KIT FAMILY REUNION! (A Fortnite Short Film)

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    Kit, Kit’s Dad Meowscles, and Kit’s Sister Happy are all reunited at Coral Castle, where Ghost has taken refuge after the Authority’s assault on the Fortilla. When the cat siblings try to participate in the fishy culture, they accidentally knock down a Fishstick and get grounded by their dad. Not liking to be contained, they sneak out of their room and go on an adventure. In the end, an unexpected character makes an appearance and life lessons are learned.
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    Published on 3 months ago


    1. Marcy Sandoval


    2. Christine Brightnose

      im cryen

    3. stephanie miller

      Bears video

    4. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Happy

    5. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Kit

    6. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Meowsicles

    7. Hashir gaming


    8. Zach Attack

      I like how they brang back Harry

    9. Scarlett Privette

      Y r you sooooooo. Cats

    10. marvel. efendy or keokored

      1:27 Awww her talking is cute!

    11. Darrell Henry


    12. marilen cao

      wlidcraft:hello guy who first met him at work

    13. T B


    14. Mauro Garcia

      Big food not kit and happy kit and dad is mad

    15. Vany Manivannan


    16. Alley CAT

      The fact that those dead henchmen were not only yelling through multiple timeliness but the fact that some people feel guilty


      No 😱😳 is good Cat🤤😝😝😝






      🐱🐱🐱😱😱😱😱😱 Cats

    21. Christie Warda

      You should have done kits sister meets her mum

    22. Chris Afton And too fat bears Also Izuwu da bean

      I scared of meancles So i have to SUBSCRIBe

    23. chris mcgovern

      is skye suppost to be sad when she saw the shark?

    24. Alejamdro Muñoz Teruel

      Kit no tiene esa voz 😐😑

    25. Elné

      I love your USfilm video very much man

    26. Melissa Breeden

      I’m crying 😭😭😭😭

    27. Japan123 Jari


    28. kendall waugh


    29. Guadalupe Arredondo

      Wait was that the grappler were those vaulted in fortnite

    30. Paycho_dezzy


    31. Optimuz 1226

      We Must Kill Meowscles On NewScapePro

    32. Pink Crewmate

      Everyone: Whos the voice actor of Meowscles? Me: Well...

    33. Maro Marwan


    34. Rique Hernandez

      What kit seedy life lessons from a gost


      Fishsticks voice is really cute

    36. Boba._.potato Z


    37. MasterFlame 365

      Meowscles taking a fishstick's statement at face value reminds me of a reddit story of a similar irritation.

    38. The Forgotten Artifact

      all the dislikes are people who don't like cats in fortnite

    39. Abrar Alghmlas


    40. Samuel Hernández

      Que buena peli

    41. PinkyTronic -w-

      Kit: *"works for me laddy"* Happy: *"dont do that-"*

    42. meh misael


    43. Kim Yoyi


    44. Gloria Rojas

      Kit: *nO DeRbUrgEr*

    45. Melanie Fink


    46. abhay kp

      are they indians lolollollolooolok,lo,lok

    47. Alexandra Morgante

      Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow 😸

    48. Johny_bravo

      meowsecles:your grounded I hate you 2 kit and kits sister: I'ma fight you

    49. nellieT121

      Me and my girlfriend love your videos

    50. Sophia Couto

      I love ❤️ kit

    51. SupremePleb

      I think that this is the only episode that kit meowscles and happy acted like a normal family

    52. kellie velasquez

      I was danceing in public

    53. Secret Mantiis

      kits come back meowcles sed you still want durr burgers

    54. Trey Flames

      This episode could teach a lot of kids in the world!

    55. Noel Lopez

      I love your videos I watch them every day Please friend me

    56. Cool Gamer1248

      Just realized that kits and happy’s tails were both moving in sync *THE WHOLE VIDEO*

    57. Viriditytea2133

      Why is happy kit sounds like a kid who loves his laboratory

    58. Damaris Röbbig


    59. Sahra Isaaq

      Son. Wat. Doh

    60. Mike Bucklo

      Kit and he’s sister walk in water in a robot suit

    61. Anthony Crosbie

      Now I wish fortnite added a hug emote when they tried to hug meawsculs

    62. Agent M

      The ending to this video made me cry from what henry said

    63. Biscuitman3000

      When happy sounds like baby Muriel

    64. Creative Brick Films

      Please tell me how you make the characters become unarmed for ur role play?? Please tell me I’ve been dying to know I’ve searched it up but there’s nothing please, I need to know

    65. miriam skeete rigault

      I love your work

    66. Neddiay The [Redacted]

      The end is r/im14andyhisisdeep

    67. Yousef yousef


    68. Padcount Plays

      Does anybody else remember Harry the henchman from other videos at the Agency?? Or is it just me..... 😐

    69. Geraldine Stewart


    70. Darth Vader power of the dark side

      lesson harry gave was really touching he was right always cherish your family you don’t know when death will happen

    71. Gacha Girl201

      How are they holding nothing

    72. Jeannette Munguia

      I love your videos

    73. Simon Lee

      kit and happy giving mewsoucles a hug skye: what are you doing

    74. Anthony Egea


    75. Peter Badr


    76. King Michael

      Ah springy my favorite emote


      Ahem, Star Wars fans...YOUNGLINGS 2:59

    78. Gamerpixel YT

      7:48 That was the henchmen I probably killed over 100 times

    79. Anelly Carlos

      My brother waches you

    80. chase lipman


    81. Maria Olson

      Happy licking meowscles wounds you,think kit would do,it but hes,instead schraching meowscles forhead shadow kit scratches more wounds sad and look at the thumbs down

    82. J Tv

      Kit talks Australia then happy talks Mexican meowscles speaks English normal english

    83. Candice Fulmer

      How,how did kit just swim...his robots not waterproof

    84. MzDeKing

      From Fishstick's to Durrr Burger

    85. George Gonzalez

      I just remembered who harry was he was a henchmen from henchmens origins and looking at this now it's sad to see harry's fate is being dead.

    86. Poke ThePotato

      She sounds like dexter from dexters laboratory

    87. Ameer Al Sabti

      This is the best film

    88. شهد النهدي


    89. Diana Sierra

      You are the best

    90. Kron R

      This is how many people likes kit and happy 👇🏻

    91. Kron R

      This is how many people likes kit and happy

    92. Kron R

      This is how many people like kit and kits sister

    93. L̷U̷K̷E̷_̷W̷I̷N̷I̷E̷ ツ

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    95. REX NFX



      Did you know when you pause the video just right you can see happy holding the grappler

    97. julio lara


    98. Master LegoGamer

      “ ok I ran out of synonyms” 😂

    99. Dealma Hernandez

      I herd door burger