SHE-HULK GETS MARRIED?! (A Fortnite Short Film)

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    Wolverine is still loose on the Island! He takes down one of Galactus’s Gorgers and continues on his rampage. Meanwhile, She-Hulk navigates a sticky situation as she prepares to marry a friend… but it’s not Meowscles?
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    Published on 2 months ago


    1. Russ Rocchi


    2. Nate

      That all ya got bub

    3. Memes are legendary

      Why does this vid exist

    4. For the win Fightover

      Meowscles was dieing inside

    5. Joshua An

      Anyone else realizing that meowscles said you and not mew

    6. SuperAmy 383

      I like NewScapepro 3 the most 😂

    7. Monster blood

      The voice actors sound like they're on drugs

    8. She hulk

      This is not true

    9. Axel Sandoval

      and forget fortnite peple me and kit it bumblebee

    10. Axel Sandoval

      in minecraft

    11. Axel Sandoval

      and make a new youtube video newscapepro tranformers

    12. Axel Sandoval

      oh what the heell

    13. Samir Ribera

      The wedding wasn’t official because my boy Jack Gourdon wasn’t the priest

    14. MonsterIslandRewind FortniteRoleplays

      YES JENN AND MEOWCLES ARE IN LOVE alright now I can stop the fan fix’s

    15. Aubree Larrick

      Yoooooo you are the best

    16. RandomPlays

      As soon as Jen said "You're gonna have to get married," I was like Yep, it's gonna be her.

    17. Ghost Skye! GD


    18. poyo

      I haven’t seen Calamity in ages :0

    19. Super Elite Kids


    20. Jurassic_ Gaming

      Ummm I don’t think meowscles is ok with this

    21. Mateo Jose

      Me: meowmuchles is cheating on his wife

    22. Wesley Barrow

      9:00 Luke is that you?

    23. Jose Lazaro


    24. Let’s have fun Cj cj

      Are you good at Fortnite

    25. Dark Stevo

      Wait so big Chugus is a Simp Plz tell me how to spell his name

    26. Eg Mastah

      where is fade these days?

    27. Gaming with Zi

      I'm free no drunk at all butface

    28. Cliffjumper Production

      Well big chugus and she hulk look better than making her fall in love to a cat

    29. Vanessa Saucedo

      I’m dead 8:13

      1. Vanessa Saucedo

        If endless I’m a skeleton 9:10

    30. Vanessa Saucedo

      I’m dying of laughter 3:44

    31. quentin the boss morgan Morgan12

      wen your cat sayss noooo

    32. Axel Bolaños

      Ya have 2.99 mil


      Our battle will be legendary meme lol 1:01

    34. “Name”

      How you get wolverine dude

    35. INFPQ

      Please stop thinking these are original Fortnite skins. I don’t think a girl hulk would marry a stupid cat...

    36. Sonic 9500

      What ever happens with kit

    37. Logan Marques

      We are you doing gorgeous versus on our channel

    38. nøt r3x ləl

      7:24 mah favorite couple 🖤

    39. P Ch

      Jules thrown as a side character

    40. LENDOG 759

      Thanks newscapepro I built the slurp gym in creative

    41. K Bizzy


    42. Silvanz

      meowscles betrayed skye,whyyyyy!!!!!??????

    43. Dj Yonders

      We all gather here today well I say that losley cause it’s just you and the lizard lol

    44. Carl Meep

      I think that they should break up

    45. Easy Gamer_026

      ROAD TO 2 MLN

    46. Captain Pancakes

      Btw I made a newer slurp man pattern victorious same colors one material metallic half mask belt purple same eyes logo gg slurp call the vid slurp man gets an upgrade

    47. Touring Moss

      Hey its dire and calamity, its been awhile since I've seen them :)

    48. zakariya badri

      Jules:*Saying meowsycles likes Jen as a joke* Meowsycles: O=.=O

    49. Khelsey Reyes


    50. sali shaker


    51. Carissa Baltazar

      "Finallly a worthy opponent, our battle will be legendary!" I caught that meme there

    52. Martha Romero


    53. GalaxyMakesStuff _YT

      To be honest I don’t like that she hulk and meowscles together it’s just a bit weird to me

    54. Shockwaver gaming

      1:04 Finally A Worthy Oppnet Out Battle Will Be Legendary

    55. HaZe.venom. 11

      Lol I like how in all of them that she-hulk and meowmeow are in he is green on the picture

    56. Sweaty Wyjee

      Lnyx be like

    57. Golden Eye

      Oof did meowcles forget about his girlfriend far away or did they break up lollll

    58. Fortnite Drift

      who else laughed at 3:48

    59. crash seedicoot

      I hope they die in the next season

    60. MYstic_LioNx11

      Shovel: PeOpLe DiEd At ThE LaSt WeDdInG

      1. Dj Yonders


    61. swifty driftytboi

      How do yall have wolverine?

    62. Game Tuber508

      Why do all these Fortnite story channels do so much crap with She-Hulk? Jeez. Literally she is dating a mutant cat with muscles. It's dumb but at least she's not dating Groot and making him speak normal.


      What are you doing to she hulk she's not your toy

    64. Meowscles


    65. Shafty YT

      WAIT but kit will have 2 moms

    66. Gracie Park

      0:02 our lovely Deadeye

    67. Benjamin Moniz


    68. Anoxmous

      What happened to fade?


      Kit: why dad........ I hate you!!!! Goodbye!! I’m Leave

    70. Viacon commander

      For a second Big Chungus Big Chungus sounded like chaos agent

    71. Awesomenieem 2009

      I hope this Meowscles X She-Hulk relationship stays instead of Tony X She-Hulk

    72. malaki gaming2100

      Yes dire and calamity are back

    73. Achillobator of the windy Isles

      so would people dying in the last one doesn't that mean that was the least romantic wedding

    74. Cosette Flaschner


    75. hi hi

      That is Tony's house -.-

    76. Thehippoking 27

      Finally a worthy opponent, our battle will be legendary! Hehe anyone else know what that is from?

    77. Wolfy Crafter and Gamer

      Halp mehhhhhhh I am gonna barf

    78. MxrcyCK

      Bruh why is she hulk for the streets now?

    79. Catena Howard

      WHAT HAPPENED TO CATSROPHY I don't know how to spell her name

    80. HyperMan Sonic

      This is just weird

    81. Kambie Martinue

      This is stupid

    82. Brad Kittinger

      How did they get the wolverine skin so early

    83. Terrarian Kitsune

      Okay. I am seriously calling bull crap on this. First of all, this plan will not work. Jennifer is not a legal citizen of the island either, therefore that "marriage" won't mean crap. Second, the Avengers are not legal citizens of the island, so they cannot be passed on either. And third, if this really is an issue, why hasn't it come up before. There have been several instances of aliens from outer space, people from other dimensions, and people supposedly from other countries. And fourth, I am NOT convinced that there is any law on the island in the NSP Fortnite universe, whatsoever, let alone citizenship laws. So go collect sand, pour it on your head, and then pound it until your hands are red and bloodied, because you are not authorized in the country of roleplay and short films.

    84. Jurassic Fox

      Sherk over here

    85. Larry Lantern

      More jules please

    86. Luke Catalano

      ur mad sus

    87. Meowscles

      Why does this ship exist?

    88. Nicholas Martinez

      Big C has a strange Voice

    89. Melanie Randolph

      Everybody six scribe to you scape pro

    90. Salo HP

      1:05 If i heard this before?

    91. ρiꪀk ꪶꫀꪑꪮꪀꪖᦔꫀ ᠻrꫀꪖk

      Pʟᴇᴀsᴇ ᴅᴏɴ'ᴛ sʜɪᴘ ᴛʜɪs ɪ ʜᴀᴛᴇ ᴛʜɪs sʜɪᴘ ɪ- ғᴄᴋ ʏᴏᴜ ɴᴇᴡsᴄᴀᴘᴇᴘʀᴏ :/

    92. Chopper!

      why is she cheating on Wyatt Wingfoot

    93. Richard Manley


    94. Goleet Roeel

      Imagine if hulk came

    95. yunus ahmed

      More of it

    96. Chloe Spencer

      My favourite youtubers that i want to play fornite with

    97. Denso Stuff with C H E E S E S T I C K

      What just happened chuggus why Edit :WAIT THE PEOPLE DIED

    98. Mercy Isla

      Meowscles is CHEATING ON HER GF

    99. nicky tube