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    Travis Scott has come to Fortnite! He puts on the biggest and best event that the Island has ever seen! It’s Astronomical and out of this world! The day before, Travis Scott aka T-3500 arrives and dons the persona of Astro Jack. He, along with Major Lazer, prepare to put on the concert. Meanwhile, Skye, Rox and Midas join together to form a band and impress them! Wait, Midas?! Yes, this episode is partially non-canon. So sit back, turn your brain off, and enjoy!
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    Published on 7 months ago


    1. NewScapePro 3 - Fortnite Shorts, Films & Skits!

      For those who are commenting about not having the original Travis Scott music, we couldn't include it because of copyright reasons. Epic Games DID NOT say you would NEVER get hit with a copyright claim. They said you would not get a copyright claim for 30 days. But after that month, the video would have been demonetized and we would have had to delete it or mute the entire video. We want people to be able to watch this video forever, not just for the next 30 days, so we decided to replace the music. Hope you all understand. Thanks.

      1. Big Saucy

        What's the intro song?

      2. Fishy friend forever /gamingwithhaydar

        Your click bate

      3. Chris .f.


      4. Kendra Cameron

        I understand dont worry :)

      5. Joselito Jasso

        NewScapePro 3 - Fortnite Shorts, Films & Skits! It was asome.

    2. sonic tails

      Is lit strat up

    3. Khrispyboi

      Travis scott is the god of fortnite

    4. Danny Otero

      Deadpool would have been so pround

    5. That DootDevice

      5:48 Rox: anyone else you can think of? Skye: well.... there’s one guy... Me: ITS MIDAS ISNT IT *sees Midas* CALLED IT 🤣🤣🤣

    6. Luke's Collectors


    7. Eric Brown

      And notifications

    8. Eric Brown

      Yoooooo I Subscribe

    9. Awura Ama

      Hey nightbot,I think I know you from discord

    10. Bearclimber 1

      *me realizing rox and Skye are only like, 3 years older than me and have accomplished buff-cat level stuff*

    11. ItzHype

      I love how they have Travis Scott as the terminator

    12. Leeboss10 0

      Ah yes My favorite. *generic techno music*


      im sory how is meowscles alive???

    14. none lol

      I saw u guys at thecconcert

    15. Denki Kaminari

      Ah, the Authority I Mean The AGENCY!

    16. jayshua 121

      Travis Scott: burns them sometimes steps on them floods them Them: ok Midas: floods the map Them:Midas is the worst he’s evil

    17. Kendra Cameron

      Yo not gonna lie but that was a sick and pretty lit event right I watched it 5 times lol

    18. Theo Whitmill

      Bro Travis Scot

    19. Piotr Mierzwa

      Oh sorry didn't read it I'm broke

    20. I Liked the video

      Why did you not put music that stupid

    21. Andrej Bacic

      Skyes voice actor matches her sooooooooooo much 👍

    22. Stylized Developer

      1:20 he looked different

    23. Fortnite


    24. Gabrielle Burke

      I was seriously freaking out to see Skye asking Midas for a band

    25. OoferRBLX


    26. Fn GC

      Fe4RLess fans anyone? ⬇️

    27. NoelrockingamesYT

      You just seriously just put music and just edit the video to make put another music.

    28. Golden Player 124

      Highest in the room is sky’s favorite

    29. zogar916

      It would have made sense 4 Brutus to be at the concert

    30. Keith Gamboa

      3:06 when robo-Travis would be like ->

    31. Syed Ali

      Travis scott doesn't even talk

    32. Nathan Pfirman

      Skye: hey boss man I know your a beast on the ukilayli Midas: who told you that

    33. Burriayeti 09

      Me:listen **to sicko mode** Kid: its that song from fortnite Me: **pulls a gun**

      1. Skylight Playz シ

        Its a Kid being a kid And you forgot the funny

    34. Luna


    35. Mey -rin_chan

      omg that was so funny when they asked M to be in there band he was so confused I thought skye was picking her cat Bro

    36. Joek blijf af

      5:49 who else was thinking it would be meowscles? Just me Ok.

    37. Santa Stonks

      Do Marshmello vs Travis Scott

    38. Mr Pool

      Love the Star Wars reference

    39. Eric Griego

      yeah right you used baby music

    40. asim özkayali

      This isn’t travisscot music this is fake

    41. Hi I’m Chippy

      9:21 meowscles worst nightmare

    42. GlichXr


    43. Jay S

      Has anyone else getting Vibes that sky and rocks have a thing for each other

    44. Jaxon Plays Devices Australia

      🙌 Enjoy My Ride?

    45. Nicolas Zachary

      I'm sure someone drowned and someone suffocated in space or got hit by a fire ball.

    46. Cinnamon Plays

      Why did you not put words

    47. Hollow-Waisted

      Lazarbeam was in your server bcs he was on those stair tower

    48. supercody logan

      Twenty one pilots has two people

    49. Nesrin Abdalla


    50. Some Sand

      Terminator references nice

    51. joeba65 Xbox

      This event was the best but when I saw it there were people that destroyed builds and also people who killed people before the event started.

    52. DarkFlosser Pro

      Newscappro does roleplay with voichangers

    53. DarkFlosser Pro


    54. Patricia Guillot

      Yes I like it

    55. stalkerbeacon45 PS4

      Ha ha copywrite u can't post the real song

    56. comrade PlayStation addictions

      Your channel I hope your channel f****** dies because you use crap music and a Travis Scott concert you f****** idiot channel gets f****** doing it off USfilm

    57. Ana Isa Rodriguez

      I fell down because they broke the fourth wall

    58. Mirna Treminio

      This is terminator

    59. Dylan K Rivera

      There are 666 dislikes

    60. Lol chan 3


    61. FLINT TOP

      This isn't the real music for the concert

    62. Spacecrash

      Y couldn’t u play the actual event music

    63. royce campbell

      mi nam is blake shat outto you

    64. For the win Fightover

      Travis scott suck

    65. Thinking Of getting 1000 pets

      Testing if this works -10:00

    66. Kalpita Meshram

      Full Video

    67. JackieSz0729

      9:25 SKULL TROOPER

    68. ITS LUNA

      me:why are you shaking your head like that? travis scott: ..................

    69. DrDURRR

      They don’t even play the real music from the event

    70. Ayaan Ahmed

      Is no one going too talk about the fact that Meowscles is back from the dead. Please keep Meowscles in videos pls

    71. Narutosage898_yt 89

      Sky: he lacks arms Ollie Skin: Am I a joke to You!?

    72. Convixz Alt

      Is it just me or at 9:59 did skye sound like that girl from despicable me

    73. Discounter5O5

      Makes sense why you took out the music, lemme guess... copyrights?

    74. Braydon FunTime

      Why did you cover up his music with different music ?

    75. kelsea cobbs

      wait where i sskye room in the agency beacuasse i look ever where or is it just an edit

    76. VIRTIX

      I'm sorry but I have to dislike because you put in music that's not travis Scott themed :(

    77. DeamDan

      Everyone:The Concert was awesome Me: no ones going to talk about how Travis was a terminator

    78. Upbeat Nation

      I like the music what is the music called?

    79. Mr Galaxy1221

      5:58 wow did skye break the forth wall was my first thought but then i remember the story of that episode i was for tv in there world But then 7:42 just listen to way they say

    80. skyflower1911


    81. Fade Siphon

      I’m a elf on the shelf

    82. Ariane Darkins

      I love ur videos keep up the good work

    83. Trace Balke

      Why? You could just put the actual song. Stupid.

    84. Valentin Marić

      When travis scott did the part i get those goosbumbs evry time he jumped on me

    85. Kat Chan

      Can this be a new pokemon plz. xD 5:41

    86. Fightingtime32

      #copyrightFears (: (;

    87. DJ Khaled 271 DJ Khaled 271

      Put on the Travis Scott music me b****

    88. CJ Merati

      Dude why did you change the music!!! This is fake 😡😡😡😡😡

    89. Marvin N. Tacuboy

      The travis scott event

    90. Marvin N. Tacuboy

      Hey you chage the song its more batter

    91. Captain Nightmare

      It’s lame how the storm cloud was still there in replay

    92. •sxmply_ night•sandy

      Stage: am I a jokes to u

    93. Content Mastermind

      music doesn’t match at all

    94. GF - 06MA 784720 Fletchers Creek Sr PS

      How dare u not put the real music 😡😡😡

    95. Clay Rosenbauer

      i thought meowscles died?

    96. Thonas Phelps

      This suck there is no music

    97. Soar_ Dasherr

      Meowscules:this is some 2001 stuff Me:*dies of laughter*

    98. Foxy SML 99

      You have just ruined astronomical for me

    99. rachael holloway

      I saw lion

    100. Fanf fun fun play time J

      The guy in the astronaut suit is actual Jack by the way