solo referance

    43. ThePolarPlayer

      uhhhh.... at the start of the episode their on a shadow boat... DID ANYONE ELSE NOTICE THAT?!?

    44. Mast3rKK

      This is a kids show and they say crap now? Seriously, 6 year olds watch this

    45. xboxer gunner

      nice saying that your crap deadpool lol

    46. Mr. Bored

      Dire calamity come back

    47. Sara Jenkins ලෙස ආදරය බේස්බෝල් සහ ටොමී විය

    48. lukkaz3

      Good filming

    49. Tyler Wilson

      5:29 where they aim go?

    50. joploxx

      Skye: "I'll never give up" Deadpool: " *OK RICK ASTLEY* " me: over on floor dying laughing while the video plays.

    51. the_ultimate_seel person

      7:12 or: that'd be a lesson for you. teaching you not to disrespect me.

    52. Mohammad Jawad Aslan

      Guys play fifa mobile it is very fun

    53. Plasma Dubz

      What Kirby crap is this

    54. Slurpee


    55. Brandon Vickers

      “Jeez you have reason to be bummed out who died” “Me-meowscles”

    56. Muffin Aben

      It sounds like shadow henchmen says you are a badass

    57. Wyndell Starks

      what kind of kirby crap is this

    58. Nagaveni Murthy

      5:30 this happens if 2 bots fight


      I mean Deadpool tried to kill me so I got him

    60. Cameronyeet Levy

      Why did lynx say thank you yes I know the light was always good to her but back in season X didn’t it kill her

    61. Super Owen 64

      6:22 I was half expecting Ollie to turn into deadpool

    62. James COX

      Will skye die I love Ollie and don’t want him to die

    63. PokeTime

      Deadpool : who died? SKYE: moewscles

    64. Mike2425

      I bet money so pls bring back meowscles

    65. Daralyn Numera

      What Easter bunny not real 😢

    66. davis

      I never got to jump in her leaf pile . Deadpool 2020

    67. Spinel Noodlez

      Midas is the bad guy

      1. Dawit David

        Actually thats not the case in this channel. Midas just wanted Oro's power so he could bring back his daugter. If Oro guided ppl to do things, then he would've guided Midas into turning his daughter into gold. Did Oro tell him to be careful because he might turn someone to gold?.... no. so they misunderstood Midas thx to Oro. Just so you know Midas and Oro are 2 different ppl Lynx should not have trusted Oro I just hate that they are not aware of what Midas really tried to do....

    68. Louie Anderson

      Bring sky back

    69. Ciarran O'Connell

      I thought it smelt bad.... On the outside. Love the star wars reference.

    70. Benjamin Crago

      Deadpool is winning :coffin dance music plays . Skye: brings out guff Deadpool gets eaten for 6.5 seconds

    71. Benjamin Crago

      Deadpool I am king but that thing (guff) scares me

    72. Jack Whitney

      So that’s why Midas has her as a statue

    73. Jack Whitney

      Hey you, you’re finally awake.

    74. giannikoulas

      Nice intro!

    75. Heaven McMurtry

      not reel

    76. Edwin Cacayorin

      ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)━☞

    77. BEST NOOd

      Ollie is kirby wow



    79. Stacey Lyras-Jenkins

      I want a new video

    80. Ithalo Paniagua

      can u plz bring meowscles back when he revives or something plz, I hate sad endings

    81. Xx killem xx

      Where’s the ice king

    82. melissa everett

      Jump in her leaf pile i see what your did there

    83. Ibrahim Bdeir

      Why Midas man

    84. Splatclantendo !

      Ollie : *INHALES DEADPOOL* deadpool : uh uh AGH WHAT KIND OF KIRBY CRAP IS THIS Me: geez how many Universe's has deadpool been to besides fortnite

    85. Cole Henry-Thompson

      You make the Thumbnail so good but the video isn't the worst but not the best

    86. Iven Chhiv

      Will skye join the ghost again ?

    87. Shadowcursemark

      Ollie reminds me of Steven Universe

    88. Mythix

      What kind of Kirby crap is this?

    89. sky up 0987

      why i dont see drift much

    90. DeAdLyAce


    91. Bismuth


    92. Bismuth


    93. Danah Sul

      I don’t know why oro reminds me of monfusa from the lion king 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    94. Mathiasgameboy Gaming

      I better like deadpool

    95. Diamond Latios

      The way he said splean reminds me of SSunde 4:52

    96. Renren

      Nobody: Literally Nobody: Deadpool: Bring it Linkle

    97. MJ Bilock

      0:44 hey you your finally awake (Skyrim)

    98. Ferbottom

      Jesus Christ....

    99. fishy treygamer W

      So that's why Midas has the gold touch

    100. the cold wolf 0

      Something I don't like about new scape Pro is that Deadpool never wins they just allow the main characters to win