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    The man who was once Sludge has washed ashore at Steamy Stacks. Left with little memory save for his friendship with Rippley, he teams up with Rue, the new leader of ALTER / Shadow, who convinces him that she’s on his side. Now, the newly christened Renegade Shadow must take matters into his own hands as he Storms the Agency, hoping to save his friend! Leaving no Henchman alive, he then has to contend with agents Skye and Meowscles. In the aftermath, Midas and Rue have an interesting conversation as the stage is set for the origin of Cyclo, the Device, and Midas’ Masterplan Doomsday Event.
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    Published on 6 months ago


    1. Stefan Cook

      Someone PLEEEAAASE tell me this is gonna be continued, because renegade shadow is my favorite skin, and to see em in action is lit lol

    2. Garry Beattie

      That picture tho...

    3. Stanley kinder

      the phum nales from star wars episod 7 the force awekns

    4. Fortnite Pro45

      Who's watching this in season3 /

    5. Ahmed Jouini

      The new renegate shadow skin is one of my favourite skins

    6. Hayden Davis

      Cold War: starts USSR: Japan:get out America:get out Russia: hi I’m hear to replace the Soviet Union Cold War: ends Russia America and Germany and Italy gets hit by COVID-19 in 2020

    7. Elsombrio Renegado

      Renegade shadow is mi favourite skin thanks for the video about him

    8. Hayden Davis

      🇬🇧ocean liner sinks in the North Atlantic Ocean on the way to🇺🇸 Name: Titanic Nickname: Danktanic Later:WW1 starts britannic sinks WW2 starts


      Who else knows where the blood thing is from

    10. Johnny_Boi

      That tumbnail looks like that part from the force awakens.

    11. The Epic Handbook

      Kinda feel low-key sad for Midas, having to rebuild The Agency after every fight.

    12. Cobalt Death

      Why did I actually like this

    13. Toxic cvoils 👽

      He protec He attac But most importantly that thumbnail be hittin back

    14. Toxic cvoils 👽

      That thumbnail tho

    15. Moaidقيمر The FG


    16. Angel Tanori


    17. Last Fishtick

      There are shark in fortnite and water tribe season!

    18. Gary The fish

      He looks sickkkkkkkkk!

    19. random crap

      Faze outro 4:57

    20. Cat For The Cream


    21. Nderitu Muriuki

      Join me fishies 🐠

    22. Banana 254

      10:03 Olly:ollyy Me : what is he said? Skye:You don t understand my animal's voice?STUPID PERSON

    23. Ashley E

      caleb it me 1+1=2 like u r 2 but u r not 2 but it good it 2

    24. Wayne Deacon

      Sams alive

    25. Blue Dust

      We need a part 2 of this bc this my favorite skin so plz make a part 2

    26. Brickstar productions

      Peely knows a lot about the agency

    27. User on 2 bars

      I get the thumbnail reference

    28. Sindre Oliver

      8:48 First time I've ever heard Meowscles say "you" instead of "Mew".

    29. Camping Boys & Girls

      The tumpnail looked like starwars


      They all have horrible aim


      Sky and meaowcles vs renegade shadow I present the worst aim ever

    32. Cheese head

      How many times has somebody just burst into the agency and killed all the henchman

    33. Ussipp


    34. Legend Gaming

      agents when facing when henchman: I AM GOD agents when taking down other agents: WhY iS iT sO HaRd To KiLl ThEm

    35. Walter Bro

      The girl with the black clothes is like the girl from the increidibles the one who makes the suits

    36. DETOX 623

      I died laughing when scratch got knocked off the edge


      Chaos was good and all the sudden not. Bit fishy? Maybe a mix of fusion and chaos agent


      I believe rue is a bad mix of fusions evilness and chaos agents memories and style

    39. Tasha AJ

      I say dat you put every Bose with there Gun

    40. nick

      did meowscles just talk

    41. ThanasiVision Team

      .... .... ? ....

    42. • Itz_ UwU_Playz •

      0:11 YEET

    43. Tristan Forsberg

      Ru Run

    44. ShadowedFate

      If feel like chaos Agents character has been ruined. He grew caring about his daughter and now he goes and takes over her body? Or is the real rue locked up?

      1. Audrey Flores

        I feel like fusion might be controlling chaos agent because it does seem odd to just turn on his daughter

    45. Jose Valerio

      Why wasn't their a rue origin story that's sad I don't know if it's Chic or Rue

    46. penguin cake

      Sam. Were is Ripley? is he safe? Is he alright? Ripley. GOLD!

    47. fortnite fort

      Why is midas mad

    48. Kendrick Sherman

      Where’s tntina

    49. BossSauce Boiz

      Rue is kinda right about Midas being evil but also no.

    50. Fluey on Sticks

      Baby 🍼

      1. Fluey on Sticks

        Hey 👋 I wanna do y’all think 🤔 was my favorite game

    51. Lori Mcclaskey

      She is right Midas is evil but she is Evil too

    52. Gardenbridge 117

      Why does meowscles have a burst AR instead just of a heavy AR

    53. Diem Chieu


      1. Diem Chieu

        Idk what to put

    54. Thaddeus Authement


    55. dthsnpr ginger

      You stole your f###ing cover again

    56. BigBoi Topia

      Bruh I was just begging to like chaos agent as a character. Now back to evil

    57. Sonic Great


    58. HB Showtime

      The thumbnail is from Star Wars

    59. ActoSket

      last time I check meowscles was a shadow and didn't carry an smg

    60. 23june96

      "44:03" when someone need some vbbucks just look at i found it Today Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους

    61. Rosalov pyart

      "44:03" when someone need some vbbucks just look at i found it Today Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους

    62. SpiTy13

      "44:03" when someone need some vbbucks just look at i found it Today Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους

    63. bnard walujo

      "44:03" when someone need some vbbucks just look at i found it Today Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους

    64. Anmol Adhikari

      I really like the steel shadow pickaxe

      1. Anmol Adhikari


      2. Books and games and memes

        Anmol Adhikari same

    65. Century CZX

      That thumbnail Reference to Star wars

    66. rg alvarez

      This is tight I hope I am going to see more of renegade shadows! 💀

    67. Leo King

      lol the vid about the default turning into Ripley was so long ago and now they finally used him

    68. Mineguard

      Hello I'm Jeff now


      At the beginning renegade shadow has aimbot but then he has stormtrooper aim

    70. Natalie Day


    71. Nebula Galaxy

      newscapepro 3 Vid was private

    72. tik tok videos

      Why is the new video a new henchman was boring private

    73. Lowan gamere

      There wos a new vid but it is privit

    74. AQ ChristianZ

      Who else saw the video of 10 minutes ago?

    75. A Flores

      There was a recently video made called a new henchmen was born but it was private and the cover was midas turning a henchman in to gold i dont know why if you saw this to reply in my comment and the video was made 21 minuts ago

    76. Beast master Andres

      I’m I the only one that thinks Midas’s plan in frickin Genius

    77. ㅤ

      I am a O.G and this made me cry

    78. rifting snipez

      My fav charactors are dead

    79. linda

      can i have a shoutout 4 no reason

    80. TGM_ Crazy

      Hold on I haven't watched this in a while, but did chaos agent take over rue?

    81. Rita Joshi

      7:38 did anyone notice that renagade shadow has such aim?just sayin this is my mums account and she doesnt actually play fortnite,just sayin

    82. cobyone kinobi

      Who else thinks every main charecter that's been turned to gold should be hidden in the agency vault

    83. Empires & Allies Gaming

      5:00 What is that name of this song?

    84. Bogdan 2006 Gamerul

      Part 2 >:(

    85. Kewldoggo

      9:18 me quietly laughing in the corner have you seen how much times i died by henchman :/

    86. ING HYPERR

      Tum nail like force awakens

    87. ZzPolarz

      He is really cool in this

    88. Ethel Lucy Waller

      It’s Star Wars the picture is Star Wars

    89. Dray Flame

      Everybody that says if you need vbucks dislike the comment please

    90. Kyle Lord

      How do you get the doomsday suit

    91. Kenneth Cruz

      iF yALl neEd soME V bU no.

    92. Sea-weed Gaming

      Normal people reading the comments: *oo free vbucks*

    93. commander griffin

      Why is a shadow worker use a supperesed ar

    94. Journei Blue Roberts

      Journei tv Show

    95. Journei Blue Roberts

      Hey new skate pro three I love watching Fortnite videos cause I mean I love playing the game please subscribe to my new USfilm channel

    96. skull hunter57

      How many times is he going to loose his memory

    97. Grim Reaper328

      4:33 that is why I am a loyal shadow agent

    98. Gwen Simmons

      Chaos agent

    99. Red Sprite Gaming


    100. Karl Ivliyev

      "4:22" if yall need some vbbucks just go It is great on all... Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους